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How can I expose employee master data from SAP HR/HCM
  • I'm shortly to start on an integration project that will require organisational data (line reporting etc) and starter/leaver events etc. We utilise SAP HCM, but I have no experience of SAP (BizTalk/.NET developer), and I'm still attempting to find the right people to talk to in our organisation about how to interface with SAP.

    Sadly (for our organisation anyway!), Stack Overflow is normally quicker :)

    So, really I'm looking for an answer to the following;

    1. Does SAP HCM expose master employee data "out of the box" via web services. If not, does it require much to expose this on the SAP side?
    2. If data is exposed, is it via a pull only model? ie, can SAP be configured to push events?
    3. This may be naive, but does a trial version of the SAP stack exist to allow me to explore the options?

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received. I know in the past the organisation has had to engage SAP consultants for integration work like this, but (in my naive world I guess) this seems a reasonably simple integration problem?

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