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Roles Suited
  • Hello Experts , 

    My SQL skills are intermediate , I am good at modeling the views and most of the other activities in HANA. 

    Which would be possible role i can opt for in HANA 

    Any advice would be highly appreciated 
  • Hello Harish

    The job profile in HANA are mainly in 2 areas.SAP HANA Development and SAP HANA Administration.

    SAP HANA Development – It is basically developer role where you will be responsible for developing modeling views, procedures, services etc. As you already mentioned that  you are  good at  modeling views, then it would be a good idea to check the course SAP HANA Advanced Modeling

    SAP HANA Administration – This is admin role you you will be responsible for HANA installation, support and maintenance. This job profile does not include development but rather support.



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