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Fiori Certification C_SAPXIMP_20 - Sample Questions

This certification is obsolete. Click here to check the latest version of this certification - C_FIORDEV_20.
You may contact us if you have any question.
In our previous article All about SAP HANA Certifications we provided the list of all SAP HANA certifications and their details. We also provided basic details of the certification C_SAPXIMP_20 at C_SAPXIMP_20 Overview.
Now let us see what kind of questions you can expect in this certification.

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Certification C_SAPXIMP_20 - Questions and Answers

Question 1: When you launch the SAP Fiori Approve Requests app, the following error is thrown: ""Task Facade not implemented for provider"".Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. The system alias for the IW_PGW component is missing.
  2. The target mapping is defined incorrectly.
  3. The TASKPROCESSING service is not registered.
  4. The catalog role is not granted to the user.
Answer A,C
Question 2: Which transactions can you use to extend an OData service?Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
  1. SEGW
  2. SE16N
  3. SE80
  4. SE11
Answer A,C,D
Question 3: In SAP Fiori, which app type requires the use of an SAP HANA database following the SAP HANA live (2-tier) architecture using virtual data models (VDM)?
  1. Fact sheets
  2. Transactional
  3. Analytical
  4. Principal
Answer C
Question 4: Which objects do you need to specify to set up the configuration layer of the SAP Fiori launchpad?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Customizing request
  2. Workbench request
  3. Software component name
  4. Package name
Answer B,D
Question 5: In which SAP NetWeaver version is the component SAP_GWFND delivered?
  1. 7.4
  2. 7.02
  3. 7.31
  4. 7.03
Answer A
Question 6: On which SAP back-end product can you install SAP Fiori principal apps?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. SAP SRM
  2. SAP CRM
  3. SAP ERP
  4. SAP PPM
Answer A,C
Question 7: Which SAP Fiori system component contains the search models?
  1. SAP Gateway server
  2. SAP back-end server
  3. SAP HANA XS engine
  4. SAP HANA Live system
Answer B
Question 8: Which themes does SAPUI5 support?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. SAP Signature Design
  2. SAP Gold Reflections
  3. SAP Blue Crystal
  4. SAP Corbu
Answer B,C
Question 9: You want to test a UI5 project in the SAP Fiori launchpad sandbox environment. Which files do you have to modify to set a proxy?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. index.html
  2. Configuration.js
  3. web.xml
  4. Component.js
Answer B,C
Question 10: To modify the theme in Theme Designer, which of the below mode is used to make fine tune adjustments to the theme?
  1. Preview
  2. CSS tab
  3. Expert mode
  4. Quick mode
Answer C

Question 11: What does SAP Fiori support pack consist of?
  1. "UI development for the respective Business suite products such as ERR, SRM, CRM, SCM, etc.
  2. Development and generation tools to create OData services
  3. UI5 Controls library and SAP Fiori launchpad
  4. New Apps released as well as bugs/fixes for existing apps
Answer D
Question 12: What do you have to verify before you can configure the back end system in an SAP fioriimplementation?There are 3 correct answers to this question.
  1. The latest enhancement package for the back end system release level is implemented
  2. All system components meet the minimal requirement release levels.
  3. The Web dispatcher is setup to communicate with both front end and back end servers
  4. The back end server is based on SAP Netweaver
Answer B,C,D
Question 13: For fact sheets to integrate with geographical maps, you need to set up the connectionbetween the ABAP back-end server and the map provider. Which of the below communication channel is used?
  1. HTTP or HTTPS Request
  2. OData Request
  3. INA search Request
  4. HTML request
Answer A
Question 14: In the scope of Ul5 architecture in SAP Fiori, which of the below modules are part of SAPUI5core?
  1. "sap.ui.core, sap.ui.base, sap.ui.model
  2. "sap.ui.model,, sap.ui.ux3
  3. "sap.ui.base, sap.ui.table, sap.ui.commons
  4. "sap.ui.core, sap.ui.table, sap.ui.ux3
Answer A
Question 15: In UI view Extensibility, a fragment and view must be named as-
  1. ".xml,.xml
  2. "Fragment.xml,view.xml
  3. ".fragment.xml,.view.xml
  4. " view.xml,.fragment xml
Answer C
Question 16: SAP Fiori Transactional Application content are managed by Internet CommunicationFramework (IC F). Which of the below authenticated IC F services are common to SAP Fiori app and must be activated?There are 3 correct answers to this question.
  1. /sap/opu/odata/ui2/page_builder_pers
  2. /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell
  3. /sap/public/bc/ui5_ui5
  4. sap/bc/ui2/iframe_login
Answer A,B,D
Question 17: When you call a Fiori factsheet, errors occur in the display, example: the contents of entirecolumns are missing. What is the solution to clear this error?
  1. Latest Patch available for the respective SAP Smart Business Applications is not applied. Ensure that you have a valid combination of Products Installed.
  2. Upgrade the SAPUIS version to version 1.27.0 or higher
  3. Check the installation of back end server
  4. "Implement the report for your system and run it In the affected system. To make the changes effective, you have to clear the metadata cache after you execute the report.
Answer D
Question 18: Which of the below transaction is used to register newly created custom OData service?
Answer B
Question 19: Which of the below is not an entity?
  1. Employee
  2. Product
  3. Customer Id
  4. Customer
Answer C
Question 20: Once you create a search connector in an extension component, all search models from theoriginal component are
  1. transferred to different layer components
  2. transferred into the higher layer components
  3. found in original component
  4. None of the above
Answer B
Question 21: In SAP Fiori Configuration, KPI framework is installed for which of the following Apps?
  1. Analytical Apps
  2. Factsheets
  3. Transactional Apps
  4. SAP SMART Business Apps
Answer D
Question 22: Which of the below is recommended by SAP to maintain user roles, authorizations and profile creations in SAP system?
  1. Role Maintenance Function and Profile generator (PFCG)
  2. Manual Creation of user Profiles
  3. jProfiler
  4. User Management Engine (UML) administration console
Answer A
Question 23: In scope of UI Controller extensibility, a custom view can?There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Can't use and extend original Controller
  2. Can specify the name of entirely new controller
  3. Can use and extend original Controller
  4. Can't use the original Controller of replaced view by setting its name as controller Name
Answer B,C
Question 24: Prior to adding a tile to an app group, what must you configure?
  1. Roles
  2. Catalogs
  3. Search models
  4. Users
Answer A
Question 25: While redefining an OData service on Backend (where IW_BEP is deployed), which of thebelow is required at time of redefinition?
  1. Target Device
  2. Technical Service name
  3. RFC Destination
  4. Webdynpro
Answer B
Question 26: To list workflow template in last 365 days, which of the following transaction is used?
  1. SW12_FREQ
  2. SWI2_ADM1
  3. SWI2_DURA
  4. SW12_ Wag
Answer A
Question 27: For write access to the UI Theme Designer (create, update, delete themes), you must assignauthorization object?
  1. /UI5/THEME
Answer A
Question 28: In SAP NetWeaver 7.31 EP1, which of the below composite role should be assigned to Fiori Launchpad administrator?
  2. SAP_ UI2_ADMIN_731
  3. SAP_ UI2_ADMIN_702
  4. SAP_ UI2_ADMIN_700
Answer B
Question 29: NetWeaver UI_Add-On includes which of the executable program that can be used to download, upload, and delete SAP UI5 application?
  1. ui5 demo kit
  2. /ui5/ui5_repository _load
  3. None
  4. /uiS/therne designer
Answer B
Question 30: In UI Controller extension is done by merging on JavaScript object level- this means? There are 3 correct answers to this queston.
  1. It is handled by sap.ul.ControllerExtension within the component-Is
  2. This results in view being able to call newly defined functions as well as the original ones
  3. Both controllers will call snit function
  4. This results in view being able to call only the newly defined functions
Answer A,B,C
Question 31: Which transactions and application does SAP recommend for Application Lifecycle management (ALM) activities related to SAP Fiori transactional Apps?There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. SPAM or SAIN
  2. SAP Maintenance Manager
  3. SAP inventory Manager
  4. SAP Solution Manager
Answer A,B
Question 32: Communication between TREX/BWA (SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification TREX and Business Warehouse Accelerator BWA) and ABAP system happens
  1. Creating a HTTPS connection (HTML/00ata)
  2. Creating a connection by launching the Admin Cockpit ESH_Cockpit
  3. By activating Business Functions BSESH_HANA_SEARCH and BSCBN_HANA_NAV
  4. OData Services
Answer B
Question 33: While creatng BAdl confguration the enhancement spot for getng business context data is?
Answer C
Question 34: Which transactons and applicaton does SAP recommend for Applicaton Lifecycle management (ALM) actiites related to SAP Fiori transactonal Apps? There are 2 correct answers to this queston.
  1. SPAM or SAIN
  2. SAP Maintenance Manager
  3. SAP inientory Manager
  4. SAP Soluton Manager
Answer A,B
Question 35: To ensure confidentially and integrity of data, what kind of encryption is recommended between ABAP Back End server to any database for SQL queries? There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Secure Network Communications SNC
  2. RSA Encryption
  3. Secure Socket Layer SSL
  4. Transport Layer Security TLS
Answer C,D
Question 36: Which of the following transactions can you use to modify transactional applications? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Response:
  1. Search Modeler (ESH_MODELER)
  2. Role Maintenance (PFCG)
  3. ABAP Navigator (SE80)
  4. ABAP Dictionary (SE11)
Answer C,D
Question 37: Where does Work flow scenario run in Backend system?
  1. SAP Business Suite
  2. SAP HANA System
  3. Process Gateway
  4. SAP NetWeaver Gateway
Answer A
Question 38: Which of the below Service Request is not a Type of OData Service Requests?
  1. Requesting Data
  2. Metadata Requests
  3. Data Modification
  4. Format Request
Answer D
Question 39: What is the role of the SAP back-end server for SAP Fiori transactional apps?
  1. Provide authentication for the app users
  2. Host the URL end points for OData services
  3. Provide data for the OData services
  4. Host UI components of the app
Answer C
Question 40: For which components are the screens included in the SAP Netweaver central UI add-on? There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. SAP Fiori Launchpad
  2. SAP theme designer
  3. SAP gateway client
  4. SAP KPI modeler
Answer A,C
Question 41: Which of the following are design principles that make up the SAP Fiori user experience paradigm?
  1. Intuitive
  2. Simple
  3. Responsive
  4. Role-based
Answer B,C,D
Question 42: How are Fiori tiles linked to end users?
  1. By organization
  2. By role
  3. By department
  4. By name
Answer B
Question 43: Which SAP Fiori apps cannot run on any database and require SAP HANA as the underlying database?Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
  1. Analytical apps
  2. Transactional apps
  3. Fact sheet apps
  4. SAP Smart Business cockpit apps
Answer A,C,D
Question 44: Which SAP Fiori apps do NOT require a reverse proxy server?
  1. Analytical apps
  2. Transactional apps
  3. Fact sheet apps
  4. SAP Smart Business cockpit apps
Answer B
Question 45: Which of the following SAP Fiori apps require a reverse proxy server?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Material (fact sheet)
  2. Approve Travel Expenses (transactional app)
  3. Create Sales Orders (transactional app)
  4. SAP Smart Business for sales order fulfillment (analytical app)
Answer A,D
Question 46: Which communication channels are supported between the ABAP front-end server and the end user's device?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. Trusted RFC
  2. OData
  3. InA
  4. HTML
Answer B,D
Question 47: What is the purpose of the SAP Web Dispatcher in an SAP Fiori system landscape?
  1. To protect end usersí devices
  2. To provide an SSL termination end point
  3. To monitor devices that access the SAP Fiori apps
  4. To make sure browser requests are routed to the appropriate system
Answer D
Question 48: Which of the following tools can be used in application lifecycle management for transactional apps?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. SAP Add-On Installation Tool (SAINT)
  2. SAP Mobile Documents
  3. Support Package Manager (SPAM)
  4. Download Manager
Answer A,C
Question 49: What do you have to check before you implement SAP Fiori apps?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. The latest postings on SCN
  2. The corresponding SAP Notes
  3. The official communication regarding the SAP Fiori strategy
  4. The Prerequisites section on the apps landing page
Answer B,D
Question 50: How can you identify the back-end component, its version, and its Support Package level in your SAP system?
  1. Use transaction SCOMP.
  2. Use transaction SE80.
  3. Navigate to System -> Status and click the magnifying glass in your SAP GUI
  4. Choose the administrator view and click Components in the SAP Portal
Answer C
Question 51: What is an S-User?
  1. A super user in the SAP Portal
  2. A user created for customers or SAP partners on SAP Service Marketplace
  3. An SAP-internal user
  4. A secret user delivered with all SAP licenses
Answer B
Question 52: Which of the following SAP Fiori components must be deployed on the front-end server?
  1. The SAP Web Dispatcher components
  2. The UI components
  3. The SAP HANA extended application services components
  4. The Virtual Data Models components
Answer A
Question 53: What does VDM stand for?
  1. Viral Delta Model
  2. Virtual Digital Model
  3. Virtual Delivery Model
  4. Virtual Data Model
Answer D
Question 54: In the SAP Fiori system landscape with SAP HANA extended application services, which types of SAP Fiori apps can you deploy?Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
  1. Native apps
  2. Transactional apps
  3. Fact sheet apps
  4. Analytical apps
Answer A,C,D
Question 55: Which SAP Fiori UX app types require SAP HANA extended application services?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
  1. SAP Smart Business cockpit
  2. Transactional
  3. Analytical
  4. Fact sheets
Answer A,C
Question 56: Which app types require a front-end server?
  1. Fact sheets
  2. Transactional
  3. All app types
  4. Analytical
Answer C
Question 57: What does ICF stand for at SAP?
  1. Internet Communication Framework
  2. Internet Component Framework
  3. Internal Community Forum
  4. Internet Connection Firewall
Answer A
Question 58: Which SAP GUI transaction is used to assign roles to end users and administrators?
  1. PFCG
  2. SE80
  3. SU01
  4. SICF
Answer A
Question 59: In target mapping, what is the action performed on?
  1. The back-end server
  2. The launchpad
  3. The semantic object
  4. The front-end server
Answer C
Question 60: What is the SAP Fiori Client?
  1. A Hybrid Web Container app built with the PhoneGap framework
  2. A special service deployed on SAP HANA extended application services
  3. A customer using SAP Fiori exclusively on mobile devices
  4. A native application for both Android and iOS devices built with the Cordova framework
Answer D
Question 61: Which transaction do you use to call the UI theme designer?
  2. /UTD01
  4. TD01
Answer A
Question 62: Which framework is used to extend ALL of the SAP Fiori UX app types?
  1. There is no special framework
  2. JavaServer Faces
  3. SAPUI5
  4. Enhancement Framework
Answer C
Question 63: Which folder contains the files that provide language-specific translations?
  1. css
  2. images
  3. view
  4. I18n
Answer D
Question 64: At which architecture levels can you adapt and re-use SAP Smart Business content?Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
  1. SAP HANA Live
  2. Drill-down and Tile
  3. KPI and Evaluation
  4. IMG Customizing
Answer A,B,C

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