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SAP HANA Column Views export from _SYS_BIC
  • Hi, I created model views in SAP HANA modeller in my dev environment. After activation, I exported the column views from _SYS_BIC schema and imported this into my prod environment. The calculation views do not get listed in _SYS_REPO.ACTIVE_OBJECT table. But If I export the package from the modeller and import it in my prod environment after activation it appears in the _SYS_REPO.ACTIVE_OBJECT table. How do I activate the column views when exporting column views from _SYS_BIC? Is there a way to activate them?
  • Hi Revathy,
    You should not export content from _SYS_BIC schema and import into another system. The column view in _SYS_BIC is automatically created whenever you activate a calculation view. 
    But this does not work other way around. I mean if you import column view in _SYS_BIC schema, calculation view will not be created properly. Its because there are other system tables also related with calculation view which you have missed.

    Ideally, you should export the calculation view using either delivery unit or Developer mode and then import that in target system. Refer to the following article

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