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Evolution of SAP Cloud Platform with Cloud Foundry and OpenStack

In previous articles Cloud Foundry - A Game Changer What is OpenStack , we gave you glimpse of how Cloud Foundry and OpenStack is changing Cloud world.
In this article, we will see how SAP Cloud Platform is gradually evolving along with Cloud Foundry and OpenStack.
Note: If you are not aware of basic cloud concepts like Private and Public Cloud, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, refer to the following articles first.
SAP Cloud Platform and Cloud Foundry

SAP Cloud Platform as of Today:

The SAP Cloud Platform is SAP’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering to help developers develop, deploy and operate applications in the cloud.

Supported scenarios

The functionality and the services provided by SAP Cloud Platform serve three main scenarios:
Extend cloud and on-premise solutions: SAP partners and customers can use SAP Cloud Platform to build innovative applications that extend SAP’s on-premise as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.
Integrate cloud and on-premise solutions: SAP partners and customers can leverage the SAP Cloud Platform to simplify integration of traditional SAP on-premise applications such as SAP Financials with the new SAP Software-as-a-Service applications.
Develop new applications: SAP is developing its new Cloud native applications on SAP Cloud Platform as it simplifies development, deployment, security, and management of these applications in an efficient and consistent manner. SAP partners and customers can leverage in the same way to use SAP’s open and standards-based PaaS offering.

Cloud Foundry and SAP Cloud Platform
To know more about it, refer to SAP Cloud Platform Overview.

How Cloud Foundry and OpenStack will change SAP Cloud Platform

From the very beginning the guiding principle behind the development of the SAP Cloud Platform was the goal to provide easy adoption by leveraging and using open standards and established open source components.

This principle is the driving force behind the ongoing efforts to leverage Cloud Foundry and OpenStack in the evolution of SAP Cloud Platform.
These efforts
  • will add additional deployment models
  • will add additional programming languages/models to the platform
  • emphasize SAP’s commitment to an open and standards-based PaaS offering

Cloud Foundry

The IT industry has adopted Cloud Foundry quickly as the standard PaaS technology. Cloud Foundry is an open source project with a broad community governed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation with SAP as platinum member and active contributor.

SAP Cloud Platform leverages Cloud Foundry as the technology for deployment and management of business applications.

To know more about Cloud Foundry, check Cloud Foundry - A Game Changer


SAP is also an active contributor to OpenStack with the clear goal to increase the openness and flexibility of the SAP Cloud Platform also on the level of the necessary underlying infrastructure.

The OpenStack Foundation delivers an open Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to help companies to build public or private clouds. SAP will leverage OpenStack on the IaaS layer of the SAP Cloud Platform.

To know more about OpenStack, check What is OpenStack

Planned Architecture of SAP Cloud Platform with Cloud Foundry and OpenStack

Cloud Foundry and HSAP Cloud Platform
Support of Cloud Foundry and OpenStack simplifies deployment of applications built with or on top of SAP Cloud Platform to partner data centers, as well as private Cloud deployments at customer data centers.
This provides flexibility of deployment models and access to new markets for SAP solutions.

OpenStack as IaaS
On the infrastructure layer the SAP Cloud Platform will build on OpenStack-enabled data centers from SAP.

Multi-runtime Support
The number of supported runtimes/languages will increase. It’s planned to provide enterprise support for Java and Node.js and community support for Python, Ruby, PHP and GO.

Data and Storage Service
On the list of data & storage services it’s planned to support Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Hadoop.

Business Service
The newly introduced business services will not only support developers with functionality to implement commerce scenarios faster and to handle loyalty management and billing in a standardized way (checkout

On the operations side the existing services will be adapted to handle the additional programming languages supported by Cloud Foundry accordingly. I.e. the developers will still use the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit to manage the lifecycle of their applications and to manage the account within the account cockpit.
Note: These is planned architecture and is subjected to change.

Change in deployment models

One of the key benefits to use the open technologies from Cloud Foundry and OpenStack is the additional freedom one gets with regards to the deployment models for cloud solutions.

For the SAP Cloud Platform this means that SAP will be able provide the platform not only as a public cloud offering as it is provided today.

It is also planned to provide an option to deploy SAP Cloud Platform as a private cloud instance in customer and partner data centers who also support OpenStack.

Reference: SAP Cloud Platform Developer Center

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