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SAP HANA Overview
SAP HANA Architecture
Reporting in HANA
SAP HANA Text analysis

Introduction To SAP HANA Database- For Beginners

SAP HANA Database:

SAP HANA is an in-memory database:
      • - It is a combination of hardware and software made to process massive real time data using In-Memory computing.
      • - It combines row-based, column-based database technology.
      • - Data now resides in main-memory (RAM) and no longer on a hard disk.
      • - It’s best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications.

An in-memory database means all the data is stored in the memory (RAM). This is no time wasted in loading the data from hard-disk to RAM or while processing keeping some data in RAM and temporary some data on disk. Everything is in-memory all the time, which gives the CPUs quick access to data for processing.

The speed advantages offered by this RAM storage system are further accelerated by the use of multi-core CPUs, and multiple CPUs per board, and multiple boards per server appliance.

Complex calculations on data are not carried out in the application layer, but are moved to the database.

SAP HANA is equipped with multiengine query processing environment which supports relational as well as graphical and text data within same system. It provides features that support significant processing speed, handle huge data sizes and text mining capabilities.

Conclusion: SAP HANA In Memory Technology

SAP HANA Database
So is SAP making/selling the software or the hardware?

SAP has partnered with leading hardware vendors (HP, Fujitsu, IBM, Dell etc) to sell SAP certified hardware for HANA. SAP is selling licenses and related services for the SAP HANA product which includes the HANA database, easy to use data modeling tool called HANA studio and other software to load data in the database.

SAP HANA Hardware Partners:

SAP HANA Database

Want to know more about SAP HANA Hardware? Check the article - SAP HANA hardware

SAP HANA Architecture
SAP HANA Database
With the help of technology like SLT replication, data can be moved to HANA in real time. It is also possible to copy data from SAP BW or other database into SAP HANA. In HANA, we can use modeling tool called HANA Studio to build the logic and structures and use tools e.g. SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Visual Intelligence to visualize or analyze data.

Want to know more about SAP HANA Architecture? Check this.
An insight into SAP HANA Architecture
Can I just increase the memory of my traditional Oracle database to 2TB and get similar performance?

NO. You might have performance gains due to more memory available for your current Oracle/Microsoft/Teradata database but HANA is not just a database with bigger RAM. It is a combination of a lot of hardware and software technologies. The way data is stored and processed by the In-Memory Computing Engine (IMCE)  is the true differentiator. Having that data available in RAM is just the icing on the cake.

SAP HANA Database: Business Value Proposition

  • Make Decisions in Real-time Access to real time analysis; fast and easy creation of ad-hoc business statistics.
  • Accelerate Business Processes Increase speed of information processes such as planning, forecasting, pricing, offers..
  • Unlock New Insights Remove constraints for analyzing massive data volumes, trends, data mining, predictive analytics…
  • Improve IT Efficiency Manage growing data volume and complexity with lower cost of ownership
  • SAP HANA Database

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    59 thoughts on “SAP HANA Database – Introduction

    1. Bikash Kumar says:

      Really nice and simple. Thanks for the good work.

    2. Prachi Mishra says:

      Very good article together with examples.
      Content is simple,concise and understandable.
      Really nice work.. Keep posting.

    3. vincent says:

      Very insightful

    4. kanna says:

      very helpfull

    5. Wajid says:


      Hats off to the owner and contributor of this service, this is a great service for the IT community!!


    6. Minakshi says:

      I have a doubt, I am a fresher and have no idea about HANA. All the data is stored in RAM , but it is a volatile memory so once if we restart the system, all the data will be erased, right? Can anyone explain how HANA overcomes this problem?

    7. Hanumantha Reddy M says:

      Hi Admin,

      Hope you are doing well.

      Actually i am working as DWH Engineer with skill set OBIEE,Informatica.

      Is this experience useful to learn SAP HANA?
      Is SAP HANA replace SAP BW?(Becuase i want to learn SAP BW).

      Hanumantha Reddy.M

    8. Rehan says:

      Thank you for your post! SAP HANA offers enterprises a new approach to harnessing the value of all that corporate data. As mentioned above, HANA runs on inexpensive commodity hardware from any of several SAP partners, including IBM, Dell, and HP. Its data replication and integration capabilities vastly speed up the process of loading data into the database. And because it uses in-memory storage, applications on top of HANA can access data in near-real time, meaning end-users can gain meaningful insight while there is still time to take meaningful action. HANA can also perform predictive analytics to help organizations plan for future market developments.

    9. Prabhakar says:

      It is simple and very good information

    10. manohar damerla says:

      hai admin

      i am from linux domain..i want to move sap hana and i want to learn it how it is possible and how i should proced.
      plz guide me

    11. Poonam says:

      Hello Admin,

      I am from engineering background and have 5 years of work experience in technical support(servers, windows,desktop,etc). I have never been involved into programming or coding though I have a technical bend and zeal to learn such stuff. Have knowledge on databases, MSQL server. I am currently working as remote desktop engineer and keen to move to the SAP HANA technology for which have done lot of homework on it. I am also taking the SAP classes for HANA inplementation and modelling. I have a few queries in my mind. I would really appreciate if you could answer those for me.

      1) Considering my background, is it worthwhile for me to move to the SAP HANA technology taking into consideration the scope of opportunities in this domain.
      2) Is it okay to complete SAP HANA training from institutes other than the SEIMENS?
      3) What is the percentage of females working for this technology? Is it going to be a nice field for females as we hardly find in such technologies?
      4) What is the difference between HANA development and implementation? Which one is more challenging and got more opportunities in near future? As I mentioned, I am inclined towards coding and programming concepts, however, without prior knowledge and experience, is it advisable to go for HANA development or is implementation and modelling fine for me?

      Thanks in advance!

      • Admin says:

        Hi Poonam,
        1) Considering my background, is it worthwhile for me to move to the SAP HANA technology taking into consideration the scope of opportunities in this domain.
        –> Considering the job trend and future market, yes it is worthwhile to move to SAP HANA technology.

        2) Is it okay to complete SAP HANA training from institutes other than the SEIMENS?
        –> The institute from where you learn does not matter a lot provided they have good faculties and provides hands-on exercise. However, it will be a good idea to take a certification on HANA.

        3) What is the percentage of females working for this technology? Is it going to be a nice field for females as we hardly find in such technologies?
        I do not thing gender has to play any role here 🙂 🙂
        Work environment in almost all IT companies are quite good and lots of female colleagues are working here.

        4) What is the difference between HANA development and implementation? Which one is more challenging and got more opportunities in near future?
        SAP HANA Development – It is basically developer role where you will be responsible for developing modeling views, procedures, services etc.
        Check the course:

        SAP HANA Implementation/Administration – This is admin role you you will be responsible for HANA installation, support and maintenance. This job profile does not include development but rather support. Currently there are many companies looking for HANA administrator and you can easily grab a good opportunity.
        Check the course:

        The decision should be based on your interest. If you are interested in development then go for SAP HANA Development. But if you are interested in HANA Operation, support and maintenance then go for SAP HANA Administration.

        One last piece of information that might affect your decision – currently job requirements for SAP HANA Administration are comparatively more. But there are still quite good opportunity for HANA Developers.


    12. ranjith says:

      Hi Admin,

      Hope you are doing good.

      Present am working as BO Developer and having knowledge in SAP BW ,

      I want to learn HANA,I dont have proper SQL knowledge right now.Is it possible to learn HANA with partial SQL knowledge .

      • Admin says:

        Hi Ranjith,
        There are many job profile in HANA. For example HANA Developer, HANA Administrator, BW on HANA consultant etc.
        As per your experience, you can try for BW on HANA field. This does not require much knowledge of SQL.

    13. Julian Aka says:

      Hi Admin
      I am an IT teacher, been doing it for about 6 years. I have no knowledge of SAP but I am interested and have been reading about HANA and it sounds interested. Could you please advice, what is the best entry strategy to get into SAP. Which area of SAP can I study to be able to get my first SAP job? or which what basic SAP models can I study to get a first Job in SAP?


    14. mvn says:

      Hi Admin,

      I am an ABAP consultant , now i want to switch to SAP Hana technologies. can u suggest me which technology will be better for me in Hana and also suggest me brief about other sap hana courses.

    15. harish says:

      hi admin

      i am mechanical engineer with 2 years experience in production
      attended for sap pp and now i am interested in hana coaching will it help

    16. Ravikiran says:

      Hi Admin

      Currently, i am working on Basis, so will be a strong profile if i go with SAP Hana and basis together?

      Thanks in advance,


    17. Shr says:

      Hi Admin,

      I have 4 experience on SAP ABAP application support and having knowledge on ABAP coding and now am learing SAP hana modeling.

      I am want to continue my carreer as a hana developer.

      My question is that : can I search a job as fesher or shall i put 1 year experience on HANA?

      which one is more benificial for me.

      Kindly let me know.

      Thanks ,

      • Admin says:


        You need to have work experience of 2-3yrs atleast for getting a job in big companies.
        But, startup may have job openings for freshers specially for HANA certified freshers, this is not a common scenario.

        for a fresher, we could suggest learn well, get certified in SAP HANA, and show the experience you actually possess, if you fake it , it would be caught in a moment, show your real experience in HANA and convince the recruiter that you have learned SAP HANA and you can do work related to SAP HANA.

        Let us know we could answer your query or not.


        • Shr says:

          Thank you for your answer.

          I want to know the practical knowledge of HANA . How can I get dummy case studies for learning.

          If possible please provide case studies in your website or mail me.

          Please do the needful.

          Many thanks in advance,

    18. Pratyush Rohilla says:

      Thank you for this amazing information, i was just searching about SAP regarding information, and your site is got up. This is really helpful article. I just want to know that is there any online web application by which we can learn about SAP and its modules? If yes, please share it to me.

    19. subhash says:

      i am doing job currently a DB test engineer and i want to learn sap hana i have sound knowledge on queries , can you please tell me which sap hana module is suitable for me

    20. ravikumarpatwari says:

      S4HANA will replace HANA? I am taking course HaNa at local training center. Kindly explain job role to be handeled and required skill sets

    21. pushpak says:

      Hello sir

      I am BE Mechanical fresher. Would I go with hana. I don’t have any programming knowledge …. Would I go with hana or mm..???

      • Admin says:


        HANA is a database technology, it is not related with any of SAP Modules, there is no prerequisite to learn the technology.
        And, yes you can pursue for it , HANA is well demanding, if you learn well that would be enough.


    22. Pradeep says:

      Dear Sir/Mam.
      I need some calefaction of SAP course, After doing this course, whether we will get the placement are not, I just had this doubts, If any one can please help me on this doubts. And I request to reply to my E-MAIL ID it as mentioned below.

      • Admin says:


        SAP HANA is well demanding, if you learn well, you surely would get an opportunity, for fresher we suggest to pursue for an SAP HANA Certification.


    23. Diane says:

      Is it possible to use Microsoft SSRS reporting tool to pull data from SAP HANA to create reports?

    24. Joshua says:

      Is it advisable to pursue SAP HANA course for a person who has no background of SAP.

    25. Rajan padmanabhan says:

      My background is PeopleSoft and right now i am interested to learn sap hana, as there is lot of jobs right now at Canada. Can i take sap Ghana, my back ground in programming is nil

    26. Ashutosh says:


      I want to learn SAP HANA, is there any way from where I can get the SAP HANA FI module demo access for 1 or 2 months for practice?

    27. Ravi Sharma says:

      I am a SAP BO developer and looking forward to learn SAP HANA. I would be highly obliged if you can guide me, should i go ahead and learn SAP HANA or should i learn some other reporting\Data visualization tools to enhance my career.
      which will be the best option for me looking at my profile? which will the best match with SAP BO according to the market trends?

      • Admin says:


        You may pursue for SAP HANA, but it’s not like any other ERP modules offered by SAP. BO on HANA would be good for you, in our opinion.

        If you are a fresher in SAP HANA, you may follow the url mentioned below to know about “Where to start ?” , “How to start? “, “Is it well demanding?”, “Can I learn SAP HANA?” and find the courses offered at free of cost.


    28. Srikanth says:

      Thanks for Posting this post for SAP Aspirants. Keep Posting

    29. Anurag Verma says:

      Thanks for such informative and helpful article.
      For ideal SAP ERP implementation, where there is no need of analytics, will SAP HANA database will be useful?
      Need your advice.

      • Admin says:

        Hi Anurag,
        Could you please provide a real example. Now-a-days, sooner or later customers would need analytics to understand the business better. But in case there is absolutely no need for analytics, SAP HANA will not make much difference.

    30. Pavani says:

      Hi Admin,

      First of all, Thank you very much for providing good articles.

      I am working in one of the good company as OBIEE,Bi-publisher resource .
      i am planning to start to learning SAP HANA. so i need your guidance.

      Is my experience useful to learn SAP HANA?
      Before starting SAP HANA , should i learn any technologies?

      can you please tell me some guidance for good way to start.


    31. bharath says:

      Hi Admin
      I am very much interested in SAP HANA. can you just any best institute in hyderabad .
      Please reply me back.


      • Admin says:

        Hi Bharath,
        We do not have any information in training institutes in Hyderabad. We only offer online learning materials and courses.

    32. bharath says:

      Hi Admin

      I am working as test analyst and I have experience in manual testing. If i learn and change to sap hana will i get a call on it.
      Please kindly help me or suggest me some good institute that can guide me.


    33. Masande says:

      Hi Admin
      I am a Masters Degree student in IT, I would like to ask the following question.
      1.Is it possible for me to do a research where by I will propose to introduce, deploy or implement and maintain SAP HANA to any organization of my choice without a SAP HANA certificate.

    34. Payal says:


      I am SAP basis administrator and want to learn SAP HANA. Can you suggest from where i should start

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