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This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to Hadoop Lovers.

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What's the prupose of the FAQ section?
We designed the FAQ section to address the answers of the questions asked most frequently by our visitors through contact us form, emails and FB groups/official pages.
On the left side, all FAQs are listed as an FAQ Index, by clicking on them you would reach to the answer of a specific question.
Through Contact Us, you may request for a topic to us. We would provide information about that topic through an article. Through FAQ, we are trying to help you in a better way. Sometimes emails responses are delayed from our side , if your query is already one among the questions in FAQs, you can find an instant answer.
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27 thoughts on “What’s the purpose of FAQ section?

  1. Yogesh says:


    I have gone through the online courses offered by you. It provides all necessary details required for understanding of basic concept

  2. Abhishek Jain says:

    Hello Admin,

    I just want you to highlight on whether knowledge of Java language/SQL is required as a prerequisite to learn SAP Hana and perform various task under SAP Hana Studio and for working in any implementation project?

    Warm Regards,
    Abhishek Jain

  3. Avinash says:

    I have 5 experience in Manual testing. I am instrested in learning sap Hana, please suggest me which sap Hana module suits me like administration or developer or consultant. Also would like to know how to acquire practical knowledge please suggest if any training is required for practical scenarios. Also please let me know how do my previous experience count in sap Hana or I would be like fresher, will there be job opportunities for freshers in sap Hana.

  4. Muhammad Suleman says:

    I am oracle developer now i want to move on sap hana
    what is my career in this ?
    how much my oracle development will help me sap hana ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Suleman,
      On the grounds both companies SAP and Oracle looks like similar.

      Oracle is not just a database provider but also have Oracle ERP,Business Suite etc.SAP is no more a ERP vendor but they have SAP HANA- in memory database, SAP HANA Cloud so there are so many opportunities for you.

      For sure your prior knowledge in databases will help when you moving into SAP HANA.
      For more details you can visit “prerequisites to learn SAP HANA” article once


  5. Ismail says:

    I recently completed my BBA degree. However I would like to go into SAP training, but not sure on which course. I have access to SAP Crm as an end user. Will I be able to do the SAP Haha training with no IT experience?

  6. Obul says:

    Hi Admin,

    Thanks for your patience for giving more clarification on how to choose the carrier based on previous skills.

    Coming to me, I am working OBIEE reporting tool and also sound knowledge on sql. I plan to switch my carrier SAP HANA … So can you please suggest me how the future on HANA , when it compares to Obiee .

    Also suggest me which is best for me I.e sap hana consultant , sap bw powered by hana..

    Please respond me ASAP..

    Thank you.

    • Admin says:


      We are not aware about the technology you mentioned OBIEE.
      But, we can say SAP HANA is promising and worth considering. It has a great future.

      There is a certification program offered by SAP , it covers the knowledge of modeling and administration, we generally suggest SAP HANA Professionals to pursue for that certification program thus you could fit with the requirement very well, specially it is suggested for those who are starting with their career with SAP HANA.


  7. Rana says:


    I am a .net developer and having 12 years experience in My question is What would it take to learn SAP HANA and find job. Kindly suggest me?


    • Admin says:


      We are unable to understand your query, Please, explain further.

      Learn well and get an SAP HANA certification specially if you are a fresher in HANA would be enough to get a job.


  8. Amit Kumar says:


    I am Computer hardware and network engg. minimum knowledge of sql and oracle. My que are
    1-I m already 35+ can I start to learn Sap Hana and it will be gud for my future in terms of Careers.
    2-Where I should learn this course. I will prefer part time so my current job will not effect.
    3-If i learn Sap Hana from a person who had enough knowledge of this also he will provide live practical knowledge, so its worth for me.


    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA is well demanding, there is no prerequisite, anybody could learn .

      If you are a fresher in SAP HANA, you may follow the url mentioned below to know about “Where to start ?” , “How to start? “, “Is it well demanding?”, “Can I learn SAP HANA?” and find the courses offered at free of cost.

      We always recommend to start with the SAP HANA basic course which covers the fundamental concepts and overview.
      The course could be access by browsing the following url. It’s open to all, just browse through it.

      We don’t offer any classroom coaching, neither we could endorse any name who could provide classroom coaching.


  9. sandeep tiwari says:

    Hi Admin,

    i am database tester having 4 yeras of experience. i want to make my career as hadoop developer. could you please guide me how to learn the hadoop technogly and justify the testing experience.

  10. praveen says:

    what is difference between sap hana and s/4 hana,whether hana modeling and hana functional are same ?

  11. Jatin says:

    Hello admin ,
    I have done my sql certification in 2011. Than I worked in a mechanical company as a operation manager.Is it possible for me to do SAP HANA. I don’t know any other programming languages.

  12. Jatin says:

    What is the difference between SAP HANA and SAP BW on HANA ? Which have better scope ??

  13. Jatin Chaturvedi says:

    Done EXTC BE in 2010.SQL certification in 2011..working in NON IT firm.should I do SAP HANA for fresher job?

  14. Divya Singhal says:


    I have completed SAP HANA Admin part 1 and waiting for part 2. Could you please tell me that how long we have to wait for it.

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