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This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to Hadoop Lovers.

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SAP HANA Administration - Part 1
Course Overview
1. Introduction
2. SAP HANA Installation Overview
3. SAP HANA Sizing
4. Pre-Installation Steps for SAP HANA
5. Installation of SAP HANA with SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tools
6. What is Next?
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1.2. Revision Strategy of SAP HANA

In this chapter we will explain:

SAP HANA is very dynamic product. Every two weeks, there is a new minor revision of SAP HANA, and every 6 months there is a new major revision (Service Pack). In addition, SAP HANA SP7 also brings Maintenance Revisions.

Revisions and Support Packages:
In the context of the SAP HANA platform, corrections are shipped in the form of Revisions and Support Packages of the product’s components.

The term “Revision” refers to packages containing fixes for the SAP HANA core components (SAP HANA Database, Studio, Clients, AFLs, SDA, and HWCC tool).
There are 4 types of revisions in SAP HANA:

SAP HANA Administration Course

1. SAP HANA Support Package Stack (SPS) - Every half year
Every six month new features and capabilities are introduced in form of SAP HANA Support Package Stack (SPS). Updates are cumulative and strictly downward compatible.

2. SAP HANA Support Package (SP) Revisions - Every three month
SAP HANA Support Package (SP) represents the individual software corrections and updates available for SAP HANA and is released every three month .
HANA SPS 08 was released on May,2014
The revision no is always the double digit starting from the SPS number. For example the revision number of SPS 07 is 70 or higher; revision number of SPS 08 is 80 or higher.

SAP HANA Administration Course
3. SAP Production System Verified HANA Revisions
SAP Production System Verified HANA Revisions outlines certain revisions which have been running in production enterprise applications at SAP before they are released to customers.
These revisions are planned approx. 3 month after release of last SPS and intended to allow better planning of maintenance windows for production environments running on SAP HANA.

4. SAP HANA Maintenance Revision – Every two weeks
SAP HANA Maintenance Revisions contain only major bug fixes found in key SAP HANA scenarios.
The availability of maintenance revisions ends with availability of SAP production system verified revision, approx. 3 month after the release of successor SPS. From this date, customer must adopt the regular SP revisions to receive further fixes.
Customers can opt to maintain their SAP HANA system with the latest SAP HANA Revision or to remain temporarily on the SAP HANA Maintenance Revisions stream.

What does SAP HANA Maintenance Revision offer?

What does HANA Maintenance Revision does NOT offer?

SAP HANA Datacenter Service Point

The newly introduced SAP HANA Datacenter Service Point provides SAP HANA customers with more guidance as to when - and on the basis of which Revision – they should schedule their SAP HANA maintenance stack.

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