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SAP Cloud Platform - A new name or a new product?

Few days back, SAP Cloud Platform was announced by SAP in Press Release
You may wonder what is SAP Cloud Platform? Is it another Cloud Platform provided by SAP? What happened to SAP HANA Cloud Platform? Are they same or different?

Note: Read Get Free Access to SAP Cloud Platform to get your own account and start learning.

SAP Cloud Platform - A new name to SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is nothing but a new name of SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
This name change comprises much more than just (another) rebranding, in fact it sets the tracks for a broad transformation of the cloud platform.

Why this name change?

SAP Cloud Platform - A new name or a new product

SAP HANA, although a great technology, is just a part of SAP Cloud Platform. The previous name SAP HANA Cloud Platform used to fall short in framing the big picture.
"SAP Cloud Platform has evolved from an HANA PaaS to an innovative Cloud Platform to support customers complete need."Share this quote
In this context it is clear that the role of SAP Cloud Platform is certainly more nuanced and of much broader strategic significance than just offering SAP HANA in the cloud and that its strategic role in integration and extension scenarios has been something that was not quite reflected in its name; hence the name change.

The new name clearly addresses that this is THE cloud platform of choice for every company determined to streamline and reinvent their core business processes with S/4HANA and embrace the new capabilities that arise with IoT, Big Data and machine learning.

Does SAP Cloud Platform include SAP HANA now?

SAP Cloud Platform still includes SAP HANA as a core service. There is no change in the Cloud Platform from SAP HANA point of view.
The main reason of this name change was - SAP Cloud Platform has outgrown the name with "HANA" in it because it isn't just about in-memory database services. It's packed with a lot of cool technologies like the Internet of things (IoT), mobile, Hadoop in the cloud and more!
So as great as SAP HANA is, SAP wants everyone to know that SAP Cloud Platform includes a lot of other cool technologies, too.

New Services in SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform - A new name or a new product

As said before, the new name is only the beginning and there are several key topics on the agenda. SAP is going beyond just delivering a general-purpose Platform-as-a-Service offering, but rather establish a digital enterprise platform. As such, the SAP Cloud Platform will constantly be enriched with higher-level services that deliver business functionality as micro services. Those services will of course leverage the afore mentioned technologies such as big data processing and machine learning.
Lots of new services have been added to SAP Cloud Platform. For example:
SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS:
It aims to give developers, designers and businesses the tools and scalability they need to quickly and efficiently build powerful enterprise-grade apps for iPhone and iPad.
SAP Project Companion mobile app:
It is a native iOS app that aims to provide integration through SAP Cloud Platform with the SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud solution, taking advantage of real-time data and dramatically simplifying the experience for consultants, project managers and other users who are typically on the go.
SAP API Business Hub:
API Business Hub provides a catalog of APIs for SAP applications. New APIs are added continuously to make it easier to build out and test new functionality and applications.
SAP Cloud Platform IoT service:
SAP Cloud Platform IoT service is now available in a beta version. With support for more than 40 device protocols, this device management service can help companies leverage the IoT for immediate detection and quicker response.

Bottom Line:

There has been a serious uptake of SAP Cloud Platform in the last two years with 6,500 customers, 600+ partners developing applications, and over 1,000 apps available today. New services are continually being added to SAP Cloud Platform providing the foundation for new SAP products. Now SAP customers and partners alike can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and connectivity to business networks. "With new name SAP Cloud Platform, customers can understand the huge capabilities that SAP Cloud Platform can deliver."Share this quote

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2 thoughts on “SAP Cloud Platform – A new name or a new product

  1. Anil says:

    Hello Team
    Excellent job over a period of 2-3 years clearing doubts, well done.
    In my case, I have experience in CRM and C4C (certified from SAP).Am not sure what will be my role or profile in HANA.Will that be better if I learn Fiori and then learn HANA to get some kind of end to end role, please suggest.I know you don’t provide Fiori training, but still, if you can clarify, that would be great,
    Thanks in advance.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Anil,
      Thanks and glad you like our website. SAP world is evolving very quickly and its very important to keep your profile updated. SAP Fiori and SAP HANA are 2 different topic and its difficult for anyone to be an expert in both. However, you should have atleast the overview of all SAP technology like HANA, Fiori, Cloud Platform, Leonardo etc. But to make a good career you should pick one and be specialist in that. if you like programming and UI then ofcourse SAP Fiori is a great opportunity. If you more towards database then SAP HANA would be better. Do not forget to keep yourself updated with new topics like blockchain, machine learning atleast on very basic level.

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