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This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to Hadoop Lovers.

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Hadoop Overview

Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop: Part-5

From where should I start Learning Hadoop?

We are providing series of online courses for Hadoop. The very first course in this series is Hadoop Basic Course .

You can also find lots of SAP HANA learning materials at this site. Just go to the Hadoop section.
Note: We will come up with more topics on Hadoop in future. If you want a particular topic to be included please leave a comment

If any of your questions is still not answered, feel free to contact us or leave a comment. We will try our best to guide you in SAP HANA journey.

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28 thoughts on “Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop – Hadoop Training

  1. very good site for hadoop

  2. G MURALI says:

    i have completed bsc , i want to learn hadoop but i dont know java and c+ , please could you clarify my doubts

  3. Rudra says:

    I have completed my diploma in IT and pursuing degree in d same field. I wish to go for dis certification language.
    So can I learn it.. Or is there any criteria for learning it and would like to know is what is the exact time span required to complete it..

    • Admin says:

      Hi Rudra,
      Which certification/course are you talking about?
      Prerequisites to learn Hadoop is mentioned above. Could you please clear your questions.

  4. wow…i got all my doubts cleared once i clicked and read from this site. Anyone seeking for aspects on Hadoop can simply refer to this link. Its great for beginners. Thanks

  5. Amol says:


    I am planning to take Hadoop course. Although I have 12 years of experience in Oracle Apps I am interested in Hadoop. I do not have any background of Java. Will I be able to cope up with the stream of Hadoop? Also while searching for a job will my prior experience get counted?

  6. Quaish Abuzer says:

    It’s really good walk through for hadoop.
    Can you share some material/views on hadoop without Java?
    Could you please give one end to end small scenario example with hive and pings(without Java one)?
    Many thanks for article too.

  7. Raghu says:


    I am a BASIS consultant, I would like to take HADOOP course. How is the scope for a BASIS consultant in HADOOP?

    Can you suggest how to get into HADOOP technology. I have knowledge on UNIX flavors and almost forgot JAVA :).

    Waiting for reply… Thanks!

  8. vinay says:

    Hello I want to make my career in hadoop but I have only 1yr experience in manual testing. Please suggest me I can move to hadoop or not as I have only 1yr experience.
    Second thing I am not good in programming but I have good knowledge of SQL.

    • Admin says:


      Yes, you can, you need to learn Hadoop aspects well. Java would be an important factor in learning Hadoop.


  9. ravi says:

    I am in confusion.i complete my b tech in electrical.i want to do software course that is java,php,or Hadoop which is better to me in future.please suggest me thanks in advs.’

    • Admin says:


      Start learning JAVA, it would help you to learn Hadoop faster.
      Hadoop is well demanding, you may pursue for it.


  10. Prithvi says:

    Hi I wanted to know how much value does a course for masters in big data has over a certificate course for the same online

  11. Ankit Dungarwal says:

    Is having knowledge of Java,Linux,sql good enough to start with Hadoop? or any other technology would be required to learn this technology more fast and in a easy manner?

  12. chanchal says:

    i dont know java… i want to learn hadoop by using python language… can i do this………

  13. Ashish Kumar says:

    Hi Team,

    If I want to go for only Hadoop Administration, then also are the same pre-requisites as mentioned above. If not then what’s the requirement for the same.

    Note : I have around 10 years experience with Remote Support and Techincal Process Training and 1 Year in EMC Avamar Backup Administration. Can I go for Hadoop Admin.

    Thanks and regards,

  14. Hadoop Training says:

    Thank you very much ! You have cleared out the difference between them.

  15. maheshchemmala says:

    thank you for your valuable information.

  16. Vicky says:

    Hi, Your post is good. Its so useful for me about Hadoop.Thank you for your post.
    Hadoop Training in Chennai

  17. Hadoop Training in Hyderabad says:

    Thank you very much ! You have cleared out the difference between them.

  18. Vicky says:

    Hi, Your post is good. Its so useful for me about Hadoop.Thank you for your post.

  19. Hadoop Corporate Training says:

    thanks for sharing information and nice article……….

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