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SAP HANA Overview
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SAP BW on HANA is the next wave of SAP's in-memory technology vision that enables SAP NetWeaver BW to use SAP HANA as a fully functioning in-memory database.
Running SAP BW on HANA results in dramatically improved performance, simplified administration and streamlined IT landscape resulting in lower total cost of ownership.

In this article we will explore
    • What is SAP BW and SAP BW on HANA?
    • SAP BW on RDBMS Vs SAP BW on HANA.
    • Different aspects of SAP BW migration to HANA.

What is SAP BW?

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) or also called SAP BW in short, is the name of the Business Intelligence, analytical, reporting and Data Warehousing solution produced by SAP.

Serving as a powerful Enterprise Data Warehouse application platform BW provides flexible reporting and analysis tools. It is a packaged, comprehensive business intelligence product centered around a data warehouse that is optimized for (but not limited to) the R/3 environment from SAP.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory database.
Check the article What is SAP HANA? for more details.

What is SAP BW on HANA?

SAP BW on HANA is nothing but SAP's existing NetWeaver BW data warehouse, running on SAP HANA.
SAP now supports SAP HANA as the underlying database for the NetWeaver BW Data Warehouse.


Because SAP HANA is much faster than regular relational databases like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, the data warehouse performs much faster.
The purpose of SAP BW on HANA is to combine the power of both. SAP BW on HANA

What are the drawbacks of SAP BW on a RDBMS like Oracle?

Time to change:
Any change in structure or report takes too much time. Normally it takes 3-12 months to get a change in structure or report.

It lacks the granular level details. In SAP BW data is aggregated and materialized so users can't get the way they need or at the granularity they require.

Every report has to be tuned for acceptable performance.

Real time data not available:
Real time data are not available for analysis. Data is moved to SAP BW in batches and takes time.

SAP BW on HANA Benefits:

SAP BW on HANA is smarter, simpler and more efficient.


Customer value of SAP BW on HANA:
    • Excellent query performance for improved decision making
    • Performance boost for Data Load processes for decreased data latency
    • Accelerated In-Memory planning capabilities for faster planning scenarios
    • Flexible - combine EDW with HANA-native data for real-time insights and decision making
    • Data persistency layers are cut off and reduced administration efforts
    • Simplified data modeling and remodeling

Faster decision-making - Having the right information when you need it
In today's business world, fast access and manipulation is required on top of massive data stores. This is beyond the capabilities of traditional disk-based systems.

SAP HANA helps your SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse run better than ever. HANA enables you to analyze large amounts of data, from virtually any source, in near real time, making it possible to access reports with up-to-the-minute information. As an example, having the most current order and logistics information makes it possible to manage your inventory more efficiently, and to predict Available to Promise (ATP) more accurately.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):
When you take into account the cost of hardware, software licenses, maintenance, performance tuning and project development, SAP BW is always cheaper in terms of TCO when running on HANA.

Whether HANA also is cheaper in terms of Total Cost of Acquisition (TCA) depends on where you are in your procurement lifecycle. Do you have to replace hardware anyhow? Can you free up resources on expensive UNIX equipment? Can you reuse the Oracle or DB2 licenses elsewhere or save on maintenance revenue? Do you have to complete a SAP system upgrade as well? Do you save substantially on storage costs? Many times, the answer is yes!

Simplified configuration and operational management:
Non-disruptive innovation and advanced administrative tools.

The current business processes inside BW can stay as they are and will mesh perfectly with HANA. System operation stays as it is, and process chains do not need to be remodeled.

With HANA there is no need to retrain end users familiar with BW. There is still the same BW application process but, with BW on SAP HANA, it is now possible to run queries, updates and reports much faster than before. Expert users do not need to get retrained because they can continue to use their current BI or other frontend tools.

In addition, HANA supports the BW Analysis Authorization Concept, and can be integrated with NetWeaver Identity Management to ensure security remains intact.

When should customers move to SAP BW on HANA?

The answer should be: now! The benefits are huge for most BW systems and it is now Generally Available and stable. Check SAP BW on HANA - Customer Success Stories.

Migration to SAP BW on HANA:

The migration to SAP BW on HANA is quite simple and requires no additional modeling or adaptation of existing information assets. BW is the first SAP application to be re-architected and rewritten to take full advantage of the enhanced capabilities of HANA. Processing that would traditionally be done at the application (ABAP) layer is pushed down into the database where it can be optimally executed with the various calculation and aggregation engines.

BW includes two model types optimized for best performance on the HANA platform. Existing BW models can be used, in most cases, with only a parameter setting change.

Existing BW client tools, like SAP Business Explorer, are supported by BW on SAP HANA. The HANA database also supports direct clients like Microsoft Excel and SAP's Business Objects BI (Business Intelligence) tools.

Do we need to rewrite all the code and stuff after SAP BW migration to HANA?
Absolutely not! All your models will run just like they did before. There are definitely instances where you may choose to optimize your models to run better on SAP HANA but this is not a requirement.

What do we need to do after migration to SAP HANA?

The answer is that you don't need to do anything. However in most cases you would choose to do the following:

Remove SAP BW aggregates (they're only overheads in SAP HANA and this is done automatically for you).

Convert your SAP BW cubes and DSOs to SAP HANA cubes and DSOs (a simple process that improves performance and reduces space).
Note that everything is optional.



SAP BW on HANA is smarter, simpler and more efficient. Customers can make better, faster decisions with SAP BW on HANA. SAP BW on HANA overcomes the traditional barriers and opens a new world of new opportunities.

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38 thoughts on “SAP BW on HANA

  1. Sanjay says:

    I am Sanjay. I am currently working on SAP HANA Modeling. Can you please let me know if you have tutorial on SAP BW 7.4. I want to learn SAP BW 7.4 migration and other things as well..

    • manoj rangpariya says:

      ya i have

      • Varaprasad says:

        Hi Manoj,

        recently we got BW on hana up-gradation/Migration from BW 7.0 to BW 7.5 with Hana DB. Please share pre/Post activities that we have to do.

        Also could you share BW 7.5 Business content of Hana Optimized Info Providers/Reports Installation procedure

        • Umeshchandra Dewhare says:

          Hi Varaprasead,

          I am new to hana, I have done course on it. But due to not having strong project for interview I am unable to clear interview.
          You are currently working on the BW on HANA project, if you share the rough description of your project and output deliverable mapping so I can try to compile it for interview and real time interview question if possible. Your help may help me settle down my career.


      • santhosh kumar says:

        Hello Manoj,

        Can you please forward me the same document as iam very new to SAP HANA.

        Thanks in advance bro.

  2. SAP HANA forum says:

    Very interested this post and this site.


  3. serge says:

    Why do you call it HANA?

    Very good web site I learnt a lot by reading it

    Thanks Serge

  4. stephan says:

    what happens to you exciting BW that runs on SQL after migrating to HANA. can you delete it and use the hardware for something else, or must you keep the server for restore purposes.


  5. Sarah says:


    I would like to ask you some help. I need some statistics information about SAP BW implementations in companies. For exemple, since the first product in 1997 till now, how many implementations had been realised? in which sector? in which country specially? how many implementatios are done per year? …etc..

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Best regards,


    • Admin says:

      Hi Sarah,
      The no of companies using SAP BW is huge. But giving you exact no or company names are little difficult for us. These information are not openly provided by SAP.
      However if we get any publicly available information on this, we will surely update here.

  6. Pawan says:

    Very good useful site for learning HANA

  7. Ram says:

    It was very insightful . Thank you !!

  8. Karim Shaik says:


    This WebSite has very good and useful information on HANA. Could any one tell me the URL (or) the location details
    of the Professional Video of the HANA Data Base and HANA studio as well. I am kind of looking for the HAND OUT that are generally
    provided in the Training sessions for my Practice. Feel free to let me know if you guys have any useful information.Once again, thanks for all your help and coopertion.


  9. chandana says:

    for mba marketing in SAP which module is having feature

  10. Ram says:

    I want to know what are changes in extraction modeling and loading in SAP BW on HANA?

  11. Anita Dixit says:

    Awesome information for beginners! Thanks a lot.

  12. patrick says:

    The tutorials from this site get the highest scores (10/10). Brief, understandable and touching on very important topics. #BigUp

  13. kskraju says:

    Well explained…good road map to understand BW on HANA……….keep it up 🙂

  14. Mitesh says:

    I had a glance of the tutorial and it really looks promising.

    I am a BW Consultant wanting to upgrade my skill to HANA. But as every beginner, I am confused which of the following would give a career boost-

    BW on HANA / HANA Adminastration / HANA Database or HANA Modelling. I would really appreciate if you could help me out.

    Again, thanks alot for this website.


  15. Sam says:

    I am planning to go for SAP Certified Application Specialist – SAP BW on SAP HANA (Edition 2015).

    Could you please tell if this is correct decision or not? Also, kindly share some dump questions if possible.


    • Admin says:


      It’s illegal to share dumps , we don’t provide such services.

      It’s a wise decision.But, if you are fresher in SAP HANA, we would suggest you might gather knowledge on SAP HANA basic aspects first before opting for BW on HANA.


  16. PANDU says:

    Thanks a lot:)

  17. Agrawal says:

    Do we need to convert the normal BW cubes/DSOs to HANA Cubes/DSOs to get the benefit of HANA in terms of speed and analytical capabilities? Will the system still be faster if we dont convert?

    Best Regards

  18. Archana Roy says:

    I find it as a best website for HANA beginners.
    I just started working on HANA and I was very new to SAP. Can anyone say me the basic differences between SAP Netweaver 7.4 , SAP Netweaver 7.5 , SAP 7.4 on HANA and s/4 HANA versions. I feel a bit confused in these all and wanted to learn everthing clearly.

    Thanks & Regards,


    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is very helpful. I appreciate the time and efforts you put in on it.

  20. Ronak Patel says:


    I am working on SAP Security and T&E but only on L1 level. My friend suggested that BW on HANA is on demand. Now i am all confused whether I should go for BWOH or learn further Security and also I have option for BASIS in my project, please guide me to choose a specific module of SAP to enhance my career.

  21. vikas parmar says:

    I am thankful to as I learnt SAP HANA as beginner and cracked interviews of different MNC companies, I have basic and advance knowledge of SAP HANA Modeling but I am new to SAP BW and I want to learn BW on HANA, can you please help me on how to run on this new way ?

    • vikas parmar says:

      Do we have basic and advance courses of “BW on HANA” as we have on “SAP HANA”, It would be very helpful if it is there

  22. jayant says:

    Hi admin,

    i have done sap hana modeling but i am not able to get any vacancy for sap hana modelling , so which module should i learn so that i can get a job.
    so that my sap hana modelling is also helpful.


    • Admin says:

      Hi Jayant,
      There are couple of skills you can combine with SAP HANA to get more opportunities. You may consider learn a bit about SAP Cloud Platform or SAP Fiori.
      If you are interested in HANA Admin section, that might also be a good add-on in your resume.
      What was your previous skill set and experience? Do you have any knowledge in ERP or any SAP Module?

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