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How to work with HANA PAL Library

In previous articles we explained
In this article, we will learn how to call a PAL procedure in HANA. We will explain in brief how easily we can create a PAL procedure and run it.

Note: In this article we will only explain theoretically how PAL works. Later on in next articles, you will get more hands-on.

Steps required to run a PAL Algorithm

To use PAL algorithm, you must do the following:
  1. Generate a procedure that wraps the PAL function
  2. Call the procedure, for example, from a SQLScript procedure.

1. Generate a PAL Procedure

In this step, we need to do following things
how to call a PAL procedure in HANA
Identify an INPUT table:
Identify the input table which contains the source data.

Identify an OUTPUT table:
This table will be used to save PAL result. The type of INPUT and OUTPUT table must be same.

Populate a PARAMETER table:
PAL functions use parameter tables to transfer parameter values. Each PAL function has its own parameter table. To avoid a conflict of table names when several users call PAL functions at the same time, the parameter table must be created as a local temporary column table, so that each parameter table has its own unique scope per session.

The table structure is as follows:

Column Name
Data Type
Parameter name
Integer parameter value
Double parameter value
String parameter value

Each row contains only one parameter value, either integer, double or string.

Generate PAL Procedure:
Any user granted with the AFLPM_CREATOR_ERASER_EXECUTE role can generate a procedure for a specific PAL function. The syntax is shown below:
how to call a PAL procedure in HANA

2. Call PAL Procedure

After generating a PAL procedure, any user that has the AFL__SYS_AFL_AFLPAL_EXECUTE or AFL__SYS_AFL_AFLPAL_EXECUTE_WITH_GRANT_OPTION role can call the procedure, using the syntax below.
how to call a PAL procedure in HANA

Any Doubt?

how to call a PAL procedure in HANA
If you could not understand the concept clearly, this is perfectly ok.
The idea of this article was to give you an overview of the PAL work flow. In next articles, while doing a hands-on, things will be much more clear.

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