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Hadoop Overview

Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop: Part-2

What are the prerequisite to learn Hadoop?

There is no strict prerequisite to start learning Hadoop.
However, if you want to become an expert in Hadoop and make an excellent career, you should have at least basic knowledge of Java and Linux.

Don't have any idea on Java and Linux? - No worries, you still can start learning Hadoop. The best way would be parallelly spend few hours on learning java and Linux too.
We will explain the Java/Linux aspect in more details in next paragraphs.

Is Java required to learn Hadoop?

Knowing Java is an added advantage, but Java is not strictly a prerequisite for working with Hadoop.
Let us deep dive on these 2 scenarios.

Why Java is not strictly a prerequisite:
Tools like Hive and Pig that are built on top of Hadoop offer their own high-level languages for working with data on your cluster. If you want to write your own MapReduce code, you can do so in any language (e.g. Perl, Python, Ruby, C, etc.) that supports reading from standard input and writing to standard output with Hadoop Streaming.

Also, there are high level abstractions provided by Apache frameworks like Pig and Hive for which familiarity of Java is not required. Pig can be programmed in Pig Latin and Hive can be programmed using HiveQL. Both of these programs will be automatically converted to MapReduce programs in Java.

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15 thoughts on “Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop – Hadoop Training

  1. yuvraj says:


    I am mainframe professional with over 4 years of experience. Can i learn hadoop ? i am not good enough in java.

    • Admin says:

      Yes. You can learn Hadoop. But as I mentioned in the article Java would help you to get a better position in Hadoop market.

  2. subash says:

    i am dot net professional with 5 yrs. is it easy to learn hadoop.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Subash,

      Even if you are from dot net framework , you can start learning Hadoop. It totally depends on your interest. There are so many options available like for example Hive language is SQL Type which offers you writing programs in sql like format. Similarly, Hadoop itself is written in Java, it thus accepts Java code natively for Mappers and Reducers.But Hadoop also comes with two adapter layers which allow code written in other languages to be used in MapReduce programs. Other languages like bash, python, perl, C++ etc.


  3. nadaf says:

    Hi team,
    Im software testing professional with zero knowlwdge of coding.Can I learn hadoop??Is coding knowledge very impt for hadoop

    • Admin says:

      Hi Nadaf,
      There are many job profile in Hadoop. If you choose for testing, administration then you do not need coding.

  4. supriya says:

    I am working as test enginneer .so i want to learn hadoop testing.where to start my learning process .what are the skills required for learning hadoop testing .please reply me as early as possible

  5. virat says:

    Hii Admin,

    Currently currently i am working on mainframe technology(as400). My question is how hadoop admin work is different from hadoop developer?? Is there any difference in both of theirs salary??

  6. Krishna says:

    Hi Admin,

    I’m currently working in .net with around 10 years of experience. Can I switch to Hadoop now ?

  7. jaswanth says:

    My name jaswanth my degree completed in 2011 after I worked in marketing field only I don’t have any knowledge in software but I want learn big data hadoop can I get jobs

  8. Amir says:

    Hi Admin,
    How can a working professional in different IT field switch to hadoop just by getting trained without any experience. Please suggest.

    • Admin says:


      Yes , you can, it’s well demanding, worth pursuing.


      • Raj Ramas says:

        Hello I am a data center operator what are the prerequisites for learning hadoop I work 3rd shift with a dod clearance I want better opportunities?

  9. pranit says:

    Great and very informative post!
    Thanks for providing such a great insights for those who want to start learning hadoop!Many candidates having question like is java necessary to learn hadoop?You have shared a great answer here for that.
    Hadoop is written in Java so knowing Java definitely helps learn Hadoop but it does not mean that anyone who does not know Java cannot learn hadoop. If you have knowledge of some basic object oriented programming concepts like classes, inheritance, exception handling, multi-threading, arrays, etc then it is easy to get started with learning hadoop.

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