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Converting values of a column to different columns (transposing rows to columns)
  • Hi 

    Lets say I have a dataset like this. 

    ID  |    Item

    1      A

    2      B

    3      A

    1      C

    2      B

    2      B

    1      A

    3      B

    The actual dataset has 50K rows and 8.5K distinct Item values. 

    Now I want to transpose the rows to columns for each Id such that we are counting the values for each item for each user. Like below

    ID |   A   |   B  |  C  

    1      2         0     1

    2      0        3      0

    3      1        1      0

    Now if I have like set no. of Item values then I can hardcode them in case aggregate statement. 

    Something like 

    select ID, ITEM, count(case when Item ='A' then 1 Else NULL END) A, case (when Item='B' then 1 ELSE NULL END) B... so on

    But in this case I have 8.5K unique item. This would be too much task to do as above in sql. 

    Please advise. 

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