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Download SAP HANA Studio
  • Hi Admin,

    First of all thanks for bringing out such a well content website which helps us learn SAP HANA in such an easy way.

    While going through the SAP HANA basic training, as per the topic: 3.2 Download and Install SAP HANA Studio,
    when I click on the below link to download SAP HANA 32-bit, it re-directs to SAP Store, where there is no free SAP HANA studio download, Can you please help as in what has to be done to get free SAP HANA studio access.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I am unable to download. Please help me..
    If possible Share the link with me in Google Drive.
    Email ID: ashokbasarakod36@gmail.com
    Thank you :)

  • Hello Ashok,

    2.Choose Support Packages and Patches > A-Z Index: H > SAP HANA Enterprise Edition > SAP HANA Enterprise EDIT .1.0 > Comprised Software Component Versions > SAP HANA STUDIO 1.00 > <your operating system>
    3. Run the SAPCAR executable to download the SAR file. Extract this SAR file.
    4. Use command SAPCAR -xvf <your-SAR-file> to extract the file.

    Run the HDBSETUP executable to install and update HANA Studio.
    When prompted, use option Install new SAP HANA Studio to proceed with the installation.


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