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SAP BW on HANA - Customer Success Stories

In our previous article SAP BW on HANA we explored about the different aspects of SAP BW on HANA.

In this article we will talk about customer success stories. Let us see some numbers and facts for reference. These figures were reported by customers, which already have BW on HANA operating in their IT landscape.

Red Bull

Red Bull started to run its SAP NetWeaver 7.3. Business Warehouse on HANA in 2011.

The migration:
    • Non-disruptive fast migration
    • Project completed in less than 2 weeks
    • Database size before migration: 1.5 TB; reduced by 80% after migration
The result:
    • Boost in load performance
    • Simplified architecture - InfoCubes no longer required as an aggregation layer
    • Data can be read directly out of the DataStore Object (DSO).
    • Replication of data to InfoCubes and Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) Indexes no longer necessary

Utilities industry representitive

This utilities customer also upgraded to and operated its SAP Netweaver 7.3. BW on the latest HANA database release.

Data Load Performance:
    • For DSO activation of 5.2 million records, performance improved by factor 32x. Before: 21 hours 40 minutes - After: 40 minutes.
    • Data load into write-optimized DSO write optimized and InfoCube Upload with 50K invoice header + 350K items. Load acceleration by factor 2.7x. Before: 1hour 30 minutes - After: 30 minutes.
Query Performance
    • Query with aggregated result set: Performance dramatically improved by factor 471x for queries on aggregated data. Before: 471 seconds - After: 1 second.
    • Performance acceleration by factor 5x on granular data sets. Before: 308 seconds - After: 64 seconds.
Massive Data Volume Reduction
    • From xRDBMS space of 4.3 TB reduced to 0.73 TB RAM on HANA
    • Average compression factor (column tables) 5.8x

Automotive industry representative

This automotive customer upgraded and migrated their data on BW 7.3 on HANA.
Data Load Performance:
    • InfoCube loading speeds up about 1.39x.
    • DSO activation accelerated 4.15x
Query Performance:
    • Compared to BW on a traditional relational Database Management System (DBMS)
      • BW queries were 8.5x faster
      • BO WebI execution, 11.6x faster
    • Response times with 40 millions data records in HANA-optimized InfoCube: 45 seconds; 26 times faster compared to the legacy DBMS

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2 thoughts on “SAP BW on HANA

  1. martin mathew says:

    Dear Team ,
    my self martin mathew, certified HANA professional.
    i would like to suggest you to incorporate few questions (in interview questions blog) which pertains to security and admin .
    like …1) what are the principles of security and administration.

    2) explain the concept of authorization….

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