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This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to Hadoop Lovers.

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SAP Cloud Platform - Overview

In previous articles Introduction to Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing - SaaS, Paas and IaaS Models and Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud we explained the basic features and different models of cloud computing.
Now we will focus on SAP Cloud Platform.


The SAP Cloud Platform, is a full featured, open standards based, in-memory cloud platform designed for today’s increasingly networked, mobile, social and data-driven world. Developers can quickly build impactful, highly scalable applications leveraging the massive speed and scale of SAP HANA.

In simple words - SAP Cloud Platform is a Platform as a Service offering (PaaS) that provides both a development and runtime environment for cloud applications. It allows you to focus on developing your software and use an enterprise-ready pre-installed environment in the SAP cloud to deploy and run your applications in a secure and reliable way.

Note: SAP Cloud Platform was earlier known as SAP HANA Cloud Platform. To know more about this rebranding, read SAP Cloud Platform - A new name or a new product?

Different Scenarios on SAP Cloud Platform:

SAP and its customers use SAP Cloud Platform for 3 main scenarios:

SAP Cloud Platform Architecture
On-Demand Extension: Extending existing SAP solutions running in the cloud with custom extensions also running in the cloud (e.g. SuccessFactors).

On-Premise Extension: Extending existing SAP solutions running in your data center with custom extensions running in the cloud (e.g. SAP Business Suite). This is also called Hybrid Solution.

New Solution: Building new custom solutions running in the cloud

Architecture of SAP Cloud Platform:

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP HANA DBServices:
Starting bottom up, the foundation of the SAP Cloud Platform is SAP HANA, which is not only an in-memory database, but a full-fledged application platform in its own. Besides the possibility to persist data in both row and column stores, SAP HANA also provides numerous libraries to query or manipulate data such as predictive analysis, fuzzy search and text mining, geospatial and graph functionality and so on.

Many of these capabilities have been added to the SAP Cloud Platform. For example developers can now build XS applications directly on the platform and without any additional costs.

SAP HANA AppServices
On top of these DBServices the platform provides additional capabilities (AppServices) referred to as Enablement Services and Application Services respectively.

To facilitate the rapid development of cloud applications the platform provides a vast set of enablement services for the most common pattern in software engineering such as persistence, connectivity, identity and document management and so forth. Addressing the needs it requires to develop first-class business applications these application management services are complemented by profiling and monitoring tools, logging capabilities and remote debugging of cloud applications.

Beyond the technical services, the platform also addresses the business needs related to cloud applications. Solution providers can market and sell their applications via the SAP Store (SAP HANA Marketplace). Customers can easily discover interesting solutions and buy/subscribe (to) them. It is planned to roll-out additional services such as metering and billing soon to further streamline these processes.

Enterprise Readiness:

The SAP Cloud Platform is not just another PaaS solution, but has been designed and developed from scratch with enterprise readiness in mind. As such, it provides built-in application lifecycle management that allows solution providers to update their applications without downtime.

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8 thoughts on “SAP HANA Cloud Platform Architecture

  1. Ranju says:

    Really liked the way concepts are explained !! keep up the great job 🙂

  2. Krish says:

    Excellent Site..!!! Important information covered for Beginners. Much Helpful. Thank you for your efforts.

  3. Akioh says:

    I’m new to this platform. I’m coming from a way smaller platform called FileMaker( Apple Subsidiary ), and after comparing and contrasting SAP Hana Cloud Platform vs, I opted to go with SAP. It literally took me a week to decipher the difference between SAP Hana vs SAP Hana Cloud Platform and ABAP and all the the other offering that SAP has- java, xsapp, html, scn, etc. It was all so confusing; this site made all the sense in the world. Thanks.

    You guys should work for SAP marketing dept. lol

  4. Mohamed BOUAROUR says:

    Great work !

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Anjum says:

    Amazingly good work!!! Hope I will pick up the concepts of SAP HANA and have my carrier in that direction 🙂

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