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Hadoop Overview

Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop

Do you want to learn and make your career in Hadoop but don't know from where to start?
Do you have questions like:
    • How is the career growth in Hadoop?
    • What are the prerequisite to learn Hadoop?
    • Is Java required to learn Hadoop?
    • I have knowledge of Linux. Do I get any extra benefit while learning Hadoop?
    • I know C/C++, what are the best ways for me to learn Hadoop?
    • What is the importance of SQL knowledge in Hadoop?
    • Where can I get a sandbox system to learn and practice Hadoop?
    • From where should I start learning Hadoop?
Do you feel like this? prerequisite to learn SAP HANA Then this article is for you. Continue reading and you will get all the answers regarding Hadoop.

Career growth in Hadoop:

"Hadoop is one of the top 10 job trends right now.

IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have all incorporated Hadoop last year. Other companies like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Hortonworks, Facebook are also looking for Hadoop professionals.
Companies are now not finding enough IT pros with certain skills, including Hadoop MapReduce. That spells high pay.

The bottom line - 'Intelligent technologists should pick up Hadoop very quickly.

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98 thoughts on “Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop – Hadoop Training

  1. Mayukh says:

    I have more the 2 years of experience in php(Frameworks) and OOP. Where should i start from to learn Hadoop? Please let me know ASAP.

  2. Harsh says:

    Is statistical know-how /expertise mandatory to work on Hadoop ?

  3. Ravan says:

    I am currently working on BODS , BW and little part of HANA and reporting tools like Qlikview.
    Is this a wise decision to move to Hadoop and does I should start from basic or my experience will help in learning Hadoop easily?.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ravan,
      Hadoop and HANA both are cutting-age technologies and has quite good career scope. Learning Hadoop will surely give lots of extra weight to you resume.
      We recommend you to first start with the Hadoop

  4. chandan says:

    I am Peoplesoft Techno functional Consultant having 8+ years experience. Does hadoop and peoplesoft integration can be happen.
    Is there any sucessfull implementation so far and how is the demand for this combination skills professional in US market.

  5. siid says:

    Hey i am doing my masters in Computer sciences in US . But , the fact is I don’t know any technology perfectly .. I just have an idea about the big data and hadoop (just an idea .., nothing else ) I really want to concentrate and build my career in this background. Just gimme an idea where to start , what to search, how much time it gonna take etc etc …

    • Admin says:

      Hi Siid,
      You may start with the Hadoop basic Course course first. This is a self-paced, online course. You don’t need much prerequisite for this course.

      Once you gain the basic knowledge, Please refer to the article sections for more advanced topics. We will soon publish more course on Hadoop.

  6. Amar says:

    I’m a Sales professional with 4+years of Sales experience. I’m interested in Hadoop. Can I learn? Will it help me in future jobs?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Amar,
      Learning hadoop will definitely help you to get a better job. I will recommend you to start with the basic course

      • zabar says:

        I am a MBA in finance with 4 years of work accounting.i dont have much knowledge of computers but i want to do hadoopand big it necessary for me to have a IT background to learn hadoop and big data to find a good career in this field.or hadoop can help me in finance field only?

        • Admin says:

          Hi Zabar,
          Even without IT background, you can learn Hadoop and try to get a job. Get a certification in Hadoop to increase your chance.
          But please note that being a non-technical person you will have to give extra effort to learn Hadoop. Good luck!!

  7. santosh says:


    I would like to learn and work on Hadoop, attended many demos in different institutes and still in confusion that how long this technology can servuey in market/ or will there be any other compitator for this? also how this open source is trusted for customers. i have almost 4+yrs in java/j2ee can i move to hadoop or not?
    please help me i want to change my organization for some salary concerns. Thanks in advance.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Santosh,
      Hadoop is already well demanding and has lots of job opportunities in data analysis sectors.
      Hadoop with BigData works great. And, lots of jobs are there for Hadoop Professionals across the globe.
      You can move to Hadoop with the prior knowledge of Java.
      Hadoop altogether is a concept which is delivered by so many companies as their product.
      It has a great future and already it’s well demanding.
      So, as a summary, you can opt for Hadoop without any doubt.
      Hope the reply would help you.

  8. Abishek says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have a career working in spring, sql n for the past three years,I feel like getting specialised in some specific area,

    latejst trend being hadoop,

    when I surfed felt that having good analytical skills could help to have good career in hadoop.

    Just wanna know whether, my career profile will it match with hadoop and say me whether I can go ahead n study a lot about it for next one year and will I b in a position to get into hadoop based industry

  9. manju says:

    Hi sir

    From past 3 years am working as manual test engineer. Now I wan switch to hadoop dev. Is it possible? Bcz testing background moving to bigdata dev,company people will trust to hire?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Manju,
      You are partially correct. Yes it is difficult to move from testing background to development. But considering the huge job market in Hadoop it is not very difficult. If you gain enough Hadoop knowledge things will be easy for you. Go ahead.its worth giving a try.

  10. Deepak says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have more than 6 years of IT experience in support function to be specific windows system administrator. I want to know the possible options for hadoop administration as I am from windows end.


    • Admin says:

      Yes, you can do, it will be boost your profile, already people started to learn Hadoop irrespective of coming from other technical backgrounds, it’s well demanding, start learning soon before peak of the trend would be low.

  11. Ravi says:

    From past 4 years am working as Software engineer in and SqlServer. Now I wan switch to hadoop. Is it possible? Bcz I have no Knowledge of Java and Linux?

  12. Viswanath says:


    I am a QA person with 8 tears experience, having basic knowledge in Java and Sql and have automation skills. i would like to move to HADOOP what do u suggest.

    Thanks & Regards

  13. manikanta says:

    Currently I am manual tester.I want to shift to big data .so where and how should I start

  14. Anmol Nijhawan says:

    Hello sir,
    I am a student . I have a knoledge of language c and c++ . There is a workshop for hadoop big data . Is it beneficial for me ? My languge knowledge is sufficient .please guide

    • Admin says:

      Hi Anmol,
      Offcourse. Hadoop job market is huge and you will more likely get a better job by learning hadoop than any other technology.

  15. Sunny says:

    Hello Admin,

    I am currently working as a Business Analyst. I do not have any kind of Programming language degree or knowledge. My excels skills are good (No VBA) and that’s the only tool I use at my work place. Now, I would like to stick with doing analysis and grow in the same field. I have been hearing a lot about Big data and its demand, can I pursue my career in this field without any programming language. If yes, do I need a degree from some institute or how can I get hand on experience with the same. Is learning through youtube is beneficial? I would appreciate if you can guide me. Thanks.

  16. Hi,
    I am working in Telecom sector as a system analyst. I am having 12 yrs of experience in telecom billing,unix,oracle.
    Now if i want to build career in Hadoop,bigdata , will it be a wise decision? from where should i start?


  17. Ram says:


    I have around 9 years of Testing experience. Changing to Hadoop is a right move ? Is there any special testing stream in hadoop If i am not able to development in hadoop?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ram,
      Like any other technology, Hadoop also includes a tester role. The path is open for you. Based on the interest you may go for developer or tester role.

  18. Ganu says:

    I have 8 years of experience in IT. And relevant exp in Java is 6 years. In these 6 years I have worked on Core Java, Jdbc, Jsp, Servlet, Html, Css, JavaScript, Sql server and having knowledge of Struts and Hibernate. Now am looking job but interviews are not clearing, getting difficulty to crack interview because not having good command in java and framework like struts and hibernate. So I am think to move in Hadoop technology. Please suggest Should I go? Will I get better opportunity in Hadoop? What package comapany will offering me.
    Thanks in Advance

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ganu,
      Considering the huge job opportunities of Hadoop, you will definitely get a better job if you have Hadoop in your resume. But it is difficult to say how much package company offers. The package offered by companies depends on many factors like “How critical is the requirement?”, “The job profile” etc.

  19. Anupam says:

    Hi Admin,
    First of all thanks for such a informative portal!

    I am a Hadoop learner working at USA. I know there are plenty of opportunities in hadoop without any doubt. The only problem I am facing is to get hands on experience. I mean writing few programs and working in actual production world is quite different you know. Also, I feel we learn things more if we make our hands dirty in code. Few ppl have suggested to do something on your own and upload in Github or somewhere to prove you have knowledge. But, how much that works?

    What do you think we have options to get hands on experience ? The issue is while you are at onsite/USA , employers never take chances to experiment with someone not having prior knowledge on the technology….


    • Admin says:

      Hello Anupam,

      There are plenty of options to get hands on experience.

      We would suggest you to start with Hadoop Basic course, which will make you familiar with Hadoop Basics, together with writing your simple examples in Hadoop Sandbox system offered by Hortonworks.
      At the end ofthe Hadoop Basic Course, there is one real world use case which covers analyzing unstructured files(data), loading data into HadoopHDFS and using Hive to aggregate the data and finally use it in business client to analyse the result from different perspective.
      We believe you can kickoff your Hadoop Journey, with the Hadoop Basic Course

      Best Regards

  20. Junaid says:

    Hi i am Engineer & Project mgmt professional having telecom project mgmt experience.No database knowledge & background.
    Where to start with to learn Hadoop…. Do i need to learn any language first?.


  21. Reshma says:

    I have around 8 yrs experience in software testing( manual) If I wish to change my field, would hadoop be abetter option??( hadoop development)

    • Admin says:

      Hi Reshma,
      Considering the huge requirement of Hadoop Developers now-a-days, you have a pretty good chance.
      But yes, changing career from testing to a developer would require effort and lots of learning. If you are open to learn new things, Hadoop is a pretty good option.

  22. Shantanu says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am working as a ETL developer last 2.5 years .I am intersted in hadoop .Can you please tell me where can i fit in hadoop?

  23. John says:

    I am 2 years experienced in Complience and Testing.I have fair knowledge in core Java and DB as well.Could you please suggest me what are the steps I need to follow to enter into the Hadoop development ?

  24. kumar says:

    Currently i’m working as a Mainframe Storage Admin since 3years.
    I would need your suggestion on moving to as a Hadoop devp ?

    • Admin says:

      Hello Kumar,

      No doubt your choice on moving Hadoop is really good. The cost and time which is involved in extracting data from mainframe-based applications has always become a point of concern. With Hadoop problems are solving now by finding more-effective ways to bring mainframe-hosted data and Hadoop-powered analysis closer together.

  25. siva says:

    Hi Admin,

    First of all Thanks for your wonderful information.

    i would like to learn Hadoop.But I’ve 3.5 years of experience in IT sector as Application deployment engineer on .net technologies and i don’t have any knowledge on java . So could you please tell me, is it possible to learn Hadoop and get a job in short span.?

    please give me your suggestion, In how many days will it take to complete the trainig and start the job trails?


  26. Gowtham says:

    Hi, I worked in SAP for a year. I dont know programming. and im planning to learn big data. Can i learn Big data , Hadoop on my own online? If so what are the pre requisites.Please help.

  27. Pradeep says:


    I have 10+ years of experience in Mainframe development. I would like to switch my career to Hadoop. I would like to know the pre-requites to learn Hadoop. I heard that Java is mandatory pre-requisite. Is that correct ?


  28. Ch Santhosh says:

    I am working as a SQL Server developer from last four years, Will hadoop suits me and boost my opportunities ? The concern i have is i have no knowledge in JAVA and LINIX.
    Thanks in advance

    • Admin says:

      Hi Santhosh,
      Considering the huge market potential of Hadoop, it can open a new world of opportunity for you. There are many roles and profiles in Hadoop. Some of them requires Java and some Linux too.
      If you learn atleast the basic Java along with Hadoop, then it will be even better.


  29. Ratnesh says:

    Nice post! Apache Hadoop is a parallel distributed processing middleware technology which is applied across various industry verticals to perform Big Data analytics. Most data gathered by organizations are unstructured data. Hadoop-based applications are hence applied by organizations that need real-time analytics from data such as audio, video, email, machine-generated data from a multitude of sensors and data from external sources such as the Internet and social media. Hadoop-based applications are widely applied across business verticals with strong web-based business process for various customer related analysis such as clickstream analysis, marketing analytics, processing machine generated data, processing digital content and web text processing. More at

  30. Ravi Teja says:

    Hello Sir,

    From past 2 Years I am working as QA and I have good knowledge on Core Java ,SQL & Automation. I would like to move to Hadoop what do u suggest.


  31. Siva says:


    Im working as a Siebel Admin currently, where do you think I should start Hadoop? Will doing Hadoop Administration be the right start or do I have to go through the basics first & then the Admin part.


  32. RENU VIJAYAN says:


    Am a fresher with bachelors in computer science engineering. To start with is it advisable to learn hadoop to build a good career.


    • Admin says:

      Hi Renu,
      Yes, considering the huge market potential of Hadoop, it is a good idea to learn it and be ahead of others.


  33. zabar says:

    I am a MBA in finance with 4 years of work accounting.i dont have much knowledge of computers but i want to do hadoopand big it necessary for me to have a IT background to learn hadoop and big data to find a good career in this field.or hadoop can help me in finance field only?

  34. Dinesh says:

    HI Admin,

    I have been working as oracle application technical consultant past 10 years. Can i move to Hadoop now. If yes how can i relate my previous experience to hadoop.


  35. Gaurav kohli says:


    I have 5 years of experience in testing(manual & Automation(Selenium Webdriver). Now I am looking for some other technology which is in demand and can take my career to different height. I do have basic idea of core java along with SQL Queries. Please provide input where to start from and also is it possible a tester to move to this new field.


  36. Mannu says:

    Dear Admin,
    I have 8+ years of experience,initially for 4+ years I worked as mainframe developer using PL1 coding language. After that for 2+ years I worked as Test and business Analyst, then I learnt Informatica powercentre and now working on Informatica since 9 months. I have very little or basic knowledge of SQL. I am now planning to learn Hadoop Bigdata. I have no knowledge of Java but after reading your pre requisite have gained quite confidence that without having knowledge of Java I can still learn Hadoop. Can you please guide me in this regard.


  37. Arpita says:

    Hi Admin, I have 2 years exp in Manual testing and 3 years in support. I am intersted in Hadoop. Can you tell me what concepts i should be knowing before I start of with learning hadoop?

  38. Rambabu says:

    Hi Admin, I am working as System Administrator in government sector office for the past 8 years. There was no growth for me. Can I survive in learning and job of hadoop. Since I am having very little knowledge in database

    • Admin says:

      Hi Rambabu,
      Yes. Hadoop is not all about database. You can learn and give it a try. Plus learning other parallel technology like Java will also help.

  39. Kumar says:

    I am having 10+ years of experience in Oracle Apps Technical Development and strong SQL and PL/SQL skills, is it wise decision to learn Hadoop and move towards Hadoop related work.
    Please suggest what best suits for me.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Kumar,
      Considering your expertise, Hadoop will definitely be an add-on in your resume. Hadoop has huge market potential. Go ahead.

  40. Nishanth says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have been working as an application support Analyst since two years(technology- DB2 and Unix). I decided to learn something new and zeroed in on Hadoop. I do have knowledge on Java( Just need a brush up though). I will be joining a training institue soon for BigData – Hadoop and Python. Will it be benefecial for me? is it a good choice ?


  41. mayank says:

    I am currently working as release manager having 2 years of experience in managing the production release and patches. Can i do learn Hadoop, will it be beneficial for my career perspective. I have basic knowledge of core Java and Linux Ubuntu. please suggest. do i need to attain training or self study can help.

  42. mrinmoy Laha says:

    Hi Admin,
    I have 11 + years experience in oracle database and SQL and PL/SQL development and I have done OCP certification, i know bit of unix, linux. But i dont have any knowedge of language like Java.

    Can you please advice is it a right decision to learn Bigdata and hadoop ? with out knowing java is there any such scope like database development + big data+ hadoop job scope is there?

    Please advice and I dont want to learn Java parallely as my job demands more time in office I cant give this amount time.

    Please advice.

    Is there any vendor certification for bigdata and hadoop ?


  43. Sarath says:

    Hi Team,

    Currently I have more that 5 Years of Experience on System Engineer worked on Unix/Solaris, Windows, VMware Cloud and Open Stack and experience on SQL Server. Is that I can be capable/suitable to learn and Hadoop Admin and to change my platform to survive, Please suggest me on this so I can take a decision to move forward. Many Thanks in Advance..

  44. Radhi says:


    I am 2 years experienced and i as working in an ERP.
    Could you please suggest whether i can lern Hadoop.

  45. Radhi says:

    Can you also suggest whether companies will accept me as iam 2 years experience with minimum knowledge

  46. Madhavi Sunkara says:


    I have 9+ years of experience in mainframe technology. I am now planning to move to Big data hadoop. What do you suggest? Is it a relevant technology for a person from the mainframe background. Also, i just have very little knowledge about java from the academics. Would it be easy for a mainframer to learn java?

    Please suggest.


  47. John says:

    Information which you provided on Hadoop Online Training is so impressive

  48. santosh says:

    Hi there,

    I am from non-IT background. Is it a good sign to make career in Hadoop . I have pursued Hadoop but not sure how challenging situation it would be to build a carrer in this emerging career path (Hadoop) to get a job .

  49. prasad says:

    Hi I had M.SC (Mathametic) degree and worked as a Maths lecturer 5 yers. I want to move to IT field. Can i start to lean Hadoop now and try for jobs.I did not have any IT job experience. Please let me know your suggestion.

  50. rahul Jain says:

    I know core java and sql and have experience in manual testing and in sql as well.
    Now question is that how much benefit I will get if I learn Hadoop. I don’t know Advance java but know core java.

    • Admin says:


      Hadoop is well demanding and it’s expanding, it has lots of areas to focus, how much benefit you would get that solely depends upon your learning.
      There is no doubt that it is one of the next big things . And, as you have the knowledge of java programming, it would boost your learning.


  51. Prem Kalyan says:

    Hi Admin,

    since 5 years I am working as a Citrix Administator I just want to change my domain because of this 24/7 shifts and I know basics of Core JAVA So how much time will I consume to learn Hadoop and one important thing is on going forward I want to add this experience has hadoop Experience If I get through for next organization as hadoop developer will I be able to manage and run the show. please advise me on this. Thank You.


    • Admin says:


      If you put sincere effort 10hrs/Week , you would have pretty much idea on Hadoop in three months.
      Although, this just an assumption , it varies from people to people.


  52. vinay says:

    Dear Admin,
    I have one year experience in release management (Build & Release Engineer). I want to switch to big data hadoop but I am confused as I have experience in release engineer so in future, Is this be difficult to move to hadoop because right now my role is just to centralised build the software and release to testing team that’s it. Please admin suggest me what should I do because I really want to make my career in hadoop.


  53. Mahith says:

    Hi Admin,
    I am good at sql and i just now started my career as Test engineer(manual testing), i wish to switch my career to Big data Hadoop but i know only very basic of java.kindly suggest me what should I do because I really want to make my career in hadoop.


  54. abdul says:

    hello admin,

    im a fresher. i hardly know about core java is it good to start hadoop now and what would be the future for hadoop developer.

  55. tarak says:

    I am software developer,currently working in a CRM (Siebel admin as a role).Can we learn HADOOP? Is there any challenges ? what are the opportunists after this?is it really helpful for me?

  56. Lakshit says:

    My question is that
    I have completed my MCA in 2015 but I did not do job in it line I do courier business. But now I want to re-enter join to IT sector. So I want to do Hadoop admin Hadoop is good for me to growing​ my future in IT sector….
    Please give me suggestions what i have do

    • Admin says:

      Hi Lakshit,
      In general Hadoop is definitely a good option for career. But that also depends on your interests n expertise. In case you have good programming skill (specially in Java), you may consider Hadoop development aspect. Otherwise Hadoop Administration is also good and have fair job opportunities. Good luck!

  57. Nihar says:

    Great Post
    Thanks a lot it helped me a lot
    I am also going to share it to my friends and over my social media.

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