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Accessing tables from ECC (HANA Suite) to HANA Studio?
  • Hi, 
    i am having a ECC (HANA suite) and need to access the tables from ECC to HANA Studio for modelling and developing information views.

    Kindly suggest how to do it, or is there is any link or supporting document, then it will be very beneficial.

  • Hi Vaibhav,
    HANA Studio can be used to directly connect to a HANA system. In your case, although it is a ECC system, you should be able to connect the underlying HANA system to HANA studio. You just need the host id and port number of the HANA system.

    In case you are planning to create CDS view, you may have to install the Eclipse plugin from https://tools.hana.ondemand.com/#abap.

    Please let us know more about the use case and what you are actually trying to do.


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