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  • Hi Hadoopers 
    Im Mahesh frm hadoop Beginner Now iam Learning Hadoop course and migrate into BigData in Practice Purpose i installed Sygwin Successfully
    But in cmd prompt it given some error "ssh-host-config" cmd not found So pls let me knw the what is prblm how can solve it.

  • Hello Mahesh,

    Please check again if  openssh is actually installed. Check your PATH, and confirm that it contains the directory containing that command(ssh-host-config) 
    This error comes when openssh is not installed, configured properly

  • Hey! This is Benzie.

    I'm residing in Roundrock, Texas. I'm looking for in-class training course near to my place. Or I'll appreciate suggestion on online training course that's worth for beginners.

    Benzie Judith
  • Hi Benzie, This is Patricia!

    You can find the training providers at below link.

    techjobs.sulekha .com/hadoop-training

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