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Getting started
  • Hi I need to know a few things for me to get started on having a technical understanding of Hana.  I have installed the s/4 Hana One Trial that SAP offers.  I basically just want to know

         1. The mappings of VDMs that populate the reports in BOBJ and the screens in Fiori

         2. In Hana Studio I want to be able to quickly look at the results of a Calculation View or Attribute View.  These I believe are coming from the Simple Finance add on which is what people mean when they say 'Finance VDMs'. 

         3. I would like to know how the 'Reuse Views', 'Value Help Views' and 'Private Views' that this link describes - Virtual Data Models - SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite Administrator's Guide - SAP Library - how to view them in Hana Studio as I am only able to see the Attribute Views and Calculation views.  (Im looking in the content folder at the packages and I dont see these three types of views)

         4. Similarly - I would like to know where can I find these queries - Financial Statement - SAP HANA Live for SAP ERP - SAP Library - they should be in the S/4 Hana One Trial I think and I'm not sure where to find them. 


    TRACE - My ides for number 1 is to enable a trace when I am browsing the out of the box fiori screens and BOBJ reports.  I'm not sure which trace to enable so that I can see  real time queries for VDMs.  Actually I am having trouble seeing how to capture SQL queries too against the ERP tables.  Maybe I just don't know how to configure the trace  because when I query "SELECT * from table" from ERP table I don't see my statement in the files on the trace screen. 


    Also, Can anyone give me a quick explanation of how to connect BOBJ to VDMs?  Is it complicated?  I am very familiar with BOBJ and the client tools so feel free to leave out details from the side if you aren't sure.  I am just wondering how to present the VDMs to BOBJ, is it as a connection in IDT?  Will it be a table?  Will the crystal database expert see it as a table? 


    Thanks for any help you can give!

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