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How to Become An SAP HANA Consultant?

In the article Prerequisite to learn SAP HANA, we explained:
  •  What are the prerequisite to learn SAP HANA?
  •  How to start learning SAP HANA as a beginner?
  • Different roles and job profile in SAP HANA and their details
The major roles and profiles in SAP HANA are HANA Modeler, HANA Administrator, HANA Developer, HANA Consultant etc.
In this article we will focus on most important and most popular role in industry now-a-days – SAP HANA Consultant. We will explain:
  • How to become a SAP HANA Consultant?
  • What are main tasks and responsibilities of SAP HANA Consultant?
  • What are the HANA topics you should know to become SAP HANA Consultant?
  • What are the important certifications required for Consultant role?
  • How is the job market and expected salary for HANA Consultant?

How to become HANA Consultant

What are the main tasks and responsibilities of SAP HANA Consultant?

SAP HANA Consultant normally has below tasks and responsibilities:
  • HANA consultant is responsible for rolling out technical and functional knowledge to the team.
  • The consultant is supposed to lead the planning, design, implementation and support of SAP HANA based solutions.
  • A consultant also takes part in decisions on topics like Security, Performance, Installation, Product shipment etc.
  • An excellent verbal and written communication skill is required because HANA consultant also needs to interact with both business and technical stakeholders of company.

What is the minimum educational qualification required to become HANA Consultant?

In order to become a SAP HANA consultant, you need to have the minimum essential qualification.
Most of the companies ask either a university degree from recognized university or a bachelor's degree. Please note that this may vary from company to company and country to country.

What are the topics you should know to become SAP HANA Consultant?

First of all you must have knowledge of:

Although it’s not mandatory but knowledge in below topics will increase your chances of getting a better job.

Most importantly you must always keep yourself updated with latest features of SAP HANA.

Which are the Certifications you need to take to become an HANA Consultant?

Getting a SAP Certification is not mandatory, but it is recommended to get certified. Especially if you don't have any experience in that field, getting certified makes you better suitable than having no experience.
To know more about HANA certifications, read All about SAP HANA Certifications.

How is the job market and expected salary for HANA Consultant?

To know about this topic, please read SAP HANA Jobs and Salary.

If you have any further question on this topic, please leave a comment.

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8 thoughts on “How to become HANA Consultant

  1. Anas says:

    Hi everyone,

    thanks for this really helpful article, I had a question regarding the same topic :
    how could a simple HANA Developer or modeler become a consultant? and how much time does it take on average?

    thanks in advance for your answer

    • Admin says:

      Hi Anas,
      As a developer you will have the knowledge of development tasks. However consultants are supposed to have end-to-end information of HANA products. They also need basic knowledge of security, performance, integration etc.
      The time required to gain these knowledge depends on many factors and vary person to person 🙂
      However, 2-3 month should be enough to upgrade yourself from Developer to Consultant. After that you may target a certification which will give you extra edge.


  2. Hi,

    I am certified on SAP HANA (C_HANAIMP141) and want to know which would be the best option to put forward, is it as a Developer or as a Consultant, I see that for consultant even BI knowledge related to Logistics, Process Chains, ETL, Module specific knowledge such as SD, FI & MM are requested from a single consultant.

    And also how much time does it take to get knowledge on these.

    Mahaveer Jain

  3. sahana says:

    i completed my SAP HANA MODELING course and i am a fresher, i only have the knowledge about hana modeling. Is that enough to apply for the hana related jobs.

  4. Ramesh says:

    Hi I am interested in learning SAP Hana but I have little knowledge of programming. I have some idea of RDBMS. Do you think it will be a worthwhile exercise to attempt learning SAP Hana? Thanks

  5. Mahesh says:

    Hi There,
    Just the information I was looking for. Thanks for the detailed instructions. I haven’t used it yet but I guess the time has come.

    My question is basically the out come of the hash partitioning test with an integer column. I have raised a question on the hash function: how it generate hash number on an integer column. We want to override hash function according to our need so that it will suit out business need. Is there any way we can override the hash function?
    Kind Regards,

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