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  • Whats up all,

    Some months ago, I realize that some calculations view just stop to bring the correct results.

    After a lot of analyses, I found the problem:

    If I don't propagate to semantics some fields that are table keys, for example, at calculation view NF_DOCUMENTO_ITEM_IMPOSTO, we have NUM_ITEM as a table key. When I don't propagate it to semantics, the result of some fields of values that have more than one Item, are bringing wrong.
    When I propagate, the values are correct.

    But my problem is: My final result don't must have the NUM_ITEM. Even I check the field Hidden at semantics, the NUM_ITEM goes to an archive.

    Before, I don't know when we didn't have this problem.

    Could someone help me?

    I just wanna know if some change has done in some version of HANA.

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