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Switching career to Analytics.
  • Hello Team,
    Firstly thanks for opening a forum and clearing most of the doubts we have.

    I possess 5 yrs of experience on SAP NW MDM, would like to switch over to Analytics. I do have a couple of questions, need your assistance.
    1) I'm interested in learning Hadoop but i do not possess any programming knowledge.
    2) How is HANA as a career option given the fact that i already possess SAP NW MDM experience?

  • Hi Aneesh,

    Qs 1) Please read the below articles:
    Qs 2) HANA is at the center of all SAP innovation and strategy. Many SAP components like ERP, CRM, BW has already been moved to HANA. Sooner or later all SAP applications will be directly/indirectly connected to HANA. It would be good career option for all.


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