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Comparing dates in diffrent rows
  • Hello guys,

    I need your help in HANA SAP. I'm trying to compare dates in different rows, like:

    ID   |     NAME     |   DATE          |   STEP
    132            |      TEST     |  01.01.2001  | CREATED
    132            |      TEST     |  05.01.2001  | SOLVED
    154   | Other      |  06.01.2001  | CREATED
    175            |      Card      |  08.01.2001  | CREATED
    175            |      Card      |  09.01.2001  | SOLVED

    So my Problem is, I want to pick the row with the higher date in HANA SAP, but I dont know how I could do that. 
    First I have to compare the ID's and pick the ID's which are double or more and than pick the ID with the higher date.

    I would be grateful for your help.

    Best regards

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