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HANA Certification D_HANAIMP_12 - Sample Questions

In our previous article All about SAP HANA Certifications we provided the list of all SAP HANA certifications and their details. We also provided basic details of the certification D_HANAIMP_12 at D_HANAIMP_12 Overview.
Now let us see what kind of questions you can expect in this certification.

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Certification D_HANAIMP_12 - Questions and Answers

Question 1: You want to model customer master data. Which of the following must you select? (Choose two)
  1. Filter
  2. Table
  3. Hierarchy
  4. Key attribute
Answer B,D
Question 2: You have created a graphical calculation view with a large number of columns. Which of the following do you use to ensure that only required columns are shown when querying the created view? (Choose two)
  1. Function CE_PROJECTION
  2. The Type selection in the semantics area
  3. Projection nodes
  4. The Hidden checkbox in the semantics area
Answer C,D
Question 3: You want to use a UNION to combine two information objects in a calculation view. Which steps do you have to perform? (Choose two)
  1. Define a constant column in the target
  2. Sort the columns in the output structure
  3. Connect the information objects to the UNION node
  4. Define the mapping of columns of the information objects
Answer C,D
Question 4: Which of the following actions must you perform in an SAP HANA system to transport content to another SAP HANA system? (Choose two)
  1. Generate and save an export file
  2. Mass copy the content repository into the other SAP HANA system
  3. Assign the package to a delivery unit
  4. Assign the content repository to a transport request
Answer A,C
Question 5: You want to report on data from SAP HANA using MS Excel. How can you achieve this? (Choose two)
  1. Select an analytic view using the Data Connection wizard
  2. Create a ODBC connection between SAP HANA and MS Excel
  3. Select an attribute view using the Data Connection wizard
  4. Create an ODBO connection between SAP HANA and MS Excel
Answer A,D
Question 6: Which of the following can you use to implement currency conversion in an information model? (Choose two)
  1. A calculated column in a calculation view
  2. A calculated column in an attribute view
  3. A calculated column in an analytic view
  4. A restricted column in an analytic view
Answer A,C
Question 7: In SAP HANA studio, in which of the following can you create users? (Choose two)
  1. The Administration console
  2. The Roles node
  3. The Content node
  4. The SQL editor
Answer A,D
Question 8: Which of the following are characteristics of a referential join? (Choose two)
  1. It requires referential integrity between right and left tables
  2. "If a field is selected from the right table, it acts similar to a left outer join
  3. It assumes referential integrity between right and left tables
  4. "If a field is selected from the right table, it acts similar to an inner join
Answer C,D
Question 9: Which of the following are direct outputs of an analytic view? (Choose three)
  1. Hierarchies
  2. Private attributes
  3. Measures
  4. Attribute views
Answer B,C,D
Question 10: You want to use an extractor to build a model in SAP HANA. Which table can you use to view detailed information about the extractor?
  1. BSEG
Answer C

Question 11: You have a table of transactional data with different transaction types. You want to createan analytic view for only one of the transaction types. How can you ensure that only rows with the required transaction type are displayed in the analytic view?
  1. Create an input parameter
  2. Create a filter on the table
  3. Create a calculated column
  4. Create a restricted column
Answer B
Question 12: For what purpose do you use SQL Script in SAP HANA? (Choose two)
  1. To transfer a large amount of data between engines
  2. To achieve very high performance on SELECT statements
  3. To combine two analytic views
  4. To create database procedures
Answer C,D
Question 13: Which best practices should you apply when you use SQL script in SAP HANA? (Choose three)
  1. Use the WHERE clause for updates
  2. Use UNION ALL instead of UNION
  3. Use dynamic SQL with variables
  4. Use CE functions
Answer A,B,D
Question 14: You want to improve query performance by introducing filters into the SAP HANAinformation model. Which of the following can you use to reduce data transfer between views? (Choose two)
  1. Analytic privileges
  2. Calculated columns
  3. Client-independent views
  4. Constraint filters
Answer A,D
Question 15: Which information model can you use with measures from multiple fact tables?
  1. Analytic privilege
  2. Calculation view
  3. Attribute view
  4. Analytic view
Answer B
Question 16: Which of the following SAP HANA schemas contains the runtime objects of activated views?
  2. _SYS_REPO
  3. _SYS_BI
  4. _SYS_BIC
Answer D
Question 17: An analytic view has two columns, SHIP_TO_COUNTRY and SHIP_FROM_COUNTRY,that contain ISO country codes. You must replace these codes with the English countrynames by joining to the same country attribute view twice. What must you create to achieve this?
  1. A derived attribute view
  2. A shared attribute view
  3. Two data foundations
  4. An attribute view using the Copy From method
Answer A
Question 18: How can you analyze a performance issue in the execution of an SQL statement using the SQL Console? (Choose two)
  1. Use the Prepare Statement command from the right-click menu in the SQL Console
  2. "Query the table ""SYS"".""CACHE_P_QUERIES_""' after the execution of the SQL statement
  3. Use the Explain Plan command from the right-click menu in the SQL Console
  4. Use EXPLAIN PLAN in the SQL statement and query the EXPLAIN_PLAN_TABLE
Answer C,D
Question 19: You want to run a report on data with multiple currencies. You want to allow end users toselect the target currency at runtime. Which options does SAP recommend for defining the currency conversion? (Choose two)
  1. Currency conversion during data load
  2. A CE_CONVERSION function in a calculation view
  3. Measures enabled for conversion in an analytic view
  4. A calculated column in an analytic view
Answer B,C
Question 20: You create an analytic view and want to restrict access to departments with specific valuesusing analytic privileges. Which tasks do you have to perform to accomplish this? (Choose three)
  1. Assign restricted values to the attribute view
  2. Assign values to be restricted. Choose at least one information model to assign restrictions
  3. Assign the analytic privilege to a user or role
  4. Choose an attribute to define restricted values for it
Answer B,C,D

Have you got some more sample questions for this certification? Share those in comment section and help others!

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