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Search/Filter on Hana oData Service
  • I am trying to implement a search/filter capability using a Hana oData service. The service was created in Hana Studio (xsodata file), and registered on SAP GW. I can successfully get the data rows returned, and have a simple two page app build using a table list and an object page with sections (associations, navigations, etc). The data queries are build using calculation views against a virtual table imported from MSSQL.

    I have tried using both a Smart Filter Bar as well as a standard Search field invoking the FilterOperator library. I can see the request being sent back to the server, but I am either getting a 500 error, or the search/filter effectively returns nothing. 

    I assume I need to do something on the oData side. In the calculation view, you can implement 'Input Parameters' I have tried doing this, though I am not seeing any results, and am not sure how to even test this. Can anyone suggest a method or post an example of what they used to get filter/search working using this setup?



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