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Hadoop Overview
SAP HANA and Hadoop

In the article What is Hadoop? we talked about what exactly is Hadoop, What are its advantages and how it can be best applied.

Now let's see how Hadoop and HANA can be integrated with each other.

The power of Hadoop integrated with SAP HANA:

As we understood so far that Hadoop can store very huge amount of data. It is well suited for storing unstructured data, is good for manipulating very large files and is tolerant to hardware and software failures.
But the main challenge with Hadoop is getting information out of this huge data in real time.

We also have SAP HANA and as we all know that HANA is well suited for processing data in Real time. Hence SAP HANA and Hadoop is a perfect match.

To get real time information from massive storage such as Hadoop, we can use HANA and HANA can be directly integrated to Hadoop.
So we can combine Hadoop and HANA to get real time information from huge data.

With the help of SAP HANA Hadoop Integration we can also combine both structured and un-structured data. Structured and un-structured data are combined and transferred to SAP HANA via a Hadoop / HANA Connector.

What does Hadoop bring to HANA?

    • Cost efficient data storage and processing for large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data such as web logs, machine data, text data, call data records (CDRs), audio, video data.
    • Batch Processing
    • Where fast response times are less critical than reliability and scalability.
    • Complex Information Processing
    • Enable heavily recursive algorithms, machine learning, & queries that cannot be easily expressed in SQL.
    • Low Value Data Archive & Data stays available, though access is slower.
    • Post-hoc Analysis
    • Mine raw data that is either schema-less or where schema changes over time.

SAP HANA and Hadoop Integration:

Hadoop is considered as one of the best in storing the structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
Combined structured and un-structured data are transferred to SAP HANA via a Hadoop / HANA Connector. BODS is one of main way to pull data to HANA.

SAP has also set up a "big-data" partner council, which will work to provide products that make use of HANA and Hadoop. One of the key partners is Cloudera. SAP wants it to be easy to connect to data, whether it's in SAP software or software from another vendor.
SAP HANA and Hadoop
SAP Data Services: Simple GUI build and run ETL process
SAP HANA and Hadoop

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9 thoughts on “SAP HANA and Hadoop

  1. Alex says:

    Very nice aarticle….Good work

  2. Nice to see the integration between Hadoop and HANA , we would like to create a predictive analytics model using this platform, any insite on this would be appreciated.

  3. Ratnesh says:

    Thanks for sharing this information! By using SAP HANA and Hadoop together, customers get the power of instant access with SAP HANA and infinite scale with Hadoop. This gives SAP users a broad range of options for storing and analyzing new types of data and the ability to create applications that can uncover new business opportunities from vast amounts of data that would not have been previously possible.

  4. imran says:

    which type of connectors are you using to build the connection between Hadoop to Hana for migration of structured ,unstructured and Semi-Structured data. I kindly request you to describe in brief

  5. mahesh says:


    Please How can i install hadoop and sap hana integration on my cloud VM system

  6. shahjahan says:

    Hello, i checked your series of articles on SAP Hana DB and Hadoop and trying to understand these technologies. I am new to these technologies. All articles are very informative and classy. I have a question you said in one of your previous article that Hadoop is not a database it is something to handle data scattered on multiple servers using Hadoop Distributed File System technology. Then you are also saying that Hadoop can store very large amount of different types of data in it. what does that mean? can you briefly explain difference between a database and Hadoop? i know you already explained shortly what Hadoop is, in your previous articles.
    Once again thanks for such a great series of articles.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Shahjahan,

      Welcome to SAPHANATutorial.COM.

      Let’s start with this, except a database system, there are other software or application systems which also could store data or information.
      Isn’t it ? Example , Windows , an OS, it also can store data or information in form of files, isn’t it?.
      Database performs easy search of data , build a relational diagram between data, fetch data faster and obviously also store data.
      SAP HANA is an in-memory database, just not any other database.

      Now, Hadoop is a framework to solve the big data problem where data is very complicated.
      It also can store data using HDFS (a scalable file system). It’s an open source framework which handle and process data in a distributed system.
      And, the framework itself is not able to operate in-memory.

      So, We wish we could explain you.
      You can email us using contact-us.

      Also,can post more comments.


  7. Chintan Goyal says:

    I am currently learning SAP-ABAP now I want to learn SAP HANA and Hadoop ?So What should I do?
    What should I learn first?
    I am new to programming, I have basic knowledge of python, RDBMS, Data Structures ,SAP ABAP .
    Kindly Help.

  8. AYN says:

    ABAP is technical part in SAP like SAP hana is having 3 categories (ADMIN,MODLEING,DEVELOPER) so try to learn hana Developer part

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