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Internet of Things for Architects
  • IoT has been the most significant technological development in the last 10 years and is believed to usher in the third industrial revolution, impacting global economies significantly. An architectural guide is essential for anyone wanting to carve a future in the world of IoT.




    Internet of Things for Architects expansively captures the IoT world in all its complexity and enigma, guiding you at every step as you traverse the spectrum of technologies needed to build successful IoT systems, whether it’s a single device or a million devices.

    Written by Perry Lea, the hands-on guide combines theory and application to IoT, covering the entire architectural stack of components and engineering domains, from sensors and power analysis to data analytics and deep learning. Perry Lea is a distinguished technologist and chief architect with over 25 years of experience in the IT domain. He has 8 patents to his name and 40 patents pending.

    So, if you are an architect, a system designer, a technologist, or a technology manager who wants to understand the IoT ecosphere, various technologies and tradeoffs, Internet of Things for Architects is definitely for you.

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