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In our previous article All About SAP HANA Certifications we provided the list of all SAP HANA certifications and their details.
In this article we will focus on the certification E_HANAAW142.

Note: Want to book an SAP Certification? Check the article How to Book an SAP Certification?

Full Name:
E_HANAAW142: SAP Certified Development Specialist - ABAP for SAP HANA (Edition 2014)

Important Points:
Certification Code E_HANAAW142
No of Questions 40
Cut Score 60
Available Languages English
Duration 90 minutes
Level SME

The "SAP Certified Development Specialist (Edition 2014 - ABAP for SAP HANA" certification exam verifies that the candidate has the knowledge of programming ABAP for SAP HANA SPS08 required by the profile of an SAP ABAP development consultant. This certificate builds on both the basic knowledge gained in related ABAP-for-HANA training and documentation, as well as on practical experience gained as a member of a SAP HANA team, where the candidate would apply this knowledge practically in projects.
This certification is issued to candidates who successfully pass the certification exam for the "SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver" (C_TAW12_70, C_TAW12_71, C_TAW12_731, P_ABAP_70).
Topic Areas:
SAP HANA information Models & Database Procedures > 12%
Implications of SAP HANA on ABAP Programming > 12%
Run-time Analysis Tools > 12%
Integration of SAP HANA Coding in ABAP Programs > 12%
SAP HANA Basics and Technical Concepts 8% - 12%
SAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver 8% - 12%

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Note: There are few topics for which currently we don't have course/learning materials. Soon we will try to cover all of them. 

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4 thoughts on “E_HANAAW142 SAP Certified Development Specialist – ABAP for SAP HANA (Edition 2014)

  1. Ahmed Arsath says:

    Hi, I am newer in SAP HANA. Past one decade I am working in ABAP. I have little bit knowledge in SAP BO. Please guide me where to start SAP HANA for career growth.


    Arsath. A

  2. Kanu says:


    I have around 9.5 years of experience in ABAP.
    I was planning to do certification in E_HANAAW142, however , there’s this prerequisite of completing ABAP certification first and then one can apply for HANA for ABAP certification.

    So is it mandatory to go for ABAP certification first to appear for E_HANAAW142 ?Is not the ABAP experience counted for ?

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