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Hadoop and Java – The Most In-demand Skill in IT

In the article Prerequisite for Learning Hadoop, We explained in details about the prerequisites and career road-map of Hadoop.

However, there is one topic which needs special attention - Hadoop and Java.

Hadoop and Java Tutorials and Jobs

Hadoop and Java have a very close relation and this sometimes confuses people too. If you too have questions like:
  • Shall I switch My Career from Java to Hadoop?
  • Is Java mandatory for learning Hadoop?
  • How much Java knowledge is required for Hadoop?
  • I have no knowledge of Java. Can I learn Hadoop and get a job or shall I need to learn Java first?
  • I have basic knowledge of Java. Can I start learning Hadoop or do I need to learn advanced Java first?
  • I am an expert in Java. Will Hadoop give me extra benefit in my career?

Then this article is for you only.

Shall I Switch My Career from Java to Hadoop?

"Hadoop is one of the top 10 job trends right now.”

IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have all incorporated Hadoop last year. Other companies like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Hortonworks, Facebook are also looking for Hadoop professionals.
Companies are now not finding enough IT pros with certain skills, including Hadoop MapReduce. That spells high pay.

The bottom line - 'Intelligent technologists should pick up Hadoop very quickly.

Why Java Professionals should learn Hadoop?

Let's discuss different reasons why Java professionals should learn Hadoop.

It’s easier for a Java professional to switch to Hadoop:
Hadoop is entirely written in Java, so it is but natural that Java professionals will find it easier to learn Hadoop. Java developers are at an advantageous position in today’s market.

Although, developers can use streaming to write the map and reduce functions in their choice of languages, some advanced features of Hadoop are at present available only via Java API.

A Java professional, having learnt Hadoop will find it easier to dig deeper into the Hadoop codes and he would be in a better position to understand the functionality of a particular module and this is where Java professionals gain an edge over other professionals.

Come out of Java crowd and get a better Job:
There is no dearth of developers who know Java but then they are just a face in the crowd. A Java professional who learns Hadoop specializes himself to take on the challenges thrown up by Big Data. Learning Hadoop coupled with Big Data Analytics will make you stand out from the crowd.

Businesses around the world are not using Hadoop because they want to. They have to shift to Hadoop as it makes the perfect business sense, and they keep hunting for Java developers that are skilled with Hadoop.

If you are a java developer, then it’s highly recommended that you learn Hadoop. The market is hot with jobs in Big Data and Hadoop.

Get a better and lucrative package:
“Java Hadoop” combination is the most sought after professional skill in the IT industry

Besides accelerated career graph Java professionals who learn Hadoop can look forward to better packages than other technologies.
So if Java professionals learn Hadoop, then they will become more valuable to their current organizations and their combined skills of Java with Hadoop will make them more marketable.
Start learning Hadoop with our Free, Online, and Self-paced course – Hadoop Basics.

Is Java mandatory for learning Hadoop?

Knowing Java is no doubt an added advantage, but Java is not strictly a prerequisite for working with Hadoop.
Tools like Hive and Pig that are built on top of Hadoop offer their own high-level languages for working with data on your cluster. If you want to write your own MapReduce code, you can do so in any language (e.g. Perl, Python, Ruby, C, etc.) that supports reading from standard input and writing to standard output with Hadoop Streaming.

Also, there are high level abstractions provided by Apache frameworks like Pig and Hive for which familiarity of Java is not required. Pig can be programmed in Pig Latin and Hive can be programmed using HiveQL. Both of these programs will be automatically converted to MapReduce programs in Java.

If you Java is not so good, you may want to spend a few hours with your Java for Dummies book before you even begin looking at Hadoop. Let me Google that for you.

Hadoop projects come with a lot of different roles like Architect, Developer, Tester, Linux/Network/Hardware Administrator and some of which require explicit knowledge of Java and some don't.
Our suggestion is if you are genuinely interested in Hadoop then deep dive into Hadoop technologies irrespective of knowledge about Java.
While you don't necessarily need to know Java to get started, you'll need to learn it before you could be considered an expert with Hadoop.

How much Java knowledge is required for Hadoop?

This really depends on what tasks you are doing in Hadoop and how complex the business logic is.
A Hadoop developer is responsible for the actual coding/programming of Hadoop applications. One component of Hadoop is MapReduce in which you need to write Java programs - so if you have basic knowledge of Java its sufficient - even if you don't have java knowledge but know any other programming language you can quickly catch up.
It is desirable that you have basic idea on:
Note: Don’t underrate the online tutorials from Oracle on Java. There are quite good compared to other inline tutorials.

If you are really willing to learn Hadoop and get a better job, don't hesitate. Learning Java is very easy. Even if you are a novice in Java, start learning Hadoop. Meanwhile you can spend few extra hours in strengthen your Java knowledge.

 We are providing series of Free, Online, Self-paced courses for Hadoop. Start learning Hadoop with the first course – Hadoop Basics.

If you still have any doubt or question, put a comment or contact us. Good Luck!!

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47 thoughts on “Hadoop and Java Tutorial, Jobs and Prerequisites

  1. mahesh says:

    Being a 2 year experienced person and having good knowledge on java working in MNC if I switch to hadoop can I get more package or at least equaal to that what do m getting here
    Please provide ur suggestions
    Thank you

  2. Venu Madhav says:

    HI i m Venu Madhav i learning Hadoop course right now how wil be openings in Hadoop .

    • Admin says:

      Hi Venu,
      There are plenty of opening of hadoops. The job trends are indicating this will even increase in future. Good luck!!

  3. Vikash Atri says:

    hi, I am persuing my MCA nd have good knowledge in programming also basic in java . Should i learn Hadoop will it make me able to get higher package job at campus placement.

  4. sri sakethram says:

    Hi Admin,

    I understand Java and Hadoop are together, does Hadoop can be continued to learn after c#(.net)?

    And can you please let me know where is the best place to start learning Hadoop?

    Kindly let me know. Thank you!

  5. vikas says:

    Hi Admin,
    I know core java..Is core java is sufficient to learn Hadoop and how much salary will i get for a fresher by learning Hadoop

    • Admin says:

      Hi Vikas,
      Yes, Core Java knowledge is sufficient to start learning Hadoop.

      Regarding the salary part, its difficult to say how much you will get. It depends on many factor like which company, which role you are joining. But one thing is for sure that the trend of Hadoop is quite high and you will be more likely get a better offer than any other technology.


    I have just completed MCA 2014, NOW I AM LEARNING HADOOP At training institute, so am I get job after training as I am fresher? Please let me know by email, thanks a lot.

  7. Debasis Mondal says:


  8. Gopala Krishna says:

    Good information. All companies are talking about Big-Data and Hadoop.

  9. arun says:

    i waas working as medical transcription proffessional. later i started my own business after few years i left business joinned as network and suystem administrator hav 3 years of experience and noe wanted to take up hadoop and make carrier is it possible that after i get certify will i get a chance to work in IT industry as hadoop proffesional?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Arun,
      Although IT companies prefer to take candidates with experience, you still have a good chance. Having a Hadoop certification will definitely help you to get a job in Hadoop.


  10. Har says:

    Hi, I am good in Java/J2EE technologies and have basic work exp on RDBMS/SQL and not currently working on DBMS. I am planning to learn Hadoop. Will having basic SQL help me more or advanced SQL knowledge will help me more????

    • Admin says:

      Hi Har,
      Good Java/J2EE and basic SQL knowledge is enough for you to start learning Hadoop.


  11. smash says:

    I am BE fresher 2014,can i learn hadoop ???can i get da job after dat ???im confused

  12. nilesh says:

    Iam doing my job in android developing in pune, will i get more chance in hadoop or which module would i need to more concentrate ,n what is the status of hadoop in IT market.
    Thanx in advance

    • Admin says:

      Hi Nilesh,
      Hadoop is the hot cake today in IT market. You can start with Hadoop basics and then based on your interest you can move to more advanced topics like MapReduce, Yarn etc…


  13. saurbh says:


    i m currently working as a php developer in last 2 yr. i learn this technology self can you suggest this path is good for me or i can move forward to this php profile. my priority is money.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Saurabh,
      Hadoop is no doubt a hot cake today. It has many job opportunities. However, PHP and Hadoop is not a very demanding combination. You can start learning Hadoop and Java. This will definitely help you to achieve your goal.

  14. prasad says:

    I’m not having any knowledge on Java i’m with total different filed in my profession, as my friends suggestion planning to do Hadoop to change my Job profile, can you help me from where i need to start and where i can get best coaching which can help and learn for my carrier aspects.


  15. Nikhil Bhavsar says:

    I have just complete my BE (2015). I was done my BE project in Hadoop Scheduling so I want to make my career in hadoop. As i am fresher so what shoud i do now ?
    someone say’s that in hadoop opening is only for experience person so as i am fresher so can i get job in hadoop? plz give me direction what i can do? i m so confuse now…..

    • Admin says:

      Hi Nikhil,
      In IT it is difficult to get a job as a fresher. But this is true for all technology. Plus you can easily overcome this with good knowledge and certification/project experience.
      Do not get demotivated. Hadoop market is huge and with proper preparation you still have good chance.


  16. Rohan says:

    I am from Testing background with NO knowledge of JAVA (or any programming language). However, i am good with SQL queries. Since Hadoop is a booming technology, i want to learn it so as to see myself growing in this IT industry. Please suggest, if i can start learning it or do i need to take up any course as a pre-requisite before taking up the course on Hadoop.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Rohan,
      As we explained above, you can start learning Hadoop with your current skill. Meanwhile you may give sometime to learn Java basics.


  17. Shubham says:

    Sir I’m 2013 pass out… Still a fresher.. I have a good knowledge of Java.. Can I learn Hadoop.? Will I get a job after that..i know 2 year gap is very bad in it industry.. I had some family problems.. . Please help

    • Admin says:

      Hi Subham,
      In IT it is difficult to get a job as a fresher. But do not get demotivated.
      Hadoop market is huge and with proper preparation you have good chance. Try to get a certification or project experience.
      Good luck!!

  18. Utkal kumar Behera says:

    Hi Admin,
    I am studying hadoop through vedio tutorialtutorial.but have no practicle means i am fresher in hadoop.i have 2 yr experience in java.can i get job in hadoop with this experience in me..advance thanks.

  19. any programmers , dba’s ,databases developers easily go hadoop bigdata developement

  20. Madhur Mathad says:

    Hi admin,

    First of all, this is a very nice article. Liked it. Good information for starter’s.

    Secondly, I have done Big data and Hadoop course which includes basics of Pig, Hive,Flume and few other topic’s from a training institution last year. Though the training fees was bit expensive, I tried to take it any way so that I can make hadoop as my career. I tried to apply in many mnc as well as in start up companies but they demand experience of atleast 1 year. So I am now working in a mnc as a network engineer, keenly want to again IT experience.

    My question to you is, since I have learnt the basics(though I need to brush up the topics rite from scratch), could you please help me in which topic I need to stress on and could you please help me in providing the job assistance, as I am interested mainly in Hadoop.

    Looking for your valuable feedback.

    Thanks in advance.

  21. ameya says:

    Hi admin,
    i am a mainframe professional (developer)with 5+ yrs exp now… i know that mainframe is counting its last now.. want to shift to another technology… i hav learnt informatica … needless to say i m clueless bout java and hadoop.should i go for hadoop ? and if so could you please guide me , wat do i need to have get started… ? thanks in advance

  22. Amol says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am from arts background, Is it mandatory to have technical qualification ( BE , B tech ) to learn Java and Hadoop

    Please assist.

  23. shashikanth says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am from B.Sc(Computer science ) background, I don’t know any programming languages and I heard that Hadoop will give better oppourtunity in IT industry, moreover I am working in MNC in to BPO sector, I want to shift to IT, will this Hadoop give me better future .kindly suggest me .

  24. Sathtya says:

    I have 7+ years experience in VB6, VBA, VB.Net, Vb script. I am passionate about big data now; would hadoop be the good choice? will my vb experience has chance to come handy in this?


  25. Krishna G says:

    What topic usually we should know in Java to master Hadoop? any links to the Java sites examples would be great help

    • Admin says:


      Thanks for contacting, the aspects of Hive,Pig,Mapreduce which we already covered in the online course offered by us.

      You can browse through the course, and feel free to ask questions while facing an issue.

      Now, coming to the java learning website, there is a huge number of websites where Java is taught.
      But, if you want to start from the scratch, let us browse for you, we would reach you with the information of websites where you could learn Java as a beginner.


  26. آموزش جاوا says:

    Thanks for sharing these nice articles.

  27. Kiron Nandakumar says:

    Hi All,

    I am a non technical person specialized in Project Managent. Since big data is a buzz in the IT industry and HADOOP is a magic word can i still learn and specialize in Hadoop for a better package.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Kiron,
      There are many job profiles in Hadoop/Big Data which are non-technical. Even for a non-technical person, there are good scope.


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