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SAP HANA Backup using 3rd Party Tools

In previous article Overview of Backup and Recovery we explained basics of Backup and recovery process in HANA.
In this article, we will discuss how we can backup and recover HANA database using 3rd party tools.

Backint for SAP HANA Interface

SAP HANA provides an API where third-party backup tools can be connected. This is called Backint API.
Third-party backup tools can be fully integrated with SAP HANA to enable you to perform backup and recovery operations from SAP HANA studio, SAP HANA cockpit, and using native SQL.

SAP HANA Backup using 3rd Party Tools

A third-party backup tool communicates with an SAP HANA database through the Backint for SAP HANA interface. Backint for SAP HANA uses named pipes to back up the database, and performs all the actions needed to manage external storage.

Each active host in a distributed SAP HANA system may have one or more volumes to be backed up. When Backint for SAP HANA is used to back up a database, several communication processes are started, one for each volume. Backint-based data backups and log backups can be created in parallel.
Log backups are automatically written to Backint (if configured)

Prerequisites for Using Third-Party Backup Tools

  • The implementation of the API of a third-party backup tools using Backint for SAP HANA must be certified by SAP.
  • You have a support contract with the tool vendor that permits you to use the tool with SAP HANA.
More information can be found in SAP Note 1730932.

Backint - parallel streaming

SAP HANA Backup using 3rd Party Tools

  • For improved performance, Backint can now use multiple parallel streams for data backups.
  • Backups will only be distributed if they are bigger than 128 GB. Both full and delta backups are supported.
  • The index server backup is distributed across 3 streams.
  • Because both name server and XS engine backups are smaller than 128 GB, they are not distributed across several streams.

Backint certified vendors

Certification is an installation prerequisite for tools using the "Backint for SAP HANA" API.
Few Certified tools (as of 2015-Sept) are
  • Allen Systems: ASG-Time Navigator
  • Commvault: Simpana, Hitachi Data protection Suite
  • EMC: Networker, EMC Interface for Data Domain Boost
  • HP: Data protector, HP StoreOnce Plug-in for SAP HANA
  • IBM: Tivoli Storage Manager for Enterprise
  • IBM: Spectrum Protect for Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Libelle: BusinessShadow
  • SEP: Sesam

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