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Interview Questions on SAP HANA Architecture: Part-4

Qs. Why SAP HANA is fast?

Qs. Describe SAP HANA Database Architecture in brief.

SAP HANA Architecture
The SAP HANA database is developed in C++ and runs on SUSE Linux Enterpise Server. SAP HANA database consists of multiple servers and the most important component is the Index Server. SAP HANA database consists of Index Server, Name Server, Statistics Server, Preprocessor Server and XS Engine.

Index Server:
      • Index server is the main SAP HANA database component
      • It contains the actual data stores and the engines for processing the data.
      • The index server processes incoming SQL or MDX statements in the context of authenticated sessions and transactions.
Persistence Layer:
The database persistence layer is responsible for durability and atomicity of transactions. It ensures that the database can be restored to the most recent committed state after a restart and that transactions are either completely executed or completely undone.

Preprocessor Server:
The index server uses the preprocessor server for analyzing text data and extracting the information on which the text search capabilities are based.

Name Server:
The name server owns the information about the topology of SAP HANA system. In a distributed system, the name server knows where the components are running and which data is located on which server.

Statistic Server:
The statistics server collects information about status, performance and resource consumption from the other servers in the system.. The statistics server also provides a history of measurement data for further analysis.

Session and Transaction Manager:
The Transaction manager coordinates database transactions, and keeps track of running and closed transactions. When a transaction is committed or rolled back, the transaction manager informs the involved storage engines about this event so they can execute necessary actions.

XS Engine:
XS Engine is an optional component. Using XS Engine clients can connect to SAP HANA database to fetch data via HTTP.

Qs.What is ad hoc analysis?
In traditional data warehouses, such as SAP BW, a lot of pre-aggregation is done for quick results. That is the administrator (IT department) decides which information might be needed for analysis and prepares the result for the end users. This results in fast performance but the end user does not have flexibility.

The performance reduces dramatically if the user wants to do analysis on some data that is not already pre-aggregated. With SAP HANA and its speedy engine, no pre-aggregation is required. The user can perform any kind of operations in their reports and does not have to wait hours to get the data ready for analysis.

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17 thoughts on “SAP HANA Interview Questions – Architecture

  1. Rajesh Shanm says:

    Thanks a lot!!!
    Enough data for a beginner..

  2. ganesh biradar says:

    Thank you , it help me lot to study SAP HANA. It’s very interesting .

  3. Oratile Makuane says:

    What do SAP HANA professional do on a daily basis? And is it best to start with SAP BI the SAP HANA or it doesn’t really mattter?

    • Admin says:


      It’s a database, so could be database administration tasks, there are development tasks too, building application on SAP HANA platform is also one of them, SAP HANA Cloud platform is also there, so designing app for clouds, IoT (Internet of Things) apps building, these are different roles performed by professionals related to SAP HANA, several paths emerges from SAP HANA, it always depends on you which one you choose.

      SAP functional area and SAP HANA are different from each other, a professional can choose BI on HANA after learning fundamentals of SAP HANA.


  4. Dhinesh says:

    Hi All,

    I am an Abaper,if I want to do HANA certification which one should I choose?


  5. Rajesh says:

    Hi Team,
    This is raj . i have 1 year exp in sql knowledge, now i’m planing to go sap hana training..
    it’s possible to get the job in sap hana.

    plzz reply mee…

  6. kiranveeruru says:

    thank u for providing these information ,it is very help ful,i hope u keep providing information like on.

  7. PALAK says:

    I am sap abap hr resource with 10 years of experience.Should I switch to ABAP for SAP HANA? Please guide which technology should I pick up.Hana is like an epic and multiple trainings are available.Which training on HANA should I pursue.

  8. Surya says:

    What is oltp and olap?

  9. manikanta says:

    add more interview questions this stuff is not enough to crack interview.

  10. manikanta says:

    add more interview questions this stuff is not enough to crack interview.

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