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HANA Certification C_HANAIMP_12 - Sample Questions

In our previous article All about SAP HANA Certifications we provided the list of all SAP HANA certifications and their details. We also provided basic details of the certification C_HANAIMP_12 at C_HANAIMP_12 Overview.
Now let us see what kind of questions you can expect in this certification.

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C_HANAIMP_12 Questions and Answers

Question 1: What must you do to enable currency conversions with a fxed currency in an analytc view?
  1. Set the Enable for Conversion opton
  2. Create a measure with the measure type Simple
  3. Base the target currency on a currency column
  4. Create the target currency using an input parameter
Answer A
Question 2: You create a graphical calculaton view that is based on analytc views. What do you use to combine the data from the analytc views?
  1. Referental join
  2. Projecton node
  3. Aggregaton node
  4. Union
Answer D
Question 3: You want to model customer master data. Which of the following must you select? (Choose two)
  1. Filter
  2. Table
  3. Hierarchy
  4. Key atribute
Answer B,D
Question 4: You modifed an actve analytc view in the SAP HANA studio and saved it without actvatng it. What is the consequence?
  1. The inactve view is not available
  2. "The inactve view is in ""Read Only"" mode
  3. The actve view is not available
  4. "The actve view is in ""Read Only"" mode
Answer D
Question 5: When you actvate a procedure, in which schema is the procedure stored?
  2. _SYS_BIC
  4. _SYS_BI
Answer B
Question 6: You want to create a graphical calculaton view using the SAP HANA studio. Which steps aremandatory for this task? (Choose three)
  1. Defne a projecton
  2. Save and actvate the view
  3. Defne output felds
  4. Choose a data source
Answer B,C,D
Question 7: You have a Web Intelligence report that requires data from SAP HANA fltered for a specifc year. Where do you apply the flter for optmal performance?
  1. In the universe
  2. In the Web Intelligence report
  3. In the analytc view
  4. In the calculaton view using an atribute value variable
Answer C
Question 8: What is the lowest level of granularity you can use in an analytc privilege?
  1. An atribute
  2. A view
  3. An atribute value
  4. A column
Answer C
Question 9: What must you confgure to directly access an SAP HANA analytc view using SAP BusinessObjects Analysis editon for Microsof Office?
  1. RFC connecton
  2. SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connecton (DXC)
  3. Pre-delivered MODELING role
  4. System DSN
Answer D
Question 10: Where can you create a restricted column in a graphical calculation view?
  1. Aggregation node
  2. Join node
  3. Union node
  4. Projection node
Answer A

Question 11: You have 2 SAP HANA systems. You are working in 1 of these systems. Which of the following do you use to read data from and write data to the other, remote SAP HANA system? (Choose two)
  1. SAP HANA smart data access
  2. Remote providers
  3. Virtual column
  4. Virtual table
Answer A,D
Question 12: What does SAP recommend to improve performance of data models in SAP HANA?
  1. Move intensive calculations to the front-end application
  2. Perform calculation before aggregation
  3. Utilize as many different engines as possible
  4. Minimize data transfer between the engines
Answer D
Question 13: You implemented SAP-delivered business content on SAP HANA. When you try to activate the business content the activation fails. What could be a reason for this?
  1. You have not created a calculation view to expose the data to the users
  2. The data has not been loaded into SAP HANA memory yet
  3. The schema mapping was not set up correctly
  4. The import of business content was performed with the _SYS_REPO user
Answer C
Question 14: Which of the following are mandatory to create a decision table? (Choose two)
  1. A condition
  2. An action
  3. ACE function
  4. A parameter
Answer A,B
Question 15: Which of the following can you set up to enable the extraction of data from SAP Business Warehouse (BW) into SAP HANA?
  1. SAP System Landscape Directory (SLD)
  2. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  3. Open hub
  4. SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
Answer B,C,D
Question 16: Which connection type is required from the SAP ERP system to SAP HANA to enable CO- PA side by side scenario?
  1. HTTP connection
  2. JDBC
  3. Secondary database connection
  4. Remote Function Call
Answer C
Question 17: Which of the following steps is required for configuring SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)?
  1. Define the number of background work processes in SLT
  2. Define an RFC connection from SLT to SAP HANA
  3. Define a DB connection from SLT to the source system
  4. Define the number of jobs to be used for data replication
Answer D
Question 18: Which of the following are included in a rapid-deployment solution (RDS) implemented on SAP HANA? (Choose three)
  1. A step-by-step Configuration Guide
  2. Packages with views and procedures
  3. The SAP HANA database license
  4. A fixed-price consulting project
Answer A,B,D
Question 19: Which of the following must an analytic view contain?
  1. A measure
  2. A calculated measure
  3. A hierarchy
  4. An attribute view
Answer A
Question 20: Which tool do you use for real-time data provisioning into SAP HANA?
  1. SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
  2. SAP BusinessObjects Data Federation Administration
  3. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  4. SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
Answer A
Question 21: What do you have to do to set up SAP HANA Live in a side-car scenario? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Replicate source tables
  2. Configure schema mapping
  3. Install the Application Function Library
  4. Assign _SYS_BI_CP_ALL to reporting users
Answer A,B
Question 22: Which SAP HANA column types are part of an SAP HANA graph workspace? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. OSource vertex column
  2. Edge key column
  3. Calculated column
  4. Generated column
Answer A.B
Question 23: What information is available when you use the Explain Plan functionality on an SQL statement? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Estimated number of records
  2. Estimated execution time
  3. Execution engines
  4. Operator names
Answer C,D
Question 24: In a graphical calculation view of type cube, two tables are joined on multiple columns in a join node. Most queries using the view have no problems, but one query always gets a query runtime error. What is the cause of this error? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. The two tables do NOT have referential integrity.
  2. An incorrect column was selected when the join was formed.
  3. The language column is NOT specified in the join.
  4. The two tables are joined with a dynamic join.
Answer D
Question 25: You want to rename an information view with the SAP HANA Modeler without losing its existing behavior. What are the next steps after the renaming utility has finished? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Adjust references to the information view in table functions.
  2. Adjust references to the information view in graphical calculation views.
  3. Adjust references to the information view in analytic views.
  4. Adjust references to the information view in procedures.
Answer A,D
Question 26: Modeling package Shops is a subpackage of package Regions. You want to authorize a user to list the content of package Regions, but prevent listing the content of package Shops. How can you achieve this?
  1. Refactor package Shops to another package.
  2. Assign REPO.EXPORT only to package Shops.
  3. Assign REPO.READ privilege only to package Regions.
  4. Revoke analytic privileges for models in package Shops.
Answer A
Question 27: What can be a remote data source for SAP HANA Remote Data Sync?
  1. UltraLite
  2. Hadoop
  3. SAP ASE
  4. SAP IQ
Answer A
Question 28: In which sequence is SAP ERP data exposed to a reporting tool using SAP HANA Live?
  1. 1. The reporting tool reads a private view. 2. The private view is based on a query view. 3. The query view is based on a table function.
  2. 1. The reporting tool reads a query view. 2. The query view is based on a reuse view. 3. The reuse view is based on physical tables.
  3. 1. The reporting tool reads a value help view. 2. The value help view is based on a reuse view. 3. The reuse view is based on a query view.
  4. 1. The reporting tool reads a reuse view. 2. The reuse view is based on a query view. 3. The query view is based on physical tables.
Answer B
Question 29: Which SAP HANA studio function displays the views that will be affected when you rename an attribute view?
  1. Neighbor
  2. Where-used list
  3. Properties
  4. Tables used
Answer B
Question 30: Prior to modeling in SAP HANA, you want to check whether a table is row-based or column-based. How can you do this in the SAP HANA studio? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. View the icon of the table
  2. Select the Open Definition option
  3. Select the Open Content option
  4. Select the Open Data Preview option
Answer A,B
Question 31: What can you use as data sources for a decision table? There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Table types
  2. CDS views
  3. Scalar functions
  4. Calculation views
Answer A,D
Question 32: When do you always have both an active and an inactive version of an information model available in the SAP HANA development system?
  1. When you edit an existing model
  2. When you selected Revert to Active on an inactive version
  3. When you create a new model
  4. When validation of a model fails
Answer A
Question 33: Which join type makes use of date ranges?
  1. Inner join
  2. Temporal join
  3. Text join
  4. Spatial join
Answer B
Question 34: Where can you create a filter expression?
  1. In an aggregation node
  2. In a projection node
  3. In a data foundation node
  4. In the semantics node
Answer B
Question 35: You created a calculated column in an analytic view for a table containing the number of units ordered, the price per unit, and the number of units in stock. You get the wrong results in your results. What could be the problem?
  1. You chose the SQL expression syntax
  2. You mistyped the calculated column expression
  3. You did NOT enable the currency conversion
  4. You did NOT enable calculate before aggregation
Answer D
Question 36: Which can a level hierarchy do?
  1. Be used for a bill of materials structure
  2. Enable drill-down in a value help list
  3. Show variable deepness in the data
  4. Have time-dependency
Answer B
Question 37: A traditional cube is represented by which SAP HANA view type? There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Attribute view
  2. Calculation view of type cube with star join
  3. Calculation view of type dimension
  4. Analytic view
Answer B,D
Question 38: What performance technique should you implement to improve the performance of SAP HANA information views that include SQLScript?
  1. Use SELECT *
  2. Break large statements into smaller steps
  3. Use imperative logic
  4. Use dynamic SQL
Answer B
Question 39: Where do you create a variable?
  1. In the context menu of a package
  2. In the semantics node
  3. In the scenario area of an aggregate node
  4. In the output area of a join node
Answer B
Question 40: You build a financial report for the company's board members that allows them to choose if they want the report to be in euros or dollars. What do you use?
  1. A variable from the semantics node
  2. A variable from a projection node
  3. An input parameter from an aggregation node
  4. An input parameter from the semantics node
Answer D
Question 41: Where in the Systems view of SAP HANA studio can you create new SAP HANA models?
  1. In the packages of the Catalog area
  2. In the schemas of the Content area
  3. In the schemas of the Catalog area
  4. In the packages of the Content area
Answer D
Question 42: Which of the following views can you extend with the SAP HANA Live Extension Assistant?
  1. Your own custom views
  2. Reuse views
  3. Query views with a union
  4. All SAP-delivered views
Answer B
Question 43: You want to use a field in a formula but do not want to expose the values of the original field to the end users. What do you do?
  1. Mark the field as hidden
  2. Make the field a key column
  3. Change the data type of the field
  4. Rename the field
Answer A
Question 44: What PAL algorithm category can you use for supervised learning?
  1. Association
  2. Clustering
  3. Classification
  4. Social network analysis
Answer C

Have you got some more sample questions for certification? Share those in comment section and help others!

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