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SAP HANA Certification P_HANAIMP142 - Sample Questions

In our previous article SAP HANA Certification P_HANAIMP142 we provided the details of the certification P_HANAIMP142.
In this article we will provide some sample questions for this certification.

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  1. You have to improve the performance of a recurring process that loads data into a productive SAP HANA system. What should you do? Please choose the correct answer.
    1. Drop secondary indexes before loadingo Recreate the indexes after the load is finished
    2. Drop dependent SAP HANA information modelso Re-activate the models after the load is finished
    3. Disable redo loggingo Force the use of bulk insert method call
    4. Disable AUTO MERGE for the target tableso Implement an application-triggered SMART MERGE
  2. When you switch on encryption during the installation of a new SAP HANA database, which part of the database is encrypted? Please choose the correct answer.
    1. Persistence
    2. Database traces
    3. Redo log files
    4. Backups
  3. Your SAP HANA system has 512GB of physical memory. You want to limit the memory that can be used by SAP HANA to 80% of the physical memory. To which of the following values do you have to set the global_allocation_limit parameter in the global.ini? Please choose the correct answer.
    1. 524288
    2. 80
    3. 419430
    4. 80%
  4. You want to use the Change and Transport System (CTS+) to move content from the SAP HANA development system to the SAP HANA production system. Which of the following steps do you execute in the SAP HANA studio? Please choose the correct answer.
    1. Attach objects to a transport request
    2. Configure the SAP HANA application type
    3. Configure the CTS Deploy Web service
    4. Import the ABAP transport request with SAP HANA content
  5. A company uses SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) to transfer data from a source system to SAP HANA. How does SAP recommend that you check for any data transfer problems within SLT on a regular basis? Please choose the correct answer.
    1. Perform a job status check in SLT manually.
    2. Run the health check functionality in SLT.
    3. Run health check scripts on the SLT server at the operating system level.
    4. Perform a data provisioning status check in SAP HANA manually.
  6. An SAP HANA user wants to incorporate the Diminishing Balance Depreciation function in an SAP HANA data model. How can you implement this request efficiently and without incurring additional hardware or license costs? Please choose the correct answer.
    1. Implement analytical and predictive functions in SAP HANA extended application services for use in the SAP HANA information models.
    2. Install the R desktop version to the users’ computers to enable SAP HANA information models to be accessed via ODBC.
    3. Install the Application Function Library (AFL) into the existing SAP HANA server and implement analytical and predictive models based on the SAP standard algorithms.
    4. Set up an R serve installation and connect it with SAP HANA to enable R scripts to be executed as part of the SAP HANA information models.
  7. You are designing a table partitioning strategy in a scale-out scenario. Detailed information about the data access pattern is not available. Which partitioning options would you choose? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
    1. Round robin
    2. Hash
    3. Multi-level
    4. Range
  8. Which of the following SQL statements is equivalent to the CE function:
out = CE_OLAP_VIEW("OLAP_view", ["DIM1", SUM("KF")]);

Please choose the correct answer.

  1. out = select distinct dim1, SUM(kf) FROM „OLAP_view“;
  2. out = select dim1, SUM(kf) FROM „OLAP_view“ GROUP BY dim1;
  3. out = select dim1, SUM(kf) FROM „OLAP_view“;
  4. out = select dim1, kf FROM „OLAP_view“;
  1. You are doing currency conversions using input parameters in an information model. You ran the report that uses the model and selected the target currency from the pop-up list of currencies. You notice that the financial figures in the report are not correct but no error is shown. What could be the reason for this? Please choose the correct answer.
    1. The “Measure Type“ of the currency column is not set to “Amount with Currency“.
    2. The TCUR* currency conversion tables are in the wrong schema.
    3. The “Enable for Conversion“ option is not selected.
    4. The “Set Upon Conversion Failure“ option is set to “Ignore“.


1 D
2 A
3 C
4 A
5 B
6 C
7 A, B
8 B
9 C


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2 thoughts on “SAP HANA Certification Sample Questions and Dumps – P_HANAIMP142

  1. Suman Samanta says:

    Very good sample questions.

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