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  • Dear Admin

    I would like to buy a laptop for SAP career, and training as well.
    please suggest which is technically best.

  • Hi Naveen,

    I've been shopping for a new notebook for a while.  I'm not an expert but I've worked with lots of different computers over many years so i do know some things.

    There's really no single answer to this one. It all depends on your budget and what you mean by "SAP Career".  If you're learning SAP setup and configuration you don't need much hardware.  If you're wanting to learn Hana development using the new Hana Express virtual machine, you'll want as much processor, memory and screen real estate as you can afford.

    My background is in software development so I can speak to that aspect.  If you need to test your applications on all three of the client platforms, Apple, Linux & Windows, you'll want a Macbook.  It's the only one that gives you direct access to all three. You can run OS X natively and run Linux & Windows in virtual machines.

    The main problem I have with Apple right now is the limited maximum memory on the new Macbook Pro.  It currently maxes out at 16gb.  The four year old Macbook I'm typing this message on has 16gb.  You'd think they would have a bigger option by now.  They're also over priced. Still, I think Apple has the best hardware and support on the market right now.

    If you're just developing Hana applications and don't need to test it on OSX, the Dell XPS computers are very popular.  I haven't used one myself but lots of developers give them their highest ratings.  They're a little cheaper and have a lot more options on memory and screens.  This is probably the computer I'll personally purchase to replace my Macbook.

    Lenovo  computers are another popular option.  They're considered a "business class" machine.  That means they're pretty solidly made but with very plane styling.  Very utilitarian.

    In the budget category you've got the Acer (I'd avoid) and ASUS (I've had good experiences).  

    You'll have to do your own research for what's important to you.  Google is your friend here.  There are lots of reviews for any computer that looks interesting.

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