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  • Hello

    I have almost finished a Hana modelling course. This is a new career path for me so I am confused as to the next steps I should take.
    Should I combine with a functional module ? I want to increase my chances of getting a job in this new field I have chosen.
    I have an accounting and finance background ( I completed the course a few years ago ).
    I was thinking of qualifying in SAP FICO but I want to know which field currently is having the most job opportunities

  • Hello, 

    If you don't have professional experience on HANA, then we would suggest you might go for an SAP HANA certification offered by SAP. That would help you to get a job, cause certification would be a proof of your proficiency.

  • Hi Nayantara,

    Yes, certification is a good idea, also there is a concept newly introduced S/4 HANA Finance, you might look forward to it .


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