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very important questiosn on SAPHANATUTORIAL basic
  • I just finished studying sap hana basic and i like it because, it is very very detailed. my questions are:

    How effective is the SAP HANA BASIC?
    Can i actually take it more then serious towards studying for my specialty which is SAP HANA ADMINISTRATOR,
    Can the basic tutoring help me towards my certification when getting ready for it, expecially the QUIZ 
    Is the SAP HANA BASIC reliable, in such a way that i can progress onto SAP HANA ADMINISTRATOR training once you post prepare me for the CERTIFICATION
    Is it necessary to enroll in a paid tutorial or this is well enough.

  • Hello,

    SAP HANA basic course offered by us is designed for newbies in SAP HANA , thus they could start with the fundamental aspects of HANA. Further, they have to pursue for a specific path like db administration, data modeling, IoT, big data processing etc etc to build a solid career.

    SAP HANA Administration i.e. being a db administrator is a wise decision, there is no doubt in that.
    It's on demand as companies are embracing SAP HANA.

    Whether you would need a paid training, that part we couldn't suggest, it depends upon personal choices.
    Some people like classroom coaching, some would like to prepare by themselves. The courses we are offering actually covering more than enough to start with , some are even quite advanced, there are some professionals go through our website tutorials day by day and practice those , and ask questions to us while find difficulties.

    For certification, there is a need of focused courses which exactly cover the syllabus, currently we don't have any, but we are planning to launch certification focused online courses. We have started to work on that.


  • Hi Paritosh

    Please kindly explain to be how to download SAP on my computer and or which computer and specification is  required. I have finished the sap basic but i  still need to download and i want to start with administration part 1. Do i need to study the modelling. I am only interested in the administration. After studying for these tutorials on your website. can i go for the certification?

  • Hello,

    I guess you mean to say SAP HANA, SAP is the company name which offers so many solutions, SAP ERP is considered the best one in industry. But, we are discussing about another solution SAP HANA which is a database (in-memory) which already you might have known after covering the basic course.

    SAP HANA requires special hardware, it can't be downloaded on generic PCs. Browse the following url to know more.

    You may register for HANA Cloud trial access where you could practice. Go through the following url for more info.

    We would recommend to go through all the articles explained in the cloud article series starting from the following url.  


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