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Want to start my career in SAP HANA as a fresher
  • Hai,
    I completed b tech(electrical) in 2013.I want to learn sap hana.Can any one suggest me how will be the career opportunities in hana as a fresher?

  • Hello Deepthi,

    Welcome to The Forum.

    SAP HANA is one of the most demanding technology across the globe.
    And, the technology has no prerequisite for learning.

    Thanks for contacting.

    Have a great day!!! :)
  • Hai,
    How will be the job opportunities for freshers? Do I need any experience to get job in hana?Please guide me.
  • Hi Deepthi,
    As a fresher also you can get lot of opportunities in HANA. But offcourse you will have to gain knowledge in atleast one of the core topic of HANA. I will suggest you to complete the HANA Basic Course first and then go for HANA Advanced Modeling.

    After the completion of these 2 courses you can easily go for HANA Development roles.

    Good Luck!!
  • Hi, I am working in a security domain. I am interested in reporting and did SAP BI 7.0 in a small institute but I couldnt find any fresher openings. So I decided to go for certification in ATOS or Genovate. When I enquired, the peoples said that I can go SAP HANA as SAP BI is facing out. Is that true. If I do BI certification whether it will be of waste..? Also I think the openings are also less for HANA when compare to SAP BI in India. So please advise on this. Whether I need to go for SAP BI or SAP HANA ? Based on your inputs I will decide it accordingly.

  • Hi Rajesh,
    SAP BI Tools are not completing facing out. But yes, I feel learning only BI Tools would not be good enough to get a good job.

    Along with BI Tools knowledge you can also learn HANA. The combination will increase your chances of getting good job.

    Good luck!!
  • Hi Team,
    I am working as an SAP ABAP Technical consultant from last 3yrs. Now I want to change my path towards HANA. I am so confused which one I need to take.SAP HANA Modeling or SAP HANA Development.I don't want to stick with ABAP any more so I have chosen Modeling, but some of my colleagues were told me to go for Development,Some of them saying go for Modeling.Could you please give me some suggestion to choose right one.

    1.Which one is the best in the present market Modeling or Development.? 

    2.If I learn SAP HANA,how can I approach for a job and how to show my previous 3yrs of ABAP exp ? 

    3.I have seen lot of job portals. I didn't find any modeling jobs here,but I have seen BW HANA or BI HANA openings a lot. Is it worth to learn BW HANA or BI HANA rather than going for Modeling or Dev..?? 

    Thanks in Advance.
    Please provide all the answers so it may help me to get right track.
  • Hi,

    I worked as java developer for 3 years now iam planning to change my platform to SAP.But iam in a confusion as to opt which module.i got to know that HANA would be better and there are good oppurtunities.Now my important query is that

    1) should we need to learn SAP BI before learning HANA
    2) can i change my work experience on java to SAP.
    3) as i have nill knowledge on this which module would be better to opt.

    awaiting for your responses...ASAP,please it would be a great help to me to start my career in this platform

  • Hi admin,

    I Have done my B-Tech in civil and worked for 3 years as a civil engineer. Presently I am not working. I want to learn HANA and start my career again. Please guide me.

    thanks in advance.
  • Hi Archana, as you mentioned that you worked as a civil engineer for 3 years. After moving to hana you have to build up your mind that why you are moving to IT and you should be having strong reasons for that.
    You will be considered as a fresher in Hana. Just go with any reputed institute for Hana and build your basics first. They will suggest you what options you can opt for.
  • Hello Archana, 

    In which company have you worked? 
    Do you have any programming knowledge?

  • Hello All,
     I am new to the SAP career, but have a MSSQL Database Admin background. I also did a course on SAP BW about 7 years ago but never worked with it. Now i am looking to take up SAP Hana ( Administration and Development). I have been reading on it, but havent found any material that completely takes me through from novice to professional, including hands on practise exercises and server access. So i was wondering if you could help refer me to any good resources you know on training myself to becoming a full fledged HAna consultant. Would really appreciate your prompt response. Thanks
  • Hello,

    Welcome to The Forum.

    You may start with SAP HANA basic course offered by us.

    But, we don't offer any classroom or face-to-face training.
    We are planning to launch training videos to explain in a better way.

  • Hi Admin

    Thanks for this wonderful site and putting together so much of information around SAP HANA training courses, FAQ's, training material and so on

    I am a DBA in Oracle and have more than 7 years of experience as a core Oracle Database Administrator in production environment, I want to persue my carrier in SAP HANA Administration - can you advise what certifications do I need to take up? Also how would be the job market for SAP HANA administrators?

    Ideally I want to get into SAP HANA Installation, Administration and Maintenance that also includes security, users and roles, performance and tuning

    Please advise

  • Hello, 

    C_HANATEC151 would be perfect for you, it covers the aspects like monitoring, security, backup & recovery, system architecture, installation and migration etc. 

    System Administrator is a well demanding job role. Because, companies are migrating to SAP HANA database, specially those who are already using  SAP ERP. As a result, they would need DB Administrators. 

    You might browse our job sections where we are displaying recent jobs for Indian cities and other countries like USA, Germany etc.

  • Hi Admin,

    I am a sales and Marketing professional with more than 11 years of experience. i want to shift my career to SAP HANA but have no understanding as in how to start. can i make a career in SAP HANA as a Functional consultant ? please help me with the direction and kind of certification i should do.

    Thanks Much
  • Hello, 

    Start with the basics course offered by us....

    Also, you may go through the article where we have addressed how to start learning and where to start ..

    After knowing the fundamental aspects you might decide whether you would choose DB Administration or Data Modeling or IoT or Big Data processing, Just would like inform that SAP HANA is not like any of SAP functional modules, it's a database and have become more than a database, it's an in-memory platform.

    You may browse our certification section, if you want to be DB administrator choose C_HANATEC151, if you would like to pursue Data Modeling role then go for C_HANAIMP151 , there are more roles , you would be able to understand better when you explore further.

  • I am working as Web development & eCommerce Manager from past 12 years. Now I want to change my path towards HANA. I am so confused that which one I need to take, SAP HANA Modeling or SAP HANA Development or SAP HANA Admin. Some of my colleagues were told me to go for Development and Some of them suggested to go for Modeling. Could you please give me your valuable suggestion to choose right and suggest on the following points.

    1.Which one is the best in the present market Modeling or Development.? 

    2.If I learn SAP HANA,how can I approach for a job, as i'll be treated as fresher and how i'll manage my 12 years of exp ? 

    Thank you in Advance
  • Hello, 

    Actually, lots of directions are emerging from SAP HANA, just not Data Modeling or DB Admin, there is another concept SAP FIORI, it's user experience designing where HTML5, Javascript like web programming languages are used. SAP FIORI is used to design responsive role based UX for apps on SAP HANA, it might interest you.

    The job role is quite on demand, you also might need to excel some fundamentals aspects of SAP HANA along with it. In our opinion, this might be best fit for you in our opinion.

    Now coming to the point, which path is the best, as we mentioned these directions are quite new and still expanding, all of them are well demanding, so just choose one and learn it well. 

    Whether your previous experiences would be accounted or not , that actually depends on the recruiter. 
    But, so far, what we have observed,if you serve technical roles then you might be considered as a fresher in SAP HANA. 

  • Dear Admin,

    Thank you for you reply and the information. I actually do not want to go in coding or logical development area. so which SAP area should i go for, where it will less of coding and more of administration and management, and also good from future career point of view and in demand.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hello, 

    DB administration is one of them where we think coding would be less, although SQL Script is there to code. But, it would be comparatively less. To pursue for DB admin roles, we always suggest to get the C_HANATEC151 certification. 

    Business Analyst roles also exist for SAP HANA, but a professional need to have an excellent overall knowledge to reach there and an project implementation experience.  

  • Hi,
    I am working as a Functional Tester for more than 10 years. I have good knowledge in writing SQL queries but have NOT done programming and not in a position to code now.So, I dont have knowledge in concepts like Stored Procedures, Cursors & Triggers ie, hardcore programming. 
    1. Can I have a career in SAP HANA without the programming areas like Stored Procedures, Cursors & Triggers. 
    2. Also, let me know in what roles and areas, I will be suitable have a career in HANA like for example,
    a. SAP HANA Administrator
    b. SAP HANA CONSULTANT (Excluding development) etc.
    3. Also, please suggest me others codeless SAP modules those that suits me.

    Thanks and Regards,
  • Hello, 

    You might pursue for SAP HANA Administration job roles. It might interest you. This role has quite a demand in job market.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your reply. Please let me know the below options would be suitable as well.

    1. How about HANA Data Modelling? Does it involve coding logic directly or indirectly?
    2. How about Reporting in HANA? Does it involve Front end Programming code? 
    3. Let me know if any other area in HANA would suit me?

    T Venkatesh
  • Hi Venktaesh,

    Yes, Sometimes they have a major requirement of coding. 

    There are other areas , but we would suggest if you are a fresher in SAP HANA, you might know the fundamentals first, then you could decide which way is the best for you.


  • hi,
      can Anyone tell me Which Language Used In Hana for abaper- SQl , oops ,ABap.
     And Also i WAnt TO Know What is the Role of Abaper in Hana Migration.......
  • Hi,

    I have completed Graduate in BCA and PG in MBA in marketing with 3years experience in sales and marketing. interested for sap course, kindly suggest me on sap HANA course to join and any opportunity to join for job after completion this course.

  • Hello B.S. Patil, 

    You could start with the basic course where we have provided information on fundamental concepts and overviews. 

  • Hello,
             I am pursing a post graduation in MSC(computer science). and it can completed after 3 months. I have interested to learn SAP HANA can i learn at home and get good job?.....  
  • Hello, 

    Yes, anybody can learn SAP HANA, it doesn't have any prerequisite.

    If you are a fresher in SAP HANA, you may follow the url mentioned below to know about "Where to start ?" , "How to start? ", "Is it well demanding?", "Can I learn SAP HANA?" and find the courses offered at free of cost. 

    We always recommend to start with the SAP HANA basic course which covers the fundamental concepts and overview.
    The course could be access by browsing the following url. It's open to all, just browse through it.

    To know about SAP HANA Jobs you may browse our job section.

  • Hello ,
              I am working as EDI developer. i am working to SAP indirectly.i use minimal SAP in my work.
    i am planning to switch the job. i had interest in ABAP and HANA and learnt quite a bit stuffs.
    I have 3yrs exp. in EDI domain. I have some business knowledge regarding SAP transactions. 
    So with what way i may be eligible for HANA / ABAP jobs. How can i project my skills to the recruiters.
    What way i can follow to get a job in HANA/ABAP. 

    With regards
  • Hello
    I have an expertise in datasbase management system, Would like to study HANA
    I  usually do my job from my  own office. 
    Is it possible to do the same in HANA. like working remotely from my office

  • SAP Hana course is very much in demand.

    Yes, a fresher can learn SAP HANA but at the getting opportunity will be the little bit challenging.

    You should too strong in SAP HANA with SQL & Analytics as well.

    I would love to share best books

    SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Guide: C_HANAIMP_13 (Second Edition) (SAP PRESS)
    SAP HANA: An Introduction
    Implementing SAP HANA
    SAP HANA Certification Guide: Application Associate Exam

    Resources :-


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