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HANA Certification C_HANATEC_11 - Sample Questions

This certification is obsolete. Click here to check the latest version of this certification - C_HANATEC_13.
You may contact us if you have any question.
In our previous article All about SAP HANA Certifications we provided the list of all SAP HANA certifications and their details. We also provided basic details of the certification C_HANATEC_11 at C_HANATEC_11 Overview.
Now let us see what kind of questions you can expect in this certification.

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Certification C_HANATEC_11 - Questions and Answers

Question 1: Your customer is performing a full data backup every week and a delta backup daily. You need to implement the shortest recovery method for an SAP HANA database. Which recovery order is the fastest?
  1. Full data backup > Log backup > Incremental backup
  2. Full data backup > Incremental backup > Log backup
  3. Full data backup > Differential backup > Log backup
  4. Full data backup > Log backup > Differential backup
Answer C
Question 2: You plan to migrate a non-SAP database to SAP HANA using the Database Migration Option of the Software Update Manager SP16.
  1. http://:/lmsl/sumabap//doc/sluigui
  2. http://:/lmsl/HDBLCM//index.html
  3. http://:/lmsl/upgrade//doc/gui
  4. http://:/lmsl/sumabap//doc/gui
Answer A
Question 3: You are setting up a disaster recovery system using system replication. You want the transaction processing of the primary system to be suspended if the network to the secondary system fails. What log replication mode must you use?
  1. async
  2. syncmem
  3. sync
  4. full sync
Answer D
Question 4: Which role do you need to have assigned to configure the kernel profiler?
  3. sap.hana.xs.lm.roles::Administrator
  4. sap.hana.admin.roles::Monitoring
Answer B
Question 5: What is the correct hierarchy of the SAP HANA component model?
  1. Product > Package > Delivery Unit > Object
  2. Package > Product > Delivery Unit > Object
  3. Delivery Unit > Product > Package > Object
  4. Product > Delivery Unit > Package > Object
Answer D
Question 6: You are planning a batch installation for a scale-out system. Which settings do you need to make in the configuration file? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. The instances on all hosts must use an identical instance number
  2. The user ID of the adm user must be identical on all hosts
  3. The max_mem parameter must be specified for the sum of all hosts
  4. The hostname specified must be identical on all hosts
Answer A,B
Question 7: What privileges can you manage with the SAP HANA Live authorization assistant? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Analytical
  2. Application
  3. System
  4. Object
Answer A,D
Question 8: You have to load data in real time from external systems into SAP HANA. Which Data Provisioning tools can you use? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
  1. SAP LT Replication Server (SLT)
  2. Smart Data Access (SDA)
  3. SAP Replication Server (SRS)
  4. Smart Data Integration (SDI)
Answer A,C,D
Question 9: You are using SAP Solution Manager to troubleshoot your SAP HANA database. What can you analyze? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
  1. Memory usage
  2. Linux system logs
  3. Services availability
  4. Alert status
Answer A,C,D
Question 10: Which of the following tools can you use to create and manage SAP HANA database users? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. SAP Solution Manager
  2. SAP Identity Management
  3. SAP Web IDE
  4. Microsoft Active Directory
Answer B,C

Question 11: You want to make sure that all data accesses to a specific view will be logged in the audit trail. As part of an update of the database schema, the view is dropped and recreated under the same name. What is the consequence for auditing?
  1. The audit log-object references must be reinitialized
  2. Auditing continues to work for the view
  3. The audit policy needs to be reactivated
  4. Auditing needs to be set up again for the recreated view
Answer B
Question 12: You have to size an SAP HANA system for SAP NetWeaver BW. The SAP NetWeaver BW system is currently running on a non-SAP RDBMS. Which of the following factors influences the size of the SAP HANA system?
  1. The partitioning of tables
  2. The number of indexes
  3. The size of aggregates
  4. The number of tables in the row store
Answer D
Question 13: Which of the following would you use to upgrade an SAP HANA system and keep the downtime to a minimum?
  1. High availability
  2. Storage replication
  3. Partitioning
  4. System replication
Answer D
Question 14: Which of the following connection types does Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) use to transfer data to SAP HANA?
  1. RFC connection
  2. Secondary database connection
  3. http connection
  4. BICS connection
Answer C
Question 15: How can you delete old data and log backups from both the backup catalog and physically from the server?
  1. Delete all files under $(DIR_GLOBAL)/hdb/log
  2. "Run ""DELETE from m_backup_catalog_files where backup_id = "" in the SQL editor
  3. Delete all files under $(DIR_INSTANCE)/backup/data and $(DIR_INSTANCE)/backup/log
  4. Go to Backup Editor -> Backup Catalog -> Delete Older Backups -> Catalog and backup location
Answer D
Question 16: Which Linux kernel parameters need to be adapted during SAP HANA installation depending on the SAP HANA system size?
  1. net.ipv4.tcp_slow_start_after_idle and kernel.shmmni
  2. kernel.shmall and fs.file-max
  3. fs.file-max and net.core.wmem_max
  4. net.core_rmem_max and kernel.sysrq
Answer A
Question 17: Which of the following are characteristics of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) when it is migrated to run on the SAP HANA database? (Choose two)
  1. The SAP NetWeaver BW application server can be installed on the SAP HANA hardware
  2. The current SAP NetWeaver BW application server hardware can be re-used
  3. All SAP NetWeaver BW 7.x application versions can be used
  4. The sizing of the current SAP NetWeaver BW application server remains valid
Answer B,D
Question 18: How can you make space available inside the log volume in a productive SAP HANA system?
  1. Compress the log backups at file system level
  2. Set the log mode to Overwrite
  3. Perform log backups
  4. Delete log backups at the operating system level
Answer C
Question 19: You want to create a role that grants read-only access to the content of the system and monitoring views and to statistics services. Which of the following privileges should the role contain? (Choose two)
Answer A,D
Question 20: After you install an SAP HANA database, you want to ensure that it is automatically started when the host is rebooted. Which of the following parameter settings allows you to do this?
  1. "Autostart to ""Enable"" in the profile file /usr/sap//SYS/profile/_HDB_
  2. "Autostart to ""TRUE"" in the profile file /usr/sap//SYS/profile/DEFAULT.PFL
  3. "Autostart to ""Yes"" in the profile file /usr/sap//SYS/profile/DEFAULT.PFL
  4. "Autostart to ""1"" in the profile file /usr/sap//SYS/profile/_HDB_
Answer D

Have you got some more sample questions for this certification? Share those in comment section and help others!

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