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SAP HANA Overview
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Reporting in HANA
SAP HANA Text analysis

Prerequisite to learn SAP HANA

Do you want to learn and make your career in SAP HANA but don't know from where to start?
Do you have questions like:
  • What are the prerequisite to learn SAP HANA?
  • Is ABAP required to learn SAP HANA?
  • I don't know SAP BW, SAP BO, SAP BI. Can I learn and make career in SAP HANA?
  • Can people with varied background (JAVA, PHP, .NET, JavaScript, HTML etc.) and no prior SAP knowledge be able to succeed in SAP HANA?
  • From where to start learning SAP HANA?
  • How to get access to cost effective SAP HANA Server, SAP HANA Studio and other client tools?
  • What are the SAP HANA certifications and how does it help in boosting my career?
  • If I want to make a career in SAP HANA what is the roadmap?

Do you feel like this?
prerequisite hana
Then this article is for you. Continue reading and all your questions will be answered.

Note 1: If you have similar doubts in SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori, please read Prerequisite for SAPUI5 and Fiori - Career Scope and Future Growth

Note 2: To know how to book SAP Certification in India, Cost and Eligibility, refer to the article SAP Certifications in India - Prerequisites, Eligibility and Cost

Career Growth in SAP HANA:
If you want to ensure your career growth then your best bet is SAP HANA. SAP has positioned HANA as the database as well as the platform on which all applications will run in the future. This migration is already starting to happen. Also HANA is extremely sell-able to clients looking to invest in IT as it is both the now and the future.

The career in HANA is quite enriching and would go a long way.

“SAP HANA has become the fastest growing software product in the world.”

To know more, check the article Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose SAP HANA

Let’s take a look into the SAP HANA from a beginner's point of view and get some answers.

What are the prerequisite to learn SAP HANA?

At its core, SAP HANA is like a relational database. You should know Database Concepts and should have basic knowledge of SQL before starting SAP HANA.

You can find plenty of materials on web on database concepts and SQL. Or let me Google that for you. :)

Is ABAP required to learn SAP HANA?
The knowledge of ABAP may help in understanding the Business logic implementation. It is an advantage, but not mandatory.

However if you are already an experienced ABAP programmer and thinking: “Whether ABAPer time has come to an end?” Then also you should not worry.
There is a new ABAP - Which is SMARTER, LIGHTER and FASTER" - and at the bottom sits SAP HANA powering ABAP silently without any disruption. This is what we call "ABAP FOR SAP HANA".

Learning SAP HANA together with ABAP will give a new boost to your career.

I don't know SAP BW, SAP BO, SAP BI. Can I learn and make career in SAP HANA?
Let’s check it one by one.
SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW):
Knowing BW helps you in understanding Modeling concepts and when you want DXC to transfer data from SAP Business Suite System to HANA.
But even if you don't have the knowledge of BW, you can easily learn HANA Modeling concepts. BW knowledge is a must if you are going to work on BW on HANA.
SAP BusinessObjects (BO):
BO or Business Objects is the Front end Reporting tool set from SAP.
If you have knowledge of BO then reporting on HANA would be a piece of cake for you. But even if you don't have knowledge of BO, when you start learning HANA Concepts on Reporting you will be easily able learn BO concepts.

You might want to gain the understanding of different reporting tools in BO (Explorer, WebI etc). There are many step by step guides that can help you to learn these tools.

BI or SAP BI is the Data Warehousing package implementation tool from SAP. The realization of Data Warehousing Concepts in SAP BI will help understand the implementation aspects from BW on HANA perspective. Again unless you are planning to work on BW on HANA, you don't necessarily have to learn SAP BI.
Can people with varied background (JAVA, PHP, .NET, JavaScript, HTML etc.) and no prior SAP knowledge be able to succeed in SAP HANA?

As we discussed earlier, prior knowledge of SAP is an advantage, but it is not must.
If you are from different technology background like JAVA, JavaScript, PHP etc you can still step into SAP HANA and upgrade your resume.

Java, PHP, Python, .NET works pretty well with SAP HANA

From where to start learning SAP HANA?
We are providing FREE Online Training courses.
Click here to open SAP HANA Online Training Courses: SAP HANA Online Training Courses

You can also find lots of SAP HANA learning materials at this site. Just go to the Learning material section of SAP HANA Tutorial. The contents are categorized in a nice and simple way.

Once you have gain knowledge in SAP HANA, you should also test your understanding by checking SAP HANA Interview Questions and Answers

Note: We will come up with more topics on SAP HANA. If you want a particular topic to be included please leave a comment.

How to get access to SAP HANA Server, SAP HANA Studio and other client tools?

To get free access to SAP HANA Server, check the article:
SAP HANA Server Access

SAP HANA Studio and Clients:
Check the article SAP HANA Studio Overview

What are the SAP HANA certifications and how does it help in boosting my career?
SAP offers 2 main certification paths.
1 path is for administration and operations and is considered more technical.
The 2nd path is for implementation and modeling.

To know more about them, check the article SAP HANA Certification

If I want to make a career in SAP HANA what is the roadmap?
SAP HANA Career Roadmap

If you want a career in HANA there are several areas you can specialize in such as:
The SAP HANA Modeling
In this role you will need SAP HANA modeling skills. SAP BW on HANA skills will also come in handy for you.
The SAP HANA Modeler learning roadmap also has an associate and professional certification that will boost your career.
The SAP HANA Application Development
In this role you will need the SAP HANA development skill. Based on the application types HANA XS or ABAP on HANA knowledge will also be helpful.
The SAP HANA Database Administration and Security
In this role you will be responsible for backup/recovery, performance, security and general administration on the SAP HANA database.
The SAP HANA Data Replication – SLT Replication, BODS and DXC
In this role you will be responsible for setting up replication, support data replication from different source to HANA systems.

This topic is not finished yet. We will come up with a more specific and time-line based roadmap.
Currently this a little difficult to outline the SAP HANA Career Roadmap as market trend is evolving and there will be several new areas which will be enlightened in future.

Click here to check SAP HANA Training Materials
SAP HANA Training Materials

Click here to open SAP HANA Online Training Courses
SAP HANA Online Training Courses

Click here to open SAP HANA Certifications
All about SAP HANA Certifications

If any of your question is still not answered, feel free to contact us or leave a comment. We will try our best to guide you in SAP HANA journey.

Support us by sharing this article.

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377 thoughts on “Prerequisites For Learning SAP HANA

  1. Anuj says:

    This looks like very interesting piece of information. I was always wondering if i could learn SAP HANA being someone who does not know anything about ABAP. It answers it well.

  2. Hi Author,

    I am from a complete Non-Technical background having experience in business management at a mid-management level for 14 years.
    I consulted many colleagues and SAP certified friends on learning SAP and everyone had their own version that was not encouraging at all.

    Finally, after spending a month on researching Blogs and websites and in understanding the Challenges and Opportunities, I decided to learn SAP HANA.

    It is definitely an investment and a Solid career path that i am carving for myself and this is not just to prove it others but I honestly want to learn SAP.

    I am very thankful to you for sharing so much of information at a basic level and as a Tutorial subject for beginners on this website.
    I could understand the entire concept of RDBMS and SQL to some extent without much difficulty and I am hoping to use this information practically into my HANA classes.

    Thank you very much,

    Bharath Kumar

    • Admin says:

      Hi Bharath,
      Your decision about choosing SAP HANA as a career path is no doubt good. SAP HANA has a brilliant future.
      Please keep providing your valuable feedback. If you face any issue feel free to contact us.

      SAP HANA Tutorial Team

      • Kaustubh Chikshe says:

        Hi Admin,
        I am Electronics and telecom Engineer and having 2 yrs experience in electrical industry.
        But now I want to learn Sap Hana, I don’t know about database system.
        Is it possible to me to do a career in SAP Hana?

    • kishore says:

      Hi, thanks for valuable information. Please suggest me as I am having 4+ years of sap Abap experience. How good to walk into hanaa. Actually are there any requirements going on for people with exp sap background and nil hanaa exp. How all recruitment will go on for a exp person like me.

      • Admin says:

        Hi Kishore,
        Currently there are requirements for both ABAP as well as HANA. But considering the market trend, it will be an excellent idea to learn HANA.
        SAP is slowly moving all the components to HANA and ERP, CRM etc are already done. Learning HANA will give you extra edge.

  3. Moin says:

    First of all thanks for such a great and neat information about SAP HANA.
    I am a Electronics Engineering graduate having almost 4.5 years of experience in server support profile. I want to make my career in SAP HANA. I have couple of questions if you can answer those..
    1. I have basic Database knowledge, Can I directly jump to HANA without any other knowledge.
    2. Will these online course are enough for SAP HANA or I have to go through books or some other tutorials.
    3. I think only theoretical knowledge wont be enough, How will I do practical or hand on?
    4. Very importantly will I get opportunity in SAP HANA after having experience in server support profile.

    Appreciate your help.

    Thanks and Regards..

    • Tushar says:

      yes Moin you will definately get opportunity in SAP HANA.But i would suggest to do a classroom training on SAP HANA.
      If you are from Mumbai then in thane there are SAP HANA classroom training provided.

  4. Admin says:

    Hi Moin,
    Thank you for the feedback. We at are trying to provide simple, easy-to-learn courses on SAP HANA.

    Let me answer your questions one by one.

    1. I have basic Database knowledge, Can I directly jump to HANA without any other knowledge.
    Ans – Yes, you can directly jump to HANA. A basic knowledge of database is more than enough to start. You may start with SAP HANA Basic course

    2. Will these online course are enough for SAP HANA or I have to go through books or some other tutorials.
    Ans – These online courses are as good as books. In fact here you also have opportunity to ask your questions and doubts to our SAP HANA experts. Join the SAP HANA Forum and get in touch with our experts.

    3. I think only theoretical knowledge wont be enough, How will I do practical or hand on?
    Ans – We have also provided exercises for all the topics in our courses. You can also sharp your knowledge by going thru Interview Questions and Quizzes.

    4. Very importantly will I get opportunity in SAP HANA after having experience in server support profile.
    Ans – SAP HANA is the new future. There are different job opportunities in HANA like Modeler, Administrator, System support etc. We will provide courses on all these topics soon.

    Regards, Team

  5. Varun Vasudevan says:

    Excellent article and very informative. I had a lot of doubts about SAP HANA and so do many of my friends. I will refer this page to all my friends who would like to get a clear idea on HANA. Thanks a ton!!

  6. Raj says:

    Hi Admin,
    Its a wonderful article to anyone ( SAP /Non- SAP / IT / Non – IT Students or Professionals )

    Kindly help me to explore, learn and deployment scenarios about SAP HANA Cloud and HANA one.
    Thanks in Advance


  7. Karthik says:

    I am a Instrumentation Technology engineer and I have just now graduated. I wanted to know the prerequisites for SAP. I am not from Computer science background. Will it be difficult for me to learn without computer science background?
    Thank you

  8. Venkat says:


    It is a very useful site. It answers most of my questions and there are lot of training materials. Thanks a lot.

    I have few questions. In the pre-requisite section, you have mentioned that BW/BI knowledge is not needed and it is only an added advantage if a person has experience on the same. I have 7 years of ABAP experience and no knowledge on BI. I am planning to learn Hana Modelling. In the career section for modelling, you have mentioned that HANA modelling coupled with “BW on HANA” is in high demand. Will there be opportunities for person like me having ABAP and HANA Modelling skills alone ( Without BI Knowlede) ?

    Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Venkat,
      Having a good ABAP knowledge is definitely an advantage.
      You can not only learn HANA modeling but can also learn “ABAP on HANA” and give a new boost to your career.

      As we also mentioned in the article-
      “There is a new ABAP – Which is SMARTER, LIGHTER and FASTER” – and at the bottom sits SAP HANA powering ABAP silently without any disruption. This is what we call “ABAP FOR SAP HANA”.
      Learning SAP HANA together with ABAP will give a new boost to your career.”

      There are many projects going on for ABAP code optimization to leverage the power of HANA. For such kind of projects companies are looking for people having knowledge of both HANA and ABAP.

      Regards, Team

      • anil kumar says:

        Wonderful answer and article sir.. i am also in the same situation and searching since some time to get the answer for this..

      • Sravya says:

        Hello ,

        I am an ABAPer with 8 years of experience,Want to learn ABAP for HANA .

        Can you please help me out with links.

        After a long time my of my questions are answered do to your site:).

        • Admin says:


          As you are ABAP expert, learning ABAP on HANA will be easy for you. I will suggest you that learn the HANA basic concepts first. And then based on your interest take the next step.


  9. Renu says:


    I have around 7 years of exp in mainframe technology.Can you please let me know if i can jump into Hana and get some good opportunities.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Renu,
      Do you have experience in Mainframe IMS or DB2? If yes, that means you are aware of basic database functionality. You can directly jump to learn HANA using our HANA Basic Course (

      In case you have no experience in DB2/IMS and do not have even the basic database knowledge. Then I would suggest you to spend few hours to learn basic database features. No need to go into deep details. Have a basic learning of database features like Table, Schema, View etc and then go for the HANA Basic Course.

      Good Luck!! Team

  10. Ganesh says:

    Tell me. How you can provide such a good training material Free? Its surprising to me… Very good work..thanks

  11. Muneer says:


    I have 8 years experience in software testing and have experience of only basic SQL. I have also good BI/BW knowledge.
    But I see that in many of the HANA job openings, advanced SQL is being asked like stored procedures, joins, etc.
    Can I make a career in SAP HANA on BW without using advanced SQL?
    Please clarify if advanced SQL is mandatory to work in HANA modeling job, as I want to go for HANA certification.


  12. Hi, sir I have seen your info on sap.. Especially on sap hana. The info you provided is very useful for any interested on sap. I am very much satisfied with your info. I wish I can get furthered info from you.I am very glad to say thanks for this info.we also provide online training on SAP HANA ADMINISTRATION ONLINE TRAINING .

  13. ASHISH says:

    Great content. I am hooked onto the site from morning.
    Eager to complete all the articles as early as I can.
    Congratulations for putting up the informative articles and kudos for keeping it free!
    Best wishes for future endeavors.
    Wondering if I could be of any help to you guys.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ashish,
      Thanks for the appreciating feedback.

      We are also providing a “Blog” section where users can write their own blog. You may add your HANA experience or HANA knowledge there. Team

  14. srinivas says:

    Hi admin,I recently completed my sap bi and searching for a job ,I have good knowledge on database can I jump to can I practice HANA

  15. swaroop kumar says:


    I have 8+ years of experience in sap BI/BW. In near future i want to expand my skillset through HANA. Please let me know how can i grow in my carrer by choosing HANA as my carrer with in 4 years.

    As per my knowledge, there are no much projects for HANA.

    Please clarify my doubts on this topic.


    • Admin says:

      Hi Swaroop,
      The current trend shows that future of HANA is quite enriching and good. Currently there are many projects going on in HANA. Many of them are related to BW on HANA too.
      We would recommend you to add HANA into your skill set and with the knowledge of BW plus HANA you can surely give a new boost in your career.


  16. rekha says:

    It is really very useful information.Thanks for sharing.
    Sap Training in Chennai

  17. sandeep says:

    Hi, I am a java developer having 4 years of experience. Could you please suggest whether HANA will be definitely a good career for me?

  18. dinesh says:

    I am mssql dba having 5 year experience.
    I want learn Hana.Please share more tips..

  19. Raju says:

    first of all thank you very much for providing such a wonderful free tutorial.
    I learned Sybase ASE recently, present i am trying for sybase dba job. Now I want to learn HANA administration. Please provide administration course.

  20. Neha says:


    I have done MCA & currently working in MNC in mainframe technology since 1.5 years. I got to know about SAP HANA from a senior, that HANA has good scope in near future. I am more interested in database since my graduation, but I could not make career in it & even in my career experience of 1.5 years in mainframe, I did not get chance to work in DB2 or IMS.

    So could you please suggest whether HANA will be good career for me, and even I want to know what is the duration & cost for HANA training & certification??


    • Admin says:

      Hi Neha,
      As you mentioned that you are interested in database since your graduation, I believe you have good knowledge on basic concept of database.
      It does not matter whether you worked on other database like DB2 or not. You can directly jump to learn HANA.
      Career in HANA is quite enriching. This is the future of all database.

      We are providing free online courses on HANA and certification information too. Please check the menu option on top of the page for more details info on that.


    This was really something, I had been looking for days. Too excited to view your other blogs on HANA.

  22. pavan says:


    i have 3 years of experience in SAP BASIS but i dont have any experience in migration concepts ,

    is it necessary to have knowledge on migration concept for learning SAP HANA migration concepts

    • Admin says:

      Hi Pavan,
      You should have basic concept of migration before starting. But why are you planning to restrict yourself only to HANA migration concept? You can also learn HANA modeling, administration etc altogether.

  23. viswa says:

    SAP HANA is the fastest growing technology in the world,Career in HANA is quite enriching and good for who have enthusiasm to learn about SAP and Career road map in SAP HANA has different perspective based on experience and knowledge.

  24. SANJEEV says:

    Please let me know about HANA Training

  25. Mithin says:

    First of all I would like to thank sap hana tutorial for sharing such great information about SAP HANA.

    could you guys throw some light on SAP HANA performance testing?

  26. bhargava says:

    Hi this is bhargava.I was learnt SAP BASIS.I want to learn HANA ADMIN related to basis.Can u guide me where from start to learn HANA ADMIN

  27. Naveen says:


    I have an experience in SAP FICO for 4 years. Will it be good for me to take up HANA as well. Or should I continue with FICO.

    I want to add more value to my resume. So, will working in HANA help add weight to my resume or COULD BE A DISTRACTION??

    • Admin says:

      Hi Naveen,
      All SAP modules are moving fast towards SAP HANA. Learning HANA will definitely be an advantage on top of your FICO knowledge. It will surely add more weight to your resume.
      Go ahead. Good luck!!

  28. anjali_B says:

    hi ,
    I am from a telecom background (3 years of experience), i have worked on various telecom nodes but i don’t see much growth here. i want to learn SAP HANA but i have no knowledge related to this field.
    should i go for this course. will it be beneficial. i have very faint knowledge of SQL, RDBMS , c, C++.
    pls guide me..

  29. Ajay says:


    I just complete my MBA (finance) and I am a commerce student, my brother said learn sap-hana,but I don’t have minimum knowledge about that but I know sap- fico.

    So plzzz tell me is good Hana for me,bcoz of non technical background people will get job in this or not.

  30. ab.manikantesh says:


    i have completed B.Sc-Statistics, MBA-HR, and i have 4yrs of exp in HR&Admin.
    i am interested to do SAP HANA FOR CLOUD Certification, but i don’t have any experience in SAP at the same time i don’t have the SQL and BW,BI skills.
    is that HANA for cloud is the better course for me or not as per my Education background.


    • Admin says:

      We will recommend you to learn it step by step. If you interested in SAP HANA For Cloud certification, you should first learn basic of HANA and then move to Cloud.
      Knowledge of SQL will be required a little bit. But that is not a constraint for you. You may parallely spend few hours and learn SQL too. Only a basic knowledge of SQL would be enough.

  31. sagar says:

    dear sir…
    i have completed in computer science and MBA in marketing but i m interested to learn SAP. i have basic knowledge of programming and Database. can i go for SAP ABAP or SAP HANA …please guide mi.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sagar,
      ABAP and HANA are now 2 main technology in SAP. Learning “ABAP on HANA” will be more effective than learning only ABAP. I will recommend you to learn SAP HANA. Further you may learn ABAP and “ABAP on HANA”.

      – Team

      • Santosh says:

        Hi Team,

        I’m an HR-ABAPer. Will ‘SAP HANA for ABAP’ have advantage for me. Please provide your valuable suggestions.


  32. sagar says:

    i have no exp. in programming. but i m interestedd in database. ..what educational eligibility for SAP HANA ?

  33. satish says:

    Hi Hana,

    I am looking for sql scripts & how to write an expression in INput Parameters…..
    How to get detail information regarding SQL script….

  34. Avinash says:

    Hi, I’m having having 2+ yrs of exp into SAP BASIS. I would like to move to SAP HANA, please do let me know if I can learn with out the knowledge on DBA.

  35. Hari says:

    Its good website for learning HANA.
    Keep post more content and materials all related to SAP HANA.
    It will be come good website like SAPTECHNICAL.COM.
    Please update this site content and provide more info related to hana.
    Especially ABAP for HANA.


  36. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    may i know if Ur providing BI with HANA any course material .

  37. Niladri says:

    Hi Admin,
    Is it possible to crack interviews without doing the certification on Hana? Or certification is must to get a job in Hana… Plz help me…

    • Admin says:

      Hi Niladri,
      Although the certifications give extra weight to your resume, it is not mandatory. You can still learn HANA and get a job without certifications.

  38. shashank says:


    The material that you have provided on this site is excellent. Is it sufficient for certification?


  39. Sreenivas says:

    Hi Author,

    Thanks for giving helpfull info.

    I have 3.6 yrs of experience as a MAINFRAMES Developer(cobol,jcl,vsam,cics,db2), I would like to move into different technology for better career growth.
    Could you please advice which technology is good for me?

    Iam thinking about HANA, please advice which module is good to start career in HANA with mainframes experience.

    Application Development?
    Database Administration?
    Data Replication?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sreenivas,
      The job profile in HANA are mainly in 2 areas.
      SAP HANA Development and SAP HANA Administration.

      SAP HANA Development – It is basically developer role where you will be responsible for developing modeling views, procedures, services etc. If you are interested in developer role, then it would be a good idea to check the course SAP HANA Advanced Modeling

      SAP HANA Administration – This is admin role you you will be responsible for HANA installation, support and maintenance. This job profile does not include development but rather support. Currently there are many companies looking for HANA administrator and you can easily grab a good opportunity. The course will help you for this.

      The decision should be based on your interest. If you are interested in development then go for SAP HANA Development. But if you are interested in HANA Operation, support and maintenance then go for SAP HANA Administration.

      One last piece of information that might affect your decision – currently job requirements are SAP HANA Administration are more. 🙂

  40. Raghavendra says:

    Thanks for providing details about SAP HANA.

  41. rstrainings says:

    Hi Admin,
    These post was really awesome because new beginners will learnt lot of information

  42. Suresh says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have a experience in SAP CRM Technical and I am planning to learn HANA and which role preferable to learn in HANA like Adminstration or Developer..

    Please suggest me.


  43. Ravish says:

    Hi Admin,
    I appreciate your time and effort taken to guide people to an upcoming field of SAP HANA. I am a B.Com graduate with Company Secretary Intermediate working for a nationalized bank in Mumbai in the clerical cadre. I am 30 and I would like to pursue a fresh career in SAP HANA. Are there any requisite qualifications required for pursuing the same. I only possess basic programming skills in C and C++. Does this field allow freelancing too so that I can initially pursue it with my current job to change over later. Please guide…

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ravish,
      SAP HANA has really good job market. Even free lancing is available and you can easily make a good career in this field.
      Don’t bother much about the prerequisites. You do not need much prerequisites. We will recommend you to start with the online course.

  44. Mohit says:


    I am new to SAP HANA, currently working in some other field. Can someone guide me through step by step process for learning SAP HANA.


  45. Jamal says:

    Hi there,

    I have 4 experience in SAS programming. I am looking to get into SAP HANA. Any thoughts and advise on from where should I start and so on would be very helpful in making a good decision.



    • Admin says:

      Hi Jamal,
      Learning HANA, as we have mentioned it so many times, can be very helpful for your career. We recommend you to start with the

      Further you can move to more advanced topics as per your interest.

  46. shashidher says:

    hi actually i have exp in marketing but i want to comein to it field so i can go for train sap hana db one of my frieng given suggest pls could you give a suggetion

  47. Kalyan says:

    Hi Team,

    As am working as Sql Developer more than 7 years, and experienced in MSBI Tools Like SSRS,SSIS.. as my own interest i learned SSAS also. Now i am learning the SAP HANA Through your site.. Really it is very useful for me.. easily understandable..
    Which one(SAP HANA or MSBI) will have Future. Please suggest me in this regard.

    Highly appreciate your suggestions


  48. Venkat L says:

    This is really very good site for all of us , to learn HANA.

  49. manjusha g says:

    Great information admin thanks for information.

  50. praveen says:

    Hi I have 2 yrs of expernce in java can I put my past experience on Hana

    • Admin says:

      Hi Praveen,
      Java and SAP HANA are quite different technologies. Although currently there are few projects going on where both the technologies are involved.
      Note that from Java, you can connect to HANA using JDBC and create applications. But learning wise they are totally different.

      But if you learn HANA, you can definitely give a new boost to your career.

      We will recommend to learn HANA Basic course

  51. Nitin Sharma says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am working as a Unix Admin having around 4.5 Years of work Experience on Linux and other Unix flavors. For career growth i am planning to go for SAP HANA.
    kindly guide whether it would be a good idea to learn SAP HANA with Unix.

    Also please advise how to start.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nitin Sharma.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Nitin,
      It is a good idea to learn HANA and give e reboot to your career.
      The Unix knowledge will be helpful if you are planning to learn course.
      We will recommend you to first learn the and then move to advanced courses like Administration.

  52. Prashant says:


    In this today world no matter we google it for anything but confusing and so many scattered results, In that here superbly explained everything in one page. I’m really exited to learn SAP HANA.

  53. Prashant says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am a System administrator(Windows and linux). For SAP HANA Administration what are the prerequisite & courses should i go with.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Prashant,
      There is not much prerequisite. You only need very basic idea of database.
      You may directly start learning the course. Click on the and start browsing.

      To know more about prerequisites and career roadmap, please refer to the article

  54. Anilkumar says:

    Dear Admin
    I working as ERP Developer (oracle 11g) and some customized ERP Software , i want to switch over to SAP HANA can u guide me

  55. Raghavendra says:


    I have an Msc Biochemistry degree and have around 2.5 yrs of work experience in the same, however I want to make a career in SAP HANA and focus on the bright opportunities later( both work wise and money wise), Can you please help me with the below:

    * Will my educational background be a problem to learn and while interviews etc
    * As I am from a non-tech back ground will it be a concern as I don’t have knowledge on any programming or ABAP etc
    * Job opportunities present in India ( Bangalore to be specific)
    Please do guide me through .

    • Admin says:

      Hello Raghavendra, It never would be a problem, SAP HANA is completely different from othr SAP products, it’s a database, it can be started without prior knowledge on other SAP products, you can start learning, by the way the technology has a very high demand in corporate. You may start learning by following the URL …

      The right side course index is open to all, just by clicking on the indexes you can access to the topics inside the course, the course is completely free.

  56. Raghavendra says:

    Thank you Admin, how are the opportunities for Freshers in HANA..

  57. Anu says:

    I am SAP Security and Authorization consultant having 4 yrs of experience and I want to make my career in SAP HANA can you please suggest what is the optimal way to move ahead?


  58. Mahi says:

    As Anu requested,any Help on SAP Security & Authorization for HANA,That will be get help many of the Security Consultants

  59. Prashanth says:

    Hi All,

    I am having 7yr of SAP BASIS experience, and I want to extend and get certified in HANA. Please suggest me which course and certification will helpful for me in future.
    And also which course, I need to take for doing certification in HANA Implementation.


  60. Prathap says:

    Hi , Admin

    Currently i am working as ios developer , and i am trying to learn SAP HANA ,
    Can i use my basic lap tap ‘DELL inspron’ , to use learn HANNA , If no suggest good one

    Thank you ,


    • Admin says:

      Hi Prathap,
      There are 2 things required for doing hands-on on SAP HANA. SAP HANA server and HANA Studio tool.
      HANA Studio is very light-weight and can be installed in any laptop.
      For HANA server, you can use trail account in SAP HANA Cloud. For this again laptop does not matter 🙂

      In short, you can learn HANA from any laptop or even tab devices.

  61. Pardeep says:


    I have 4+ years of years in SAS Analytics. I do have sound knowledge of SQL. Will it be good for me to learn HANA, if yes where I can learn.

  62. Ahemed says:

    Hi I’ve done BS in Computer Engineering and my background is Computer Networking and I also have done some Cisco Certifications (CCNP Certified) I am planning to start go for SAP. I heard about SAP HANA but i have to admit that I’m very week in programmjng side. So Can I be able to do SAP HANA kindly help me out.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ahemed,
      First of all you don’t need any programming experience to learn HANA. The basic knowledge in database is more than enough to start learning HANA.
      There are many role profiles in HANA which doesn’t need any programming. For example SAP HANA Administration, SAP HANA Consultant etc.

  63. Sri Ram says:

    Hi Admin,
    I’m having around 5 years of experience in Mainframe application development, planning to shift into SAP HANA. Please suggest me which is bright future in HANA Developer, Admin, Modeler. Also please suggest me what are the main areas to focus.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sri,
      All the roles in SAP HANA has quite good opportunities. But currently SAP HANA Administration is on the top list.
      Which area to select, depends on your interest. Below are a brief description.

      SAP HANA Development – It is basically developer role where you will be responsible for developing modeling views, procedures, services etc. If you are interested in developer role, then it would be a good idea to check the course SAP HANA Advanced Modeling –

      SAP HANA Administration – This is admin role you you will be responsible for HANA installation, support and maintenance. This job profile does not include development but rather support. Currently there are many companies looking for HANA administrator and you can easily grab a good opportunity. The course ( will help you for this.

      In any case, it is always a good idea to get the basic understanding of HANA first. For that you may start with the course:

  64. Sree hari says:

    Hi,Currently Im working in sap hana cloud integration(HCI) operations.And im planning to move onto sap hana,but im not having any idea about database concepts and all those things.Could you please let me know from where should I start learning hana.

  65. Jyothsna says:

    Hi i am not from computer background, but i want to learn SAPHana without knowing any module of SAP.
    Can i get a job only with SAPHANA without any SAP module?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Jyothsna,
      there are plenty of jobs in market which does not require knowledge of any other SAP modules.For example, SAP HANA Modeler, SAP HANA Administrator etc. These roles does not need much knowledge of SAP modules.
      You still have a good chance even without other SAP module knowledge.

  66. sandy says:

    I am having 8+ years in SAP ABAP. Currently working in SAP IS Utilites area. Will it be good to shift SAP HANA. If then which area. Development or administration.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sandy,
      SAP ABAP with HANA will definitely be look excellent in your resume.

      SAP HANA Development – It is basically developer role where you will be responsible for developing modeling views, procedures, services etc. If you are interested in developer role, then it would be a good idea to check the course SAP HANA Advanced Modeling(

      SAP HANA Administration – This is admin role you you will be responsible for HANA installation, support and maintenance. This job profile does not include development but rather support. Currently there are many companies looking for HANA administrator and you can easily grab a good opportunity. The course ( will help you for this.

      The decision should be based on your interest. If you are interested in development then go for SAP HANA Development. But if you are interested in HANA Operation, support and maintenance then go for SAP HANA Administration.

      One last piece of information that might affect your decision – currently job requirements are SAP HANA Administration are more

  67. Java says:

    Thanks for sharing such informative article on Java technology. It is most preferred technology among developers to create stunning mobile application fast and easy. It also created massive career opportunity for aspiring professionals.

  68. Manjuanth says:

    Hi,this is Manjunath currently working on front end development and also on SQL server i have good knowledge and experience in DBMS and i want to pursue my future in SAP HANA how my current knowledge and experience help me in SAP profile?Which module is better for my current profile?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Manjunath,
      Based on your prior experience you can choose any one of the below:
      SAP HANA Development – It is basically developer role where you will be responsible for developing modeling views, procedures, services etc. If you are interested in developer role, then it would be a good idea to check the course SAP HANA Basic:

      SAP HANA Administration – This is admin role you you will be responsible for HANA installation, support and maintenance. This job profile does not include development but rather support. Currently there are many companies looking for HANA administrator and you can easily grab a good opportunity. The course will help you for this.

      The decision should be based on your interest. If you are interested in development then go for SAP HANA Development. But if you are interested in HANA Operation, support and maintenance then go for SAP HANA Administration

  69. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Team,
    You have created fantastic learning hub here and specially for HANA. Your language is really easy/simple to understand.
    We are eagerly waiting for your up coming course “HANA Admin 2”. 🙂

    Vaibhav Patil

  70. Adi says:

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information..

  71. Praveen says:

    I am SAP MM/WM consultant with 10+ years in SAP field. But I don’t know SQL / ABAP programming . Can I learn HANA ?
    please guide.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Praveen,
      As I mentioned in many previous comments, there are many roles and profiles in HANA. For example, Developer, Administrator, Consultant etc.
      If you go for HANA Consultant role, then you do not need any SQL or programming knowledge.

  72. paresh pande says:

    Hi,this is Paresh currently working as a hadoop devepoper, i have good knowledge and experience sql and unix scripting i want to pursue my future in SAP HANA how my current knowledge and experience help me in SAP.

  73. Sharada Karry says:

    Dear all,

    I come from a Sales background and am a completely non technical person.I have been selling SAP ERP and other products for the last 6 years.Can anyone please suggest if HANA would suit me to take my career to the next different level or is there any other product of SAP that I should venture into.
    Thanking you and Awaiting response

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sharada,
      Almost all the SAP modules are now directly or indirectly connected with HANA. As a sales person you should atleast have the basic idea of HANA. Now a days customers are also looking for HANA products. Having HANA knowledge will definitely help you while dealing with customers.


  74. satvik says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have about 5years of eperience in to marketing and Business development. Now i wish to shift to IT sector, and thought to choose a module from SAP. I really dont have any knowledge of Programming..know a bit of sql and DB concepts. I am really confused to choose between HANA & ABAP…. Can you please help me out to choose the best one which aids me in my career. I am also planning for H1.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Satvik,
      As you are from a non technical background, SAP HANA consultant role may be good for you. As a consultant, you need not to do programming, however you would need to have good knowledge on HANA. ABAP is an programming knowledge, and as you said you dont have any programming knowledge, learning ABAP will be a little difficult for you.


  75. Ryan Jayson says:

    Hi I’m a Computer technician and right now I’m Handling SAP, but I don’t know anything about PHP, SQL or Data base concept. but I have a little knowledge about SAP and I want to learn more and get certificate. would that be possible ? can I still get SAP certification? without knowledge in programming?

  76. Tarun says:


    Myself Tarun and have experience in SAP SD and logistics for almost 7 years now .

    I hear a lot about HANA these days and its reporting tools and not exactly sure if I can fit into any one of areas of HANA.

    COuld you guide me what is the best path in HANA for me .


  77. Md.enamul hoque says:


    . I need some advise for SAP career, Please let me know when you have time

    I graduated from MBA (Marketing and Community economic developement). I work as a desktop support analyst for a very good company.

    I have over 5 years IT experience. Now, I am very interested to learn and start my career in SAP field.

    Please advise what module should i choose to learn? i do not like coding and programming

    Should i go for SAP BI/ SAP hana/ SAP Fico.? which techno functional module is better demand in the market?

    Please advise

  78. Roopa says:


    Thanks a lot for the article. I simply loved it, the way it is presented with all the valuable information in it. Thanks once again.

  79. Ranjan says:

    Hi Experts,
    I am an APAPer of 2 years of experience.
    I am confussed to choose HANA or functional of any module say(SD).
    My seniors are saying go for functional so that you can be techno-functional in few years.
    So, I need your help in this regard. Does the same type of configuration will be there in HANA or its new type.
    Thanks in advance,

  80. Syed says:


    As for any job, how do we handle the “SAP HANA or Database” experience requirement? Is there an alternative to actual work experience …such as certification or ‘live project’ or something that will be counted. In other words how do we get to the interview level…cracking is a different story.


    • Admin says:

      Hi Syed,
      There are many certifications available from SAP. Although certifications are not exactly equaivalent of experience, having ceritification in your resume will get you interview calls.
      You can also attend the HANA trainings like HA300, HA150 etc. These trainings also increase your chances of getting interview calls.


  81. raj says:

    hi am raj working as administrator since 4 years, now am looking for some break through technology and heard about HANA, now i went through your blog and found it very useful thank you for providing this information, now am wondering which module should i chose ? among these 4 modules in terms of job opportunities and scope in the market

  82. Sai kiran says:

    Hi SAP HANA team,
    I have a non-technical experience in non voice process…since from 2 years i tried for .Net technologies…i have learnt a lot more subject with .Net related technology (known that in .Net course C#,ASP.NET is not the only technologies we need to learn lot more technologies related to .Net…i am fed up with these programming languages and technologies…i think i am not suitable for programming languages…)so. as per SAP HANA i have one doubt…is this one is a programming language too or a coding language…????? if not, i would likely to learn SAP HANA if it does not contain a coding and is there again link courses to learn for this SAP HANA..??? what is the duration of this course..??

    Great answers are appreciated…!!!!

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sai,
      SAP HANA is a database as well as a complete platform to develop end to end application. There are many roles and job profiles possible in HANA. For example:
      HANA Modeler: This is mainly related with data modeling in HANA. There is no programming involved except few SQL Scipts.
      HANA Developer: This includes HANA Modeling as well as HANA XS development. HANA XS includes Javascript programming and OData/XSJS.
      HANA Administrator: This is more related with Administration, Support and installation/maintenance activities.

      Based on your interest, you may try for the the role HANA Modeler or Administrator.


  83. Atul Gohel says:


    I have 3+ year of experience in which 2 years in SAP ABAP , next 6 months in SAP BODS(Customizing best practices Jobs), and now 7 months as BO Consultant in Data warehouse. I want learn SAP HANA ,please help me out from where should i start to learn.

    Thanks in advance for your valuable reply.

  84. srinivas says:

    Thanks for sharing all of this valuable information. it was very interesting sap Hana as the database as well as the platform on which all applications will run in the future.

  85. chaitanya says:

    I’m a BSc computers student passed out in 2013 there after I’m just Idle. I’m wondering whether will I get a job on SAP as I have 2 years gap and no experience.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Chaitanya,
      It is difficult to get a job as a fresher with 2 years gap. But I will not say it is impossible 🙂

      You may get a certification, plus some project experience from a reputed institute and then try to get a job. Good luck!!


  86. steeveave says:

    Thanks for Your Information

  87. Ravi jain says:

    Hello ,

    I have 4 years experience in web application, I want to move in SAP Hana so it’s good choice for any developer to move in hana easilay and how much hana is demandend in future . Also is my previous experience is countable or not.

  88. Hari krishna goud says:

    First of all very thanks and appreciable for all your valuable information for many of us.
    i have some confusion, so if you clarify them, it is appreciate
    I will complete my post graduation from computer science stream in 2015 itself. As from this stream i know both programming as well as database concepts up to some extent.
    Now i want to move profession and career towards SAP and HANA as well.
    so i got many suggestions from my well wishers that for me it is better to learn initially SAP ABAP and then move to SAP HANA. some other saying it is better to learn SAP MM and do HANA.
    Here i am confusing which module should i have to learn to go to HANA..,??
    Is it good idea, suppose i will do SAP MM and i will choose later as HANA Consultant..?? is HANA CONSULTANT has good future..,
    Please clarify my doubts,..

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Admin says:

      Hi Hari,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      HANA Consultant is a good career option. However if you combine it with a SAP module it becomes even more lucrative. If you search the job portals, you will see lots of opening for BW on HANA, HANA Consultant, HANA Administrator, ABAP on HANA.
      I will suggest you to first learn the HANA basics and then learn either ABAP or BW or any SAP module. Even if you learn only HANA, you still will have a good chance to get a job.

  89. Ratnesh says:

    Thanks for your post! SAP HANA is a real time platform for analytics and applications. Through this training course These are the main topics we cover: SAP HANA SAP HANA Introduction & Architecture, SAP HANA Studio, SAP HANA Modeling, SAP HANA Security, SAP HANA DB connectivity, SAP BO Analysis, Model validation and rules, Backup & recovery, User Management, Provisioning, Security, Types of privileges and Connection Manage, Calculated attributes, ABAP Dataflow, Configuring & monitoring dashboard for HANA. More about sap hana online training at

  90. Vishal says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a PHP programmer have about 2.6 years of experience. Can I jump start using SAP HANA after the training. How it will be helpful for my future career. Do I also require to know about other languages as JAVA.

    Thank you.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Vishal,
      There are not much link between PHP and HANA. If you are looking for technology change then HANA is definitely good option. You can learn, complete a certification and start exploring it.
      No, you do not need Java to learn HANA.

  91. Vinit Puralkar says:

    What a great initiative guyz… I am an ABAPer with over 4 yrs exp and just got into a HANA project and still have some time before its actually kicks off…I had no idea about HANA till today and your post has clarified a lot of things… I will be definitely learning through the course you are offering (And definitely “Like and Share” it)…Thanks a lot..

  92. Hemant says:


    First of all Thank you so much for sharing the valuable knowledge about the SAP HANA. Since last long times i am confused that i learn or not HANA but now i finally decided to learn the HANA. but yet i have confused that which HANA Module i Learm??? I have 8years exp in Management of Information System(MIS-Database and reporting) through using MS-excel and access. also i learned MS-SQL Server specially for learning HANA. Now I need your help for my Career. Please advice me Which HANA Module is best for me as per my knowledge and before start learning the module which other software or languages I learn for easy understanding HANA.


  93. Appala Naidu says:

    I have 4 years of SAP ABAP experience but i’m planning to move pure HANA Development not in ABAP. So please give me suggestion what should i select…. ex. ABAP on HANA

    • Admin says:

      Hi Appala,
      As you are ABAP expert, learning ABAP on HANA will be easy for you. However moving towards pure HANA Development is also not a bad decision either. I will suggest you that learn the HANA basic concepts first. And then based on your interest take the next step.


  94. Rishabh says:


    I am currently working in BFSI domain and want to make my career in SAP. More specifically I am interested in learning SAP HANA. i’m from business management background. Please guide and suggest me how can i make a shift to HANA.

  95. Amit says:

    Hi, I have total 11 years of IT experience in Microsoft technologies (.Net, SQL development and deployment). I am now looking for change in technology. So after having 11 years experience can I get good career in SAP HANA ? Shall it impact my salary as beginner ?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Amit,
      It is difficult to change technology after 11 year experience. However you can give it a try. Offcourse you will not expect a beginner’s salary but depends on the roles and job profile .


  96. Allwin says:

    Hi, I have total 9 years of Banking (fund accounting). I am now looking for change in SAP HANA technology. So how the earlier experience will have impact on carrier change

    • Admin says:

      Hi Allwin,
      If you are looking for job opportunity in IT, then Learning HANA can help. It is an emerging technology and have good job scope.
      But your past experience may not be count fr the IT job. or you may try a techno-functional role in IT company with Banking domain with HANA.

  97. shankar p says:

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for the awesome website.. I just started going through your website and it has lots of information about SAP R/4 HANA.

    I have done my MBA in Finance and working from past 4 years as a financial Analyst and I am interested to change my role now.. I have user Interface experience with BW/BI/BO and I also have little bit knowledge on programming language and Database. I am looking this as an opportunity as a business anyalyst… I am confused between doing SAP FICO or HANA… can you share the course detail and also help me to choose a carrier path..
    What is the content of the course ?

    Thanks a lot!

  98. Srushti says:

    Hi Admin,

    Good Day.

    I have gone through this forum, really interesting and motivating me to switch to SAP HANA sphere.

    I have 15 years of experience in S/W Testing in Java/.NET/Mainframes. But, I do not have any experience in SAP area. Also, I do not have programming exp. But, I have basic level database knowledge.

    Furthermore, regarding career paths, you have specified 3 types: (HANA Modeler / HANA Developer/ HANA Administrator).

    I have many concerns as follows: I am sincerely requesting you to clarify me for each concern individually, if you do not mind.

    1) What is the difference between roles- SAP HANA developer Vs SAP HANA Consultants roles?

    2) Does programming skills require for HANA Consultant and HANA Modeler?

    3) What are techno-function , functional etc. in SAP techn?

    4) Does this SAP HANA tutorial cover latest version HANA 1.0 SP 9 or SP10?

    5) Regarding getting job opportunity: What are all the challenges/possibilities of getting job opportunity in HANA without having any prior
    experience in SAP tech? Do employers expect any experience in other SAP skills also, if I wish to get the job in SAP HANA? (E.g. Business Intelligence background ( such as SAP BI/BW/ Cognos /BOBJ SAP services.)

    I have seen many SAP HANA jobs (in Australia) along with SAP HANA, mostly they are expecting the experience in other areas of SAP skills (E.g. Business Intelligence background ( such as SAP BI/BW/ Cognos /BOBJ SAP services.) also.

    6) What are minimum number of experience required in SAP HANA to get the job?

    7) What are all the challenges involved once, I get the job in SAP HANA without having real time experience ? Since, I know, real time experience and learning experience is entirely different.

    So, I am really confused and worrying whether I need to learn other SAP skills along with SAP HANA.

    Please advise me on above each item wise if you do not mind, so that, I wish I can take decision to switch to SAP HANA from S/w Testing field.

    Thank you so much for your patience on clarifying my doubts above in advance.


    • Admin says:

      Hi Srushti,
      Please find the answers below:

      1) What is the difference between roles- SAP HANA developer Vs SAP HANA Consultants roles?
      Ans: Read the article:

      2) Does programming skills require for HANA Consultant and HANA Modeler?
      Ans: For HANA Modeler, you need basic database and SQL knowledge.
      For consultant read the article:

      3) What are techno-function , functional etc. in SAP techn?
      SAP is a fast world.
      Ans: There are many SAP modules like ERP, CRM, SCM etc. These modules are in market for a long time. The jobs required for these modules may be either technical or functional or techno-functional type.
      Technical: Involves only code and programming
      Functional: No Programming/Code. Functional knowledge includes business knowledge, how application should work etc.
      Techno-functional: Includes both

      Similarly for HANA, there can be technical or functional or techno-functional roles. HANA being relatively new, most company looks for either technical or techno-functional people.

      4) Does this SAP HANA tutorial cover latest version HANA 1.0 SP 9 or SP10?
      Ans: We try to update our materials as per the latest version. Few topics introduced in SP9 or 10 has not been covered yet.
      But be assured that whatever we have posted, are as per the latest version.

      5) Regarding getting job opportunity: What are all the challenges/possibilities of getting job opportunity in HANA without having any prior
      experience in SAP tech? Do employers expect any experience in other SAP skills also, if I wish to get the job in SAP HANA? (E.g. Business Intelligence background ( such as SAP BI/BW/ Cognos /BOBJ SAP services.)

      I have seen many SAP HANA jobs (in Australia) along with SAP HANA, mostly they are expecting the experience in other areas of SAP skills (E.g. Business Intelligence background ( such as SAP BI/BW/ Cognos /BOBJ SAP services.) also.

      Ans: Having knowledge of BW or ABAP r BI Tools increases your chance to get the job. But even without it you have a good chance.

      6) What are minimum number of experience required in SAP HANA to get the job?
      Anss: This all depends on the job profile, company and project. However if you have good knowledge, you can overcome the experience barrier a bit.

      7) What are all the challenges involved once, I get the job in SAP HANA without having real time experience ? Since, I know, real time experience and learning experience is entirely different.
      Ans: This again depends on your project and work. HANA is an evolving technology and every new SP has something new. But if you are willing to spend few extra hours in your work and keep learning these things you will not face much problem.

      Hope I was able to help you clearing your doubts. Good Luck!

  99. SAM says:


    I have 5+ years of exprience in SAP security with exprience in Greenfiled SAP implementation and rollout projects in Asia, Europe and America.Currently i i am working as solution architect to define the role concepts for an major project which includes SAP and non-SAP systems. I have exposure on SAP-BI, but i always like to work in SAP -BI if i get an apportunity. Would it be beneficial if i learn SAP-HANA based on my current scenario and if i consider future perspective?. My current role more at business level to understsand the process and define the role concepts including process flows etc.I am confused about what next? Continuing in the same as Security consultant or switch to SAP HANA would be better. Can anyone guide me on this ? it would help me a lot to decide further.

    Thanks in advance.

  100. amit says:

    i have bods ,informatica experince but now i want stick in sap only but very less jobs in bods .pls suggest me best combination sap bods with hana admin or sap bods with hana development.

  101. rafiq says:

    I am completly from non technical background but I am very much interested to make my career in SAP HANA. Can you please suggest me how to start and where from?
    Thank You

  102. Supreetha says:

    Hi Team,
    I have been working in the .net domain for the past 2 years. We build web applications on SQL. I enrolled myself into a couple courses in opensap and openhpi platforms and now I have a basic idea of how in-memory DB and HANA work.I figured learning & getting certified in HANA would be useful. I have no knowledge on ABAP. I have read your answers to all the previous questions. Since i donot know ABAP, will I not be able to go into the technical side after learning HANA ? Am I restricted to be an SAP HANA Modeler until I learn ABAP or XS? What would be my career scope if i get certified on HANA along with the & sql knowledge i have?

    Thanks a lot

  103. Manpreet Singh says:


    I have an 3 years of experience in Finance and Accounting, but i have done Hotel Management and MBA in Finance.
    Now i am very interested to make my carrier in SAP field, could you please tell me About “SAP HANA”.. Whether based on my background i can do or not?? or it will be helpful for me or not..??
    If yes.. please suggest me some Institutes in Bangalore….
    Thank You Very Much!!

  104. Dinesh says:

    Hi Experts,

    i have 4+ years of exper in MSSQL DBA and i would like to move on HANA. could you please guide me is my decission is correct.? I am very good in Database admin.

  105. Chinna says:

    CAN I have material on SAP BW ON HANA

  106. Ajmal says:

    Hi team,
    I am currently working in SAP SD. I have not worked on databases. Please advise if learning SAP HANA will be good idea for me. I know that SAP is shifting everything onto HANA. Your advise will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  107. Excellent information for those who want to learn HANA.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort.


  108. Rajesh Ramamoorthy says:

    Hi Team,
    Awesome work.. Got Idea about SAP HANA.. I have got one year of experience in SAP ABAP.. I wish to learn from the basics of HANA.. Is there any Training materials to download?? In which i can learn from anywhere… Please share the offline material for hana..

    • Admin says:

      Hi Rajesh,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      We do not provide any downloadable material. You can refer to the online courses to learn HANA. Be assured that these materials will always will be free.

  109. ranjithkumar says:


    Is it possible to get any online server of HANA to practise

  110. Sushant Tyagi says:

    How HANA is useful to FI/CO Consultant. Will HANA certification will be an added advantage to Functional Consultants. I am being a FI & CO Certified consultant. What is Simple Finance in HANA….Thanks

  111. Vamsi Krishna N says:

    Hi All,

    I have experience of 5 years in Manual and Automation(QTP) testing. I would like to learn SAP HANA course. Please suggest how to proceed whats needs to before getting into SAP HANA side jobs.

  112. sunil says:

    I have around 3 yrs of exp in SQL and PL/SQL. So which area will be good for me in SAP HANA.
    I was thinking about SAP HANA Modeling.
    Plz Suggest me.


  113. nandha says:

    Hi Team

    I have 7+ years experience in html and domain hosting management, i would like to learn Sap hana course. Please suggest if i learn sap hana , it is possible to get SAP HANA side jobs easily. i know sql and database concepts, i have completed oracle 10g ocp and sql certification in 2 years back. please suggest me..

    Thanks in advance.

  114. jupitor b says:

    Thanks for giving Good Example.
    Fantastic article, Viral. Very well written, clear and concise. One of the best links explaining one to many and hierarchy in SAPGTS. Thanks a lot.It is uaefull to me and my training Hyderabasysonlinetraining center.

  115. Anil says:

    Hello Admin, Thank you for writing these simple and easy to understand articles on SAP HANA. We need to really appreciate your efforts on this. I’m a SAP SD Consultant with basic understanding of ABAP. As we see the ERP is hitting end of the road with the introduction of S4 HANA. With the introduction of Functional modules in S4 HANA like Simple Finance and Simple Logistics on the S4 HANA platform, is it advisable to learn HANA as a technical components to get early advantage or just stick with the Simple Finance and Logistics functional components as I’m already a SAP Functional consultant?

    Your inputs are highly appreciated. Thank You. Anil.

  116. raghu says:

    i have around 5+ years of experience in SQL and PLSQL and i would like to move on HANA. could you please guide me is my decission is okie.?
    and let us know the prerequisites for Sap-HANA course and job openings

  117. sudeshna deshmukh says:

    Hi Sir ,

    Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information with us .I have some concerns as below; request you to guide on the same:

    I have done my MBA in Marketing & I am having an experience of marketing for 3 yrs .But now I wanted to move onto HANA technology & for the same I have joint classes .I just wanted to ask how do I get the opportunity once I complete my class? what are the packages companies providing for fresher’s in HANA?currently I am having 5 L package.Do I get any direct opportunity in USA for HANA as I am planning to move to USA?Is there any consultancy whitch can help me out to go to USA ?

  118. Amjad says:


    I am having 9 years of Business objects experience which include administration as well. can you please recommend me which will be better for me SAP HANA development or Administration.


  119. Akash says:


    Please consider this points and advice me the best i can do:

    1. I have 1+ years of experience working on Oracle D2k forms and reports.
    2. I have good knowledge working on oracle apps as well.
    3. I don have any knowledge on JAVA or related concepts.

    I am very much interested in learning SAP but I don’t know what to choose in SAP.

  120. Aditya says:

    Hi Author,

    I am from Non-Technical Background. (B.Sc. + MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Mgnt.)
    I had a 4.5 yrs Domain Experience in Logistics industry.

    Now I am about to complete my SAP certification in SAP-MM.

    I want to learn SAP-HANA too and make a career in it. Is it possible? Since I am not from a Technical background and not aware of the programming and related tools, will it be very difficult for me to learn HANA?

    Please guide me.

    Thank you.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Aditya,

      There are Admin parts in SAP HANA, where programming would be less, and functional knowledge would be more.

      You may start with Administration part of SAP HANA


  121. sonu says:

    Hi ,

    I am working as an SAP-ABAP consultant since last 3 years, now want to learn and build my career with HANA.
    Please suggest how i can start.

  122. k.ganapathi says:

    I have completed ME computer science and engineering in 2015 pass out and I would like to feel sap hana but I do not know lot of details about this domain I want much more details this domain first of all how is opening ?and also how is learn to this domain.

  123. BHARATH says:

    hello sir,
    my name is Bharath.sir actually i am background student i want to learn SAP HANA.
    i am suitable for this course and plz suggest the route map

    • Admin says:

      Hello Bharath,
      There is not much prerequisite for learning SAP HANA.
      A basic knowledge of Database concept is more than enough to start. To know more check the article SAP HANA Prerequisite in out website.
      We are providing FREE Online Training courses. Along with that, you can also find lots of SAP HANA learning materials. Just go to the Learning material section of


  124. GhostMan says:

    im a Linux Server Administrator with 7 yrs exp in linux an 2 yrs in network administration.i’d work on jboss and oracle dba .i want 2 switch in hana .its right r nt???

    • Admin says:


      HANA doesn’t have any pre-requisite, as you already have an exposure in dba , you may pursue for the DBA roles in SAP HANA.


  125. Jacklyn says:

    I have been working mainly as developer but also have functional background in SAP HR,MM and SD. I have started as Java developer then switched to ABAP(incl. ABAP OO and HR ABAP) and also developed couple of UI5 applications for my company. I have some 6 years of experience altogether. Now, I’m not sure if I should go for “ABAP for HANA”.Is it same as “HANA application development” course? Is it just about ABAP(faster and smarter version)? I would also like to use my JAVA, C++, Javascript or UI5 skills. Should I then go for Web Based Development on HCP? I’m not sure which course or area is good for my career growth. Both are interesting enough for me.

    Thanks for your reply in advance!

    • Admin says:

      Hello Jack,

      Sorry, we got confused in so many questions, but as far from the development experience you mentioned,
      we could assume the following path would be worth to pursue.

      >> HANA Cloud Application design HTML5, UI5


  126. Admin says:


    Yes, it would provide an edge to your career. Already, there are requirements posted about ABAP Developer knows about SAP HANA.


  127. Kiran says:

    Hi, I have completed my graduation in Mechanical 2014 pass out and I’m a fresher. I want to learn SAP HANA or please suggest me any other module which suits me. Please give your valuable suggestions . Thank you.

  128. Neeraj says:

    Hi ,

    Firslty, I would like to thank you for all your valuable exposure that you have provided about SAP HANA.
    This is an excellent forum to search for Hot technologies for career.

    Question : I have 4.5 years of experience in SAP Security and autorization but dont have any experiencein SAP BASIS. Will it be good if I choose HANA DBA for my career. How much HANA DB is different than Normal SAP BASIS.

    Thanks & regards

    • Admin says:

      Hello Neeraj,

      It’s completely different entity, SAP HANA is a database , whereas SAP Basis is administration layer for SAP ERP system.
      But, as discussed in the topic, there is no such prerequisite.


  129. sanath says:


    Is it necessary to learn sap basis to be hana admin ?

    • Admin says:


      No, there is no such prerequisite, SAP Basis is a completely different application than SAP HANA.
      SAP HANA is a database, whereas SAP Basis is an administration layer to govern SAP ERP system and networking other stuffs.

      SAP HANA Database runs beneath it , runs on hardware and OS layer.
      So, there no prerequisite for learning HANA, knowledge on simple Database concepts would help a little, that’s all.


  130. Lakshmi CVN says:

    Hi Admin,
    Thanks for the excellent information. I am SAP FORI (2 years) consultant interested to learn HANA. Also previously worked on MySQL. So to learn and plan for certification which level of certification will be suitable for my profile.


  131. Srikanth says:

    Hello Admin,

    I am so glad that I have come across this link. You have provided clear information about SAP HANA for beginners. Thanks so much.
    I am working as an SAP BO developer and I have basic knowledge about SAP BW 3.5 and BI 7.0.
    Could you please suggest me whether these online materials will be enough to learn SAP HANA or any classroom training is required?
    Please advice.

    Thank you!
    Srikanth K.

    • Admin says:

      We would like to suggest you must get some hands on , you may find a rented server for SAP HANA , and you could practice for that .
      The materials specially in modeling areas are covered a lot more than needed and some of training centers actually follow these online materials for classroom coaching :).

      but, as we mentioned , you may rent an SAP HANA serve for a month or twice and practice them, you can email us back and ask your qiueries.


  132. lucasetor says:

    As an Oracle DBA with SQL experience, can I jump into studying HANA? What considerations need to be made regarding prerequisites? I have no knowledge whatsoever of SAP.

    • Admin says:


      No prerequisite is there at all, anybody could learn it, and you already possess experience in database technology, it would provide an edge for you.
      So, answer your question is yes you can, there are two aspects 1) Administration 2)Development , if you like coding much you may choose for Development, and for the other thing you could go for Administration.

      What you need , we believe, could be as following……..
      1) A rented HANA server for practising
      2) Online Courses we are offering
      3) In case, for better understanding, you may choose for classroom coaching provided by some local trainer skilled in SAP HANA

      We will be offering videos explaining HANA aspects to explain in a better fashion, it would be launched soon.

      Thanks for being with us.


  133. Suchismit Gupta says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have currently work experience of 2 years on SAS, Advnace Excel, VBA. I am from MBA background, not B.Tech.
    Planning to learn SAP HANA, can you suggest me on that? As well as job opportunities, and which certificate is suitable for me.


  134. Leonard says:

    Hi, I am a Business Management professional with experience in Operations, Sales and Service Delivery, i have been reading about the future of HANA and would like to make a shift, however not sure whether i will be able to leverage my functional experience and how much of technicality this subject entails. If i could know some basics fundamentals which i need to know so that i am able to pick up the subject.


    • Admin says:

      Hello Leonard,

      Thanks for contacting, through this comment you actually raised a valid concern, that is if a professional is pursuing for an SAP HANA Business Consultant role or Sales Executive role or Package Solution Consultant role, then how should he/she stay prepared ? Which kind of topics to be followed in that scenario? He/ she needs articles where stuffs described in less technical and covered from more business perspectives.

      Okay, frankly we don’t have online courses or a series of articles which is focused and designed in less technical aspects and from more business perspective.
      But, you may follow this Fast Track course, where we tried to keep programming, technical stuffs as little as possible.
      You may ignore the technical part in that course. The course would help you to know basics and it is open to all, no sign-up, nothing is required.

      But, surely, this is where we would work on , online courses for SAP HANA Business Consultants.
      It also would be an interesting part for us to design such courses.

      Hope we could answer you appropriately.
      Have a great day !!! 🙂


  135. Bablu K says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks a lot for your creative & Innovative approach to make oneself learn hana and related things very easily with this website.

    The question i would like to ask is:
    I have 4 years of experience in Sales & Marketing with a reputed MNC. recently i come across SAP & Hana thing. i read above comments and also the prerequisite mentioned here.
    however, i was not completely satisfied because i have completed my education in Humanities and Diploma in Marketing.

    is it possible or advisable for completely non-technical background person to learn HANA since i know no programming language and if yes what is the field in HANA i should focus upon and go specialized to.

    Your help is highly appreciable.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Bablu,

      As you are from a non technical background, SAP HANA consultant role may be good for you. As a consultant, you need not to do programming, however you would need to have good knowledge on HANA. ABAP is an programming knowledge, and as you said you don’t have any programming knowledge, learning ABAP will be a little difficult for you.

      SAP HANA is completely different from other SAP products, it’s a database, it can be started without prior knowledge on other SAP products, you can start learning, by the way the technology has a very high demand in corporate. You may start learning by following the URL …


  136. avinash says:

    I have 5 experience in Manual testing. I am instrested in learning sap Hana, please suggest me which sap Hana module suits me like administration or developer or consultant. Also would like to know how to acquire practical knowledge please suggest if any training is required for practical scenarios. Also please let me know how do my previous experience count in sap Hana or I would be like fresher, will there be job opportunities for freshers in sap Hana.

  137. Satish says:


    I have 3+ years experience in Telecom protocol testing and Mobile Application testing I would like to shift my career path in SAP Hana,is it right ?

    • Admin says:

      Hello Satish

      You can definitely go for SAP HANA but it totally depends upon your interest.
      As you would have already read in prerequisites article, there are no hard and fast preskills needed to learn SAPHANA. With emergence of SAP HANA Cloud Platform(HCP), it opens a lot for opportunities for mobile app developers too.You could now develop, deploy,test and run cloud application targeted for tablet, mobile or web.


  138. Chandra says:


    I have 6 years experience in IBM Cognos BI, Could you please suggest me that which module of SAP HANA is suitable for me?

  139. Vimal says:

    Hi, what is meant by HANA implementation. Scope for HANA implementation.. I’m from SAP BOBI background with 2+ exp..

  140. Guest says:

    I am having 2y experience on dotnet now can I switch to SAP Hana

  141. hari kiran says:

    Hello sir this is kiran…I received my graduation in steam of electronic and communication the year 2014..with..(58.44 %)..but my graduation period…(2009-2013),but my % in 10 th is(81.00%)and inter with (75.20%)..still struggling hard to get in to IT SECTOR…because of my education gap will effect my career..I have a valid reason for my education gap….IF I learn SAP will be use full to start my career…r not..I have knowledge on sap bw..but i don’t have real time experience..i have taken sap bw course from local Bangalore…please guide will be very help start my career..I HAVE KEEN INTEREST IN SAP DOMAIN…If I DO CERTIFICATION IN SAP HANA..AS A FRESHER IS DER ANY CHANCE TO ENTER IN TO SAP….I NEED SOME SUNSHINE AND SOME RAIN..I WANT TO GROW UP ONCE AGAIN…

    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA is well demanding , but for freshers we would suggest they should crack a certification.
      C_HANAIMP151 is most advised, but you can opt for others too.


      • Hari says:

        Thanks for ur rply..sir…ds is kiran…is my % and year gap effect my Hana..

        • Admin says:


          Those aspects are dependent upon recruiter, it varies from employer to employer.
          We don’t think it depends upon the technology.


  142. SR says:

    Hi Admin,

    I’m currently working on mainframes having 6 yrs of exp. I’m planning to shift to SAP HANA. as there are not much reuirements in mainframes, also not offering more salary with respect to exepience also. How SAP HANA helps me to get better package, better future in IT. is SAp HANA only sufficient for me.any other technical skills required.
    please suggest me

    Thanks in advance

    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA is well demanding , there is no doubt that it could boost a professional’s career.

      All we could suggest , learn the aspects well, if possible go for an SAP HANA Certification.


  143. nanda says:

    I have 8 years of exp. with IT services in MIS reporting. I don’t know any coding or developing knowledge. Am I eligible to pursue SAP HANA and how it would enhance in my future career.


  144. Srinivas says:


    I am IT professional with more than 15+ years exp. I have worked in Legacy systems for 12 years and from past 3 years working in Performance Monitoring Tools. But as the world is moving towards Big Data and Analytics would like to acquire the required skills to survive in market. Not very much sure which one has bright future SAP HANA or Apache Hadoop. To be honest I am not very strong in JAVA Coding skills but confident in Reporting and Tool kind of stuff. I have read something about SAP BW and ABAP. But no real time experience. Please advise whether it fetches to my experience so that I can focus on SAP HANA.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Admin says:


      Both are great, you just have to choose one of them, but if you already know JAVA well you may pursue for Hadoop.
      Else, you can jump for SAP HANA.


  145. Abdul Arif says:

    Hi HANA Support Team,

    This is Arif. Let me thank first. I am very impressed by your answers. I have 4 years of experience in Excel reporting and VB. I want to grow in my carrier. I want to choose, SAP HANA. People are advising me to learn first SAP BO and SAP BI. Please let me know are they strongly recommended. If yes, please provide me a link to learn thru online as provided for SAP HANA by you. Please do needful.


    • Admin says:


      Learning SAP HANA is not at all deoendednt with any other SAP Modules, it’s a database technology, if you learn well this , then you could pursue for BW on HANA or ABAP on HANA or BI/BO on HANA etc .

      To start with SAP HANA, we recommend you to go through this url.

      To know what’s happening in HANA World , to stay updated with trending articles, visit ….

      For SAP HANA Jobs, visit our job section….


      • Abdul Arif says:

        Hi Swarup,

        Thanks for the reply. When I go thru the links given by you, I came to know that HANA is about Database and administration, however when I visited some institutes they are teaching about the development of HANA not administration part. If HANA is a development what we really develop ? Please advise.

        • Admin says:


          HANA is a database, now an application developer could build tools, applications running on HANA.
          This is a development work . A company could build a framework to drive his business which runs on SAP HANA.
          Now, the company hires professionals for its development work . These are other development works on HANA.

          Now, SAP offers the database SAP HANA, and it’s evolving , so the company needs professionals to contribute in this development.
          So, a professional could get this kind of development work .

          It could be of various types. Obviously, as it’s a database, it has administration works too, companies who using SAP HANA they need professionals to perform admin tasks.

          So, it could be both admin, development works, not only that it has other functional aspects based works.
          Moreover, SAP HANA is not just a database now, it has evolved beyond that, it is now a platform, which is extended to a new concept called SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Let’s not get confused with so many terms. Start with the basic course, you would get an understanding of it.

          Feel free to ask questions…. 🙂


  146. Abdul Arif says:


    What are the flavors that HANA is providing.

  147. G Hoffman says:

    Hi. Excellent website with great information. Dice provided a report on best jobs/salaries. Hana was listed at the top. So I did a search and came across your website.
    I have 20+ years database experience as a programmer/analyst. My experience includes SAP, SAS, MS Access, VBA, VB, reporting, and some hyperion. I have worked with various BI software. So my question is this, with an extensive database/reporting/programming experience, would it be relatively easy to study/learn Hana and get certified?


    • Admin says:


      Your knowledge on database concepts and BI tools would be helpful, cause although it’s an in-memory database technology, but still query processing with SQLscripts, Modeling views with Tables & Views, some basic db admin stuffs etc would be similar.


  148. naresh says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have good experience in SAP BASIS/Netweaver. Now a days I am hearing much about SAP HANA. In job portals also they are asking specifically SAP BASIS with HANA. I am full confusion about HANA concepts.Is there any specific concepts only for SAP BASIS Admins ?

    Can you please somebody suggest me, for BASIS candidate which one is mandatory to learn in HANA concepts.

    Waiting for your valuable replies.

    Thank you in advance.

    Thanks & Regards,

  149. Mahesh Narayan Tripathi says:

    Sir I would like to know about you that If as a fresher can i do sap hana. Sir I have completed my BScIT in 2014-15.

    • Admin says:


      Sure, learning HANA doesn’t require any prerequisite.
      Anybody can start learning it.


  150. guru says:

    Hi admin,
    I have 2 years of exp. as basis consultant.
    currently iam not working for almost one year due to other problems.
    now iam planning to start my career again but i dont want to be basis support consultant
    i want to be specialized in SAP HANA domain and want to be HANA conultant.
    is HANA helpful for me after learning course?

    pls give me your valuable inputs…



  151. nishant sharma says:


    I’m a graduate with NGO volunteering experience…Visited many SAP Authorised training partners in Mumbai but they all told me that I can’t learn SAP HANA as I don’t have any IT knowledge or skills / programing knowledge also means I cant pursue SAP ABAP,BI as well…plz guide.
    Also if I have no work experience, will learning SAP HANA help?

  152. Arjun says:

    I have 3+ years of experience as a SAP Basis Consultant. I want to get into HANA. I have knowledge of HANA in Backup and Recovery. I want to get into HANA modelling. I have basic of SQL.Would it be a good career move to HANA for someone who is into Basis. Please reply . Any valuable suggestions are welcome.

    • Arjun says:

      Just adding one more query, As a Basis Consultant which one should I get into..?

      1, HANA Modelling (No knowledge of BW)
      2,The SAP HANA Application Development (No knowledge of ABAP)
      3,The SAP HANA Database Administration and Security
      4,The SAP HANA Data Replication – SLT Replication, BODS and DXC

    • Admin says:

      There is no prerequisite for SAP HANA, anybody can learn.

      You first learn fundamentals of SAP HANA, then you may choose your direction, you would discover lot more directions to pursue while going through basics of SAP HANA. It’s promising and expanding.

      To start, you may browse the online course offered by us, it’s open to all…


  153. Amey Ballal says:

    Hi Admin,

    Information provided is very helpful.

    I am a SAP Business One Consultant. I have functional knowledge(2.6 Years) and also knows the basics of SQL.
    Will this experience be helpful to get a job for SAP Hana after completing SAP Hana course.

    Amey Ballal

    • Admin says:


      SQL knowledge would help you in learning SAP HANA aspects, if you do not possess a real time experience in SAP HANA, go for a SAP HANA certification.

      Sometimes the certification is not even needed, but it depends on the profile strength and recruiter’s expectations. Certification would boost the possibility of getting an SAP HANA job.


  154. Syed Ehsanur Rub says:

    Dear Sir I am 2013 passed out Btech guy from Electronics and telecommunication.
    I have 2 years experience ad business analyst and 1+ years of experience in Industrial Automation
    Should i go for HANA ? i want a good package jump and wana work into corporates.
    and what will be the job opportunities after HANA how can it will be benificial

  155. Venu says:

    Thanks for your valuable information, I have small confusion,i decided to learn SAP HANA but I loved to learn in sap Hana in security do we have any growth regarding in that module … What is the course should I take and suggest me right path, I am poor in technical

  156. Bidyut Biswas says:

    Hi There,
    I’m a Bcom graduate and for last 4years I’m working in finance field for auditing and all. But i want to change my carrer from Finance to IT.
    And for that I want to SAP thing. Please let me know if I do some of the SAP courses like SAP Hana, will I get good job opportunities. And do i need to be from IT background to get placed.
    I m puruely from IT background, but i have few knowledge upon C++ and installation of windows and all. I m not like totally outspaced in IT. I used laptop daily and I knew few techincal terms to get IT issue resolved. So please hep me if doing SAP courses will help me in better growth in this industry or not.

  157. Ravi says:


    I am working SAP MM currently, i am suitable to learn SAP HANA.


  158. ashutosh says:


    I have completed btech in mechanical stream and now i want to make career in IT industry.
    What should i do?
    What course i should prefer for making my career java, .net, php, sql, sap hana or anything else.

    • Admin says:


      There lots of directions where you could build your career like Java, Hadoop, SAP HANA, SAP ERPs, Python, R, IoT etc.
      Lot more options exist, even in business side too, you might need to choose by yourself.

      We are here to talk about SAP HANA (the in-memory database and platform from SAP), so we could tell you SAP HANA is well demanding and flourishing.
      It doesn’t have any prerequisite, anybody could learn.


  159. Gaurav patil says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m Fresher graduate of 2016 pass out from electronics background. As there is less opportunity in electronic and huge competition in IT, will SAPor HANA is best option to kick start my career?? if so then which course you would like to sugget me in SAP/HANA for bright future.??
    please reply.

    • Admin says:


      There is no doubt that SAP HANA is well demanding and flourishing, in a couple of years ago, it started as an in-memory database, now it has evolved as in-memory platform with cloud options, new directions are emerging.

      If you are doubtful about jobs, you might have a look on our SAP HANA job section.

      We always recommend to start with the SAP HANA basic course which covers the fundamental concepts and overview.
      The course could be access by browsing the following url. It’s open to all, just browse through it.


  160. Gaurav patil says:

    I’ve completed basic sap hana course , what after it?

  161. Saktheeswaran says:

    I’m from mainframe admin background and doesn’t have any any programming knowledge. Will i be able to learn SAP HANA? in that case which part of SAP HANA i should learn and what will be my roadmap and for which certification should i go for. I’m desperate, kindly help me out in choosing my career. Thanks

  162. durga says:

    I am SAP XI/PI consultant. I want to move to HANA. Could you please let me know if i go for SAP HANA Implementation and modelling or SAP HANA Cloud Integration. future waht will be good. Please suggest me ,i Cannot understand .

    • Admin says:


      You might pursue for SAP HANA Administration , but actually it really doesn’t matter, cause SAP HANA is a completely different aspect not related to any other function module. All paths emerging from it is already demanding and have further scope of expanding in the future.

      But, yes to start with something, you might go for SAP HANA Administration.


  163. sahil says:

    I am totally from non technical background…but I have a experience in server monitoring and troubleshotting in AIX and windows for japanese clients in japanese language. Will it would be fisible for me to switch to BI HANA. can I learn without having any basic knowlege of JAVA,ABAP….etc.

    • Admin says:


      To learn SAP HANA, you would need an introductory knowledge on database aspects, SQL etc.

      But, you could start with the SAP HANA basic course and ask us while you have any query by sending an email at “”.


  164. Ilupatcha says:

    Hi There,
    I am a SAP PM Technical specilist, I am not a consultant but work on the End user side as CMMS Specialist ( PM/ EAM Module), I hav every good knowledge and experience in SAP PM module, Now I want to upgrade myself, My question is Instead of going for SAP EAM certification can I go for SAP HANA certification , If so then which area I should focus.

  165. Akshay says:

    Hi admin,

    Went through the above post, much appreciated :).

    I am an ABAP consultant with 2+ yrs of exp (ABAP certified) and would be working on upcoming HANA project. From certification perspective I found C_HANAIMP142 & C_HANAIMP151 (Certified Application Associate) and E_HANAAW142 ( Certified Development Specialist – ABAP for SAP HANA). I have been attending training on SAP HANA modelling as well in my current firm and very much contactable with it.

    I have below questions.
    1. I should be looking froward to do which certification C_HANAIMP142 OR C_HANAIMP151 (modelling based) OR E_HANAAW142 (HANA-ABAP) so that I have a good job opportunities / career in future as I am comfortable in both areas looking at the topic areas of these certifications ?
    2. What is difference between C_HANAIMP142 and C_HANAIMP151, is it just the version upgrade or completely different areas/certifications ?
    3. As I am already certified in ABAP, would certifying in HANA modelling (C_HANAIMP142 / C_HANAIMP151) help me boast much more rather than certifying in ABAP for HANA (E_HANAAW142) ?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Admin says:


      Thanks for contacting us. E_HANAAW (HANA-ABAP) certification is a good choice, but you might have a look at C_HANATEC151 (DB Administration).
      This might be interesting for you and quite demanding, as companies are embracing SAP HANA, System Admin has become a well demanding job role.

      The last three digit of the name of a certification like 142 or 151 is a version upgrade, also represents the year of release of the certification.
      SAP HANA is evolving and it’s enhancement is determined by SPS, a new SPS gets released whenever a set of changes done. Most topics of C_HANAIMP142 are addressed till SPS8 whereas C_HANAIMP151 mostly is about SPS9.


  166. Ashutosh Sharma says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am a sales and marketing professional with more than 11 years of experience in the same. I have decided to shift my career to SAP HANA. I am an MBA and have no prior knowledge of any technology. Can you please suggest the best approach for me to enter the SAP World. what should I do as I personally think that implementation part could be the way forward for me by becoming a functional consultant.

    Please help.
    Thanks Much

  167. RAJIV PUJALA says:

    Hi Admin

    I am Rajiv, having 3.3 years of functional consultant Experience in Master Data Management activities like Data Cleansing, UNSPSC Codes, Data Quality. I am Looking forward to change into New Technology and i knew SQL and Oracle Data Base concepts. Some of my friends suggested me to learn Informatica MDM since i know basic of SQL, but when i had interacted with Consultancy member, he suggested me to learn SAP HANA and BI instead of Informatica MDM. Can you please suggest me which platform has better scope in future and as well as Career wise. Please reply as soon as possible .

    Rajiv Pujala

    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA is well demanding, there is no doubt there. We won’t be able to provide suggestion on other technologies you mentioned.


  168. Vinod says:

    Its a good info you have provided here.
    However, I am a UI professional who has worked on various UI technologies and content management. Currently i’m on a UI5 project and am eager to get into the SAP technologies. My problem is that I do not have a prior SAP experience and think that this would be a bottleneck in pursuing SAP technologies like FIORI, UI5, Odata and HANA. Could you please suggest how should I get used to with SAP systems, architecture and landscape ABAP and learn them quickly to an extent so that I can pursue the technologies i mentioned.


    • Admin says:


      If you are confused where you could start, we would like to suggest you to start with SAP HANA basic aspects.
      As, SAP HANA is well demanding and a promising one.

      For UI5 and Fiori, currently we are not offering any course.


      • Vinod says:

        Thanks for your response. But my question is that I come from a non SAP background who just got into working on a UI5 project, i am interested in pursuing a career in SAP technologies as mentioned before but since I am new to SAP environment how can I get myself accustomed to it? what would be the starting point? The SAP HANA course you mentioned would also need some prior SAP background i presume.


        • Admin says:


          SAP HANA doesn’t have any prerequisite, it’s different from SAP ERP modules, so anybody can start learning the aspects covered in that course.

          SAP offers various kind of solutions like ERP, HANA as in-memory database, HANA as in-memory platform, business suite, data warehousing solutions etc.
          All are different from each other and are huge , have different prerequisites and some of them could be learned by a fresher as like SAP HANA.

          So, the starting point depends on which direction you would choose, for SAP HANA we could tell that you might start from the fundamental aspects which are covered in the course. For other SAP solutions, we couldn’t suggest you , as we are here to talk about SAP HANA and technologies related to SAP HANA….


          • Vinod says:

            Hi Thankyou for your response. Considering my background of 11+ yrs of experience in front-end technologies like html5, javascript, content management etc. What would be best for me if I am to make my career in SAP technologies from here on, I am already in one SAP UI5 based project, I want to learn FIORI, UI5 and HANA. Is this a good option for someone like me who does not come from an ABAP background?

  169. Admin says:

    Hi Vinod,

    You might try to focus on SAP HANA Cloud, Application Design on Cloud, UX design by FIORI etc.
    Also, go through DB administration through HANA Cloud Cockpit. There is no prerequisite for these.

    Register for a free trial cloud access offered by SAP HANA.


  170. Vignesh says:


    Am 1 year of experience in manual testing.I want to switch my career to SAP HANA. Am not aware of SAP HANA,but am very much interested to lead my career in SAP HANA. Kindly help/advice me
    1 Which SAP HANA certification should i do?
    2.Will i get a project to work in SAP HAN if am certified ?
    3.Best institute in chennai and cost of certification ?


  171. jaanvy says:


    I am from banking and finance backgroung with 8 yrs of work exp. Now I want to enter SAP so thinking to enroll for SAP FI certification. I heard alot about HANA2 so can I enroll For FI certification in HANA directly or I should just go for FI simple module. as i dont have any experience in I.T and I am from finance background.
    Appreciate you Guidance


    • Admin says:


      SAP Functional modules are different from the SAP HANA, it’s a database.
      SAP HANA is a completely different direction.

      But, we would like to mention that there is a concept called Simple Finance in S/4 HANA which could be the future of next generation finance based solution. You may pursue for it.


  172. NVKrishna says:

    Dear Admin ,

    I have DB Admin background and pursuing HANA Admin and Modeling training. From the perspective of SLT replication , which are the other skills you can suggest of along with HANA a DB admin/Hana Admin must have.

  173. Adi says:

    I am having 5 years of SAP Portal experience and from java background. If i want to choose career between SAP UI5/Fiori and HANA. Which one should I choose?
    please help.

    • Admin says:


      Please, describe further your role in SAP portal experience.

      Just would like to inform, anybody can start learning HANA, there is no specific prerequisite.


  174. Anu says:

    hi ,

    Kindly let me know which course should i go through after learning HANA basics to become a developer

  175. bhargav says:

    hi admin,
    iam recently completed my M.Tech in computer science background. Is it hana helpful for me get a job as a fresher or not. suppose if they only need experience means how many years they want.

    • Admin says:


      First of all we would like inform anybody can start learning HANA.
      Getting SAP HANA jobs in big companies might require 2yrs of experience in SAP HANA.

      As a fresher, chances are less, but you could try in startup companies.


  176. Nisha says:


    I am working as a QA but wish to learn SAP Hana. This article clears most of my doubts. But can you please suggest me is HANA a good option for QA

    • Admin says:

      Hi Nisha,
      I guess by QA, you mean quality assurance engineers. Correct me if wrong.
      HANA has different modules/options for different job profiles. Some of them does not require technical profile. For example HANA Administrator, HANA Consultant.
      You may look into those roles.
      Hope I was able to help you resolve your doubt.


  177. Pasha says:

    Hi Admin,

    I’m Btech with MBA (HR/Marketing) i have 3+ years of exp on Recruiting, now i’m planing to change my platform into SAP HANA.
    i have some knowledge on SQL,Loadrunner.

    can you please let me out on this.
    where to start to get a job in SAP HANA.


  178. Venkat says:


    I am sap pi consultant i want to learn sap hana. Is this suitable for me if I learn sap hana with out having any knowledge of BW.


    • Admin says:

      Hi Venkat,
      BW is not a mandatory requirement of SAP HANA. As you are already an SAP consultant, learning HANA will definitely add value to your career.

      Regards, Team

  179. Chandra says:


    I am a mechanical engineer with 11 years of experience in a reputed steel industry (as a SAP MM consultant for last 5 years and earlier was working in purchase dept., for 6 years in the same organisation). Pls advise whether I can build career in SAP HANA??? or shall i continue with SAP MM module??

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Admin says:

      Hi Chandra,
      Sooner or later all SAP modules will move towards HANA. With S4HANA, things have started changing. As an SAP consultant, it would be really beneficial and important to keep yourself updated with technologies that are at the center of SAP’s innovation. As you are already an expert in MM module, learning HANA will definitely open new job opportunities for you.

      Regards, Team

  180. k rajkumar says:

    Hi ,

    I am Raj, Having 9+ years of experience in SAP ABAP.

    I want to enhance the carrier now.under HANA for my perspective which one need to be learn.


  181. P VAMSIKRISHNA says:


  182. nata coaching centres in chennai says:

    You post explain everything in detail and it was very interesting to read. Thank you.

  183. Samar Ali says:

    Hi Admin,

    I need some suggestion for my younger brother as he is not belong to technical background and not having any experience so is this good idea to move his direction to SAP Hana/IOT?

    he was trying for govt jobs and now it is too much so i thought to start up his career for this sector.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Samar,
      This is a very broad question. What is his educational qualification? Getting a job in IT field requires both – educational qualification and technical knowledge.
      If he is interested in moving to technical field and have enough educational qualification, then off course SAP HANA is a good area for him. Based on the interest, you may also choose SAPUI5/Fiori (UI language). At the same time, get a basic understanding of SAP Cloud Platform too. Below articles may help you to further understand this.

      SAP HANA or SAPUI5? –
      What is SAP Cloud Platform –

  184. Waleed says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am software engineer and 2 years development experience in .net i want to make my career in SAP HANA . But i am confused i am unable to get some points that if i learn SAP HANA tutorials completely then it is mandatory for me to learn SAP HANA ABAP , SAP BI , SAP BO , SAP Basis or just SAP HANA is enough for me to get good carrier or job . I am confused a lot that i am learning SAP HANA then SAP ABAP etc will be mandatory to get job and SAP HANA alone is nothing it will not work alone HANA is dependent on SAP ABAP etc . Please remove my confusion and suggest me a path so that i can start learning SAP HANA . Thanks Alot .

  185. Venkata says:

    Hi, i am a MM Functional consultant, with certification in WM module and learned the EWM module also. i have 8.5 years of SAP experience in MM module. i need your help and inputs on “i would like to opt for HANA certification which one would suit me”.

  186. Aradhya says:

    Hello Admin,

    Myself B.Com passed & working as Project Coordinator & purely non-technical platform. I’m interested to learn SAP HANA, is it a wise decision? I read in your article that if you have SQL knowledge you can understand SAP HANA better. So should I first learn SQL basics & then HANA? Pls suggest what would be suitable for me to make career in SAP.

  187. bharat says:

    Hi,whether SAP HANA consultant and hana modeler are both same.

  188. bharat says:

    what is S/4 HANA ?

  189. Ashok Kolli says:

    Hello Team,

    First, let me appreciate you for all the great work you guys have done here; It’s a great piece of information. It’s quite motivating and encouraging to expand our boundaries. What I found more interesting is, your replies to almost all Questions and Comments; that needs a lot of effort. Great Job Guyss!!

    Like most of the people here, I came here with the same Question.
    I am working as Automation Testing guy with 4.5 years of experience; I know SQL Basics and DBMS Concepts. I recently moved to USA. Back in India, I was happy with what I was doing, but things have changed now; looking for a change in my Career path by jumping into SAP HANA. My friends told me it is a risk after 6 years of experience as I am going to work with my current company at least one more year because of the present situation in USA. Please suggest me, is it worth taking Risk ? and how many months it takes to Learn SAP HANA and get certified? I can give one year of my time for this.

    Thank you very much for your time!!


    • Admin says:

      Hi Ashok,
      Thanks and glad that you liked our content.

      The software industry is changing dramatically now a days. New innovations like in-memory database (SAP HANA) and Cloud are becoming very popular among customers. So one thing is sure that if you do not keep your resume updated with new technologies, you will lag behind after few years.
      Coming to SAP HANA, yes it is an emerging and potentially high technology. Considering the point that “SAP is putting SAP HANA at the center of its all product”, there are and will be lots of job opportunity in HANA as well as SAP Cloud Platform. One year is more than enough to learn SAP HANA. Make sure you also get an certification to strengthen your resume.

      Below article might help you further:
      SAP HANA Certification:
      SAP Cloud Platform:
      SAP HANA Jobs:

  190. maziworld says:

    Nice Posting Keep on update like this

  191. Hello Admin,

    I have 4+years of experience in software testing in Healthcare(CRM), Telecom and Banking domain. Now i want to switch my domain to SAP HANA, is it right to to switch my domain or is it have good growth in future, Please suggest me on same and waiting for your valuable words,


  192. Nikhil says:


    Thanks for the wonderful article.
    Please tell me what are the different career paths or job roles under SAP HANA ??
    I have knowledge of C/C++ and basic database concepts, which job role will be good for me in SAP HANA ??
    Also please tell that what is the difference between ABAP on HANA and HANA development ??


  193. Rishabh Gupta says:

    Hello Team,

    Hope you are doing Good!.

    Its really a great blog for people who seek knowledge in SAP HANA,It’s a great piece of information. It shows How much effort and time you guys have spent for us to motivate in our career.
    Same way all People I am seeking an answer to a query which is confusing me a lot, Should I learn SAP HANA first or directly get on S4 HANA, which is more beneficial for carrer growth?

    A bried about me, I am engineer with MBA(Finance), I have 4 years of exp in SAP FSCD, ABAP and now working as BPC Consultant. What confuses since many people are saying learn HANA first But i think this will be more technical and I am looking as fucntional role more.

    Please help me in better understanding of SAP HANA and S4 HANA.

    Thanks for your time.

  194. Mandy says:

    Hi Author,

    Thank You for proving good Piece of information above.

    I am IT professional with 10 yrs experience in Oracle application Development (SQL, PLSQL D2K).
    Considering Oracle application developer (only) role is becoming redundant in new tech era. I am planning to upgrade myself to any one of the new digital technologies.
    I found SAP HANA is a one interesting area where my existing Oracle knowledge will be useful. I am well aware of RDBMS concepts and SQL. Is this a good idea to update myself to HANA?

    Please suggest!!

  195. Amtoj says:


    Thanks for the article. I am a BCA with MBA(Sales) background and have 6 years experience of business division management for an IT company. I am mostly interested in being an analyst or business modeler. I have heard a lot about SAP HANA but not sure if this is suitable for professional career. Please advise.



  196. saurabh says:

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for this article to understand what all is required to learn Hana completely.
    I am from Java background having 3yr exp in Java. Now i got a project in Hana and learned most of the things in it. Now i have a good knowledge of both Java and Hana. Please help me that if i want to choose, should i go for Hana or Java for my future growth?

  197. nagendra says:

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  198. akhila says:

    intresting post, I hardly found useful information about jobs which contains real and useful information.find some more information hear about jobs hr jobs in hyderabad .

  199. Manikanta says:

    Hi Team,

    First of all thanks a ton for this wonderful website where you are providing very important information on technologies(mainly HANA).

    Regarding my query, i have an experience of 4 yrs on SAP BW. Now i want to make my career in SAP HANA. Can you please guide me whether to choose BW on HANA or Native HANA or S4 HANA to my career.

    Thanks in Advance.


  200. Harish Adla says:

    Hi Author,

    I am from a complete Non-Technical background having experience in business management at a mid-management level for 8 years. I have minimum knowledge on SAP FICO. Now I want to switch my platform to SAP HANA and I have no knowledge on any of the databases & SQL. I would request you to provide me your valuable feedback.

    Thank you

  201. Juan Manuel Falivene says:

    Hello, I have a question:
    I have already installed SAP Hana, express edition over a Virtual Machine (SUSE Linux OS) following the steps proposed by this link: and the next one: If you take a look you’ll see that it is not explained what to do next ! Should I download SAP Hana Studio ?
    Thank you very much!

  202. Siva says:

    Hi ,

    I am siva and i am an oracle DBA. I would like to learn SAP Hana and i want to take up administration and operation . Is it right path for me ?

    I have knowledge in SQL and Unix as well.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Siva,
      Being a database expert, you should already have good knowledge in SQL, database administrator and other things. Adding SAP HANA to your resume definitely be a good decision. Good luck!

  203. Ivan says:

    Are there any examples of databases available for training/self learning for s4/hana? I am looking for more info about s4/hana – where can I find more details tutorials for free?
    Best regards!

  204. Sushma S J says:

    Dear sir,
    I am from teaching background and I teach electronics. I dnt knw much about programming. I have 16yrs of exp in teaching. Now I want a career shift. At age of 40 is it advisable to have a switchover to corporate with sap Hana. Can I develop the expertise. How will be my career prospectus in another 5yrs from now.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sushma,
      Honestly speaking, this is a tough decision. Switching to a different career all together takes lot of effort. But I do not wanna discourage you cause I have seen many people switching their career even after such long time.
      All you need is dedication and hard work. First of all analyze your strength and decide path you wanna take. It could be a programmer/developer/consultant/tester/administrator. Once you finalize your path, you should join some coaching center (either online or class room based) because you would need proper guidance. Getting a certification (certification from SAP or any other reputed organization) will also help.

      Good luck and be free to ask any further question.

  205. Dhiraj says:

    Dear Sir, I have 5+ exp. in SAP BO(XI R2, 4.2). Now, if I see there are very few opportunities for SAP BO. Some ask for SAP HANA, and some for Tableau. Can you please guide me how I should proceed. I am thinking to learn SAP HANA. Can it be a good choice in 2017?

  206. Ali says:

    I am an ACCA qualified but I am new to SAP. Should I go for

    1. sap FICO
    2. Sap S/4 HANA with Finance

    Plz reply

  207. Mehul Doshi says:

    First of all thanks for such a great information about SAP HANA.
    I am in IT industry working as a Software Freelancer from last 20 years. I am also SAP B1 certified.
    My expertise is mainly in Database and Programming Accounting/Inventory systems using .NET technology and SQL as back end.
    Can i choose SAP HANA as new career goal. I would like to do certification for SAP HANA. Can You please guide me for it.

  208. Kumar D says:


    I am having total 10 Yrs of IT experience,my entire experience is on Oracle Retail ERP Development and maintenance and Technical things I worked on Oracle SQL/PLql,ProC and Unix. It it right decision to move onto SAP Native HANA at this stage?

  209. Kumar D says:

    Also please let me know which track I need to choose on SAP Native HANA?

  210. Sarithra says:

    Very nice article , happy to see that you comment even after 3 plus years of the article .so basically I have 4 years experience in software testing and now planning to move to SAP. I initially decided to certify in SAP MM or SAP SD but after googling a lot i feel I should learn SAP HANA , my question here is ,
    Should I learn SAP MM or any other module before HANA.

  211. nibedita parida says:


    I am SAP admin sales operation .I want to upgrade myself.
    I know only SAP MM/SD accounting operation.
    Kindly suggest me.


  212. chaisam says:

    Thanks for the valuable information..It was quite helpful.

    For further reference,you can get more details by following this blog which was quite helpful for me.

    For Reference

  213. Anu Kaushik says:

    Dear Sir
    Thanks for the valuable information.
    I know SAP SD Module operational level
    Do advise how to proceed to learn SAP HANA

  214. Anu Kaushik says:

    Im from commerce background, have SAP SD operation knowledge
    Can I learn SAP HANA

  215. Manju says:

    I have 4 years experience in SAP security and GRC,I would like to upgrade my skills with HANA. please guide me on which HANA role to choose from because I don’t know which one will be relevant to my previous experience ? Thank you.

  216. Mahadevappa Shrimanth says:

    Hello SAP HANA Experts,

    I am New to Native HANA 2.0 and Just Completed Native HANA 2.0 Training Online; I have Relevant 11+ of Core SAP SD Experience with Multiple Global Development, Support and Testing Project.

    I require an input (like: Which is the latest version should I Consider for certification OR is there any Prerequisite version to go for Version 2.0) for Certification.

    Thank you!
    Br, Mahadevappa. S

  217. Sai says:


    I have 2 years of experience in SAP BW and SAP SEM BCS and having a good knowledge of HANA.Is there any chance of getting opportunities on HANA without experienece.

  218. Abhiram says:

    Hi There,

    THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this! I would love to buy you a coffee since I now won’t be up all night that has been driving me crazy (until now!!). I just wish I knew what was going wrong but so glad it’s in the right place now! Thanks again:)

    The same case with the PUT API, while creating a PUT request we have to provide PKEY_SRC_OBJECT (in case of update we can provide value for ROWID_OBJECT or for both). So, MDM will perform the check on PKEY_SRC_OBJECT, if it exits then update the record else will create a new record.
    Great effort, I wish I saw it earlier.




    I am working at Ericsson R&D as a project manager. I would like to change my career with SAP HANA project manager or functional consultant. I have no programming experience. I would like to know where to start and what to learn? How long the course will take? Any guidance would be really appreciated… Thanks Bhaskar

  220. Raviteja says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am basically a Database Administrator and have good knowledge in SQL. Can someone suggest me if i get into HANA with ease ?

    Thanks in Advance !!

    • Admin says:

      Hi Rviteja,
      Having good knowledge of DB and SQL is surely an advantage for you. Yes, SAP HANA could be a good option for you.

  221. Laura says:

    Being Interested in Database Field, loved your article and thanks for letting me know about SAP Hana.

  222. RAGHU says:




  223. kritesh says:

    If you wants to upgrade and enhance your skills in SAP HANA then you can learn with the expert trainers from SAP HANA which are working in MNC’s. With the help of SAP HANA Training Course you will learn how to column-oriented, relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP SE. Its primary function as a database server is to store and retrieve data as requested by the applications.

  224. srikanth says:

    HI Team,

    i have 12 years of IT exp. in that 7 years of ABAP and 5 years of BODS exp. Now planning to learn HANA Data Modeling.

    Is it good idea to learn HANA Data Modeling ? I dont want to work in coding so planning to choose Modeling area in HANA. I never worked on SAP BW concept.

    kindly give your thought of choosing Hana data modeling?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Srikanth,
      Absolutely. Adding HANA to your skill set will open more opportunities for you. Data Modeling is the right choice if you dont want to get involved in coding.

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