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Roles and Privileges For XS Development

In the article Introduction to SAP HANA XS. we explained what is SAP HANA XS is and its importance. We also explained how to create your First Hello World Application in HANA XS.
This article is about the Roles and Permissions required to develop SAP HANA XS Applications.
Let us see that what are the roles and permission you must have before you start creating an SAP HANA XS project/application. If you are a Developer, you must have these roles/privileges.
Please note that if you do not have these roles and privileges, you will have to contact your system administrator to get that.

Access to SAP HANA System:

This is the first thing you need. Access to an HANA system.
SAP HANA administrator must create a user account for you in the HANA database and assign the required roles.
You need below information:
  • HANA system Host ID
  • Instance No
  • User
  • Password
In case if you using SAP HANA Cloud Platform, then you will also need HANA Cloud account details.

Access to SAP HANA Development Tools:

You can either use HANA Studio or SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench.
HANA Studio:
You do not need any extra privileges. Just install HANA Studio, connect to HANA system and start working.
You may read below articles to learn more:

SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench:
SAP HANA provides SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench that you can use to build and test development artifacts in the SAP HANA environment.
The SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench allows you to develop entire applications in a Web browser without having to install any development tools and is therefore a quick and easy alternative to using the SAP HANA studio for developing native applications for SAP HANA XS.
In case you want to work with these IDEs, you need below roles:
Role: sap.hana.xs.ide.roles::Developer
Description: This role has all the privileges required to use all the tools included in the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench

Role: sap.hana.xs.debugger::Debugger
Description: This role enable a developer to use the debugging features of the browser-based IDEs.

To know more, read Roles and Privileges for SAP HANA Web-based Tools

Access to the SAP HANA repository and Catalog Objects:

To work with HANA XS, you also need access to HANA repository. You need below roles and privileges for this.
  • SELECT privilege on _SYS_BI and _SYS_BIC schemas
  • Analytic privilege _SYS_BI_CP_ALL
  • Following privileges on package where HANA XS artifacts will be created:
  • If you are using modeling views (Attribute, Analytic and Calculation views), then you also need REPO.READ privilege on their package.

To enable the activation and data preview of modeling views, the technical user _SYS_REPO also requires SELECT privilege on all schemas where source tables reside. To know more about it, read Grant SELECT privilege TO _SYS_REPO - Why?

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