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HANA Jobs Section
SAP HANA Jobs , Why HANA Jobs are demanding ? Can I build my career with SAP HANA?
What is minimum work experience expected for SAP HANA Jobs ?
How's the payscale of an SAP Consultant ? Does HANA boost the career of an SAP consultant ?
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Bangalore
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Chennai
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Hyderabad
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Mumbai
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Delhi
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in London
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in United States
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Germany
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Peru
Recent SAP Fiori Jobs in Mumbai
Recent SAP Fiori Jobs in Bangalore
Recent SAP Fiori Jobs in Germany
Recent SAP Fiori Jobs in United States
Recent SAP Fiori Jobs in London
Recent SAP Fiori Jobs in Delhi
Recent SAP Fiori Jobs in Hyderabad
Recent SAP Fiori Jobs in Chennai
Recent Hadoop Jobs in Germany
Recent Hadoop Jobs in United States
Recent Hadoop Jobs in London
Recent Hadoop Jobs in Delhi
Recent Hadoop Jobs in Mumbai
Recent Hadoop Jobs in Hyderabad
Recent Hadoop Jobs in Chennai
SAP HANA Jobs, Why HANA Jobs are on demand ?
The In-Memory architecture and efficiency of SAP HANA has already drawn the attention of Fortune 500 companies who are dealing with enormous data on daily basis. The growth curve of installing and usage of HANA is rising. And, that makes this technology as one of the hot trends in current job market.

Why Customers are choosing HANA ?

It is efficient and lot faster, processes business data in seconds. Moreover, most of the companies use ERP systems, most of the popular ERP systems come from SAP and they are compatible with HANA.

Why HANA Jobs are on demand?

Companies who use SAP functional tools are plugging in HANA. As a result, demands for HANA jobs are growing.
Popular names of companies using SAP HANA are Asian Paints, Mercedes-AMG, Vodafone, EMC, eBay, Colgate Palmolive, Coca-cola, Accenture, Sandisk, Unilever, Lenovo, Infosys, Cisco and many more.
Now, these companies need HANA experts. The most popular jobs related to HANA are SAP HANA Cloud Experts, SAP HANA Modeler , SAP HANA Consultant and SAP HANA DB Admin.

Find SAP HANA Jobs in India

SAP HANA Jobs in India

What would be SAP HANA Jobs Salary?

As the demand is more and comparatively number of good hana resources is very less, the payscale of a SAP HANA expert is 15-40% more than an average IT Salary. And, some companies even consider for niche skill bonus for the HANA experts.

How to Learn SAP HANA? Where to Start?

There are lots of jobs in the market. Then, where to start learning could be a obvious question in your mind. You may start with SAP HANA Basic Course offered by us, the course is free of cost and open to all.
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274 thoughts on “SAP HANA Jobs

  1. karthik says:

    hi i am having 3+ exp in abap but now i am intrested in learning sap hana
    how this could be helpful as i am an abaper pls help me

  2. Dinesh Sukdeo Godge says:

    Hello, my name is dinesh. I have 1.5+ years of experience of manufacturing industry. I would like to do the sap hana course. Should i go for it? Can i need experience in other sap module? Should i get the job in sap hana as a fresher or my previous experience is get counted.and what would be the salary as a fresher or as a experienced.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Dinesh,
      In which technology you have 1.5+ experience? If you have experience in any programming labguage or database or SQL, you can combine it with SAP HANA.
      You can start learning HANA with the basic course ( and then move to advanced topics as per your interest.

      Knowledge of any SAP module offcourse helps but it is not mandatory.

      Regarding the salary, it is not possible to give any amount information. But you can be pretty sure that payscale in HANA is quite high than other technologies

  3. Aravind says:

    I am having 2.6years of experience as sap basis consultant.Which course will be suitable for me to upgrade my skills.

    Thanks & Regards

  4. Ramakrishna says:

    I am having a Marketing experience of 6 years,
    I am very mush intresting to go for sap hana jobs ,
    I dont know from whre to start ? is it requre to learn first any sap Module then move to Hana?

  5. I’m looking for job in Sap Hana.
    I’m btech fresher 2014 pass out.

  6. Praveen says:

    I am having 9 years in SAP MM consulting experience , I don’t know ABAP can I learn SAP HANA?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Praveen,
      There are many roles and profiles in HANA. For example Developer, Administrator, Consultant etc.
      If you go for SAP HANA Consultant role on business side, then you do not need any programming knowledge.

      • kumar says:

        Hi Mr. Admin, can you explain the difference between these Developer, Administrator, Consultant. SO which one is the better one among these three and which will be better future??

        • Admin says:


          Consultant is a generic term where different roles exist like developers , admin as DBA stuffs.
          If you are a fresher in SAP HANA, we would recommend to start with basic aspects on SAP HANA, then you decide which part do you like.
          There is nothing like better or worse, they are different paths , there are lot more job roles, even developers could be more specific.
          Decide and pursue the direction which interests you more, but anyway you would need basics to understand the later part.


  7. paresh says:

    sir i have 1 yr exp in hadoop development and I would like to do the sap hana course so,how to enter in sap hana and i have good knowledge in sql scripting.

  8. venkataraman venkatasubramanian says:

    Just I want to do Hana course kindly send me details.

  9. Soumya says:

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for the nice materials.
    I have an experiance of 2 years in ABAP.
    willing to do seek some more knowlegde in SAP as the market is quite good for it.
    But i am confussed. Heard from some seniors to put time to laern functional(say SD) so that i can became a techno-functional.
    Again HANA is going to be the future.
    So can you please advise which will be better and what the role of a developer to HANA.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. sushma says:


    I have expertise in Sybase ASE, Replication and SQL Server as a DBA. how can i learn HANA and how does it suit my profile.

  11. Renuka says:

    Hello I am MBA graduate holder completed 4 years ago and now would like to start my career now as a fresher; I would like to start with HANA could you please suggest me which role in HANA suite for me and to have a quick start.

    Thanks in Advance

  12. shoby says:

    I am working in an oil and gas company last 6.5 years and I have total 11 yrs exp in software field. Mainly I am working in dotnet, sql and oracle. My present company may implement SAP in near future. My friends recommended me to do SAP HANA traing with certification. I don’t have any knowledge in SAP.. Is it a right suggestion ?

    • Admin says:

      Hello Shoby,

      It’s well demanding, would flourish more in the future, moreover a small database concept might be needed as prerequisite to learn this and that could be easily acquired by going through database topics in google .

  13. vamsee says:


    I have 4 years of Experience in Oracle Hyperion tool and from 1 year working with Storage area network (SAN). Now i am planning to change my domain to SAP.
    Kindly please let me know how good SAP HANA will help in my career growth and also please be informed that i don’t have knowledge on SAP.

  14. kumar says:

    I have having around 10 years Businessobjects Admin experience. If i learn HANA is it going make me an HANA consultant or simply an added advantage to BO Administration integration with HANA only ?

    For Administrator profiles like me which module of HANA(developer,admin.. etc) will help for a long running carrer.

  15. Vivek says:

    Hi Team,

    I’ve 6 years of experience as a PL/SQL developer and Business Analyst(Telecom Domain).
    Do please let me know if you would suggest for SAP Hana and if yes into which module?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Sudheer says:


    i have 2.6 years experiance as a Pl/sql developer and am intrested to learn HANA.

    do i need to learn any other SAP Modules before Start HANA??

    Thanks in advance..

  17. Kumar says:

    I have 10 year of experience in Oracle database programming. Will there be better scope if I learn Hana. If yes, Hana development or administration.

  18. Rishi says:


    I have 7+ yr of experience in SAP ABAP and currently I learned HANA modelling, SLT, data provision, Reporting and worked on some dummy projects. I am looking out for some real time work. Can you suggest, which company have a good project, so I can start with getting good exposure.

  19. Gayatri says:

    Job Opening:
    SAP HANA admin
    Mode: Contract
    Duration: 6 to 9 months
    Exp 3 to 6 yrs
    Location: Bangalore

  20. Gayatri says:

    Job Opening:
    SAP HANA admin
    Mode: Contract
    Duration: 6 to 9 months
    Exp 3 to 6 yrs
    Location: Bangalore

    Please send profiles to

  21. Gavish says:

    I am an Electrical & Electronics Engg. I want to be a programmer. I don’t have knowledge of SAP modules but I know some programming languages like C & SQL. Which course u suggest me to move forward. & one more thing that I am 36 yrs old, will it matters while entering as a fresher in the IT market?
    Thanks in advance…

  22. Pruthvi says:


    I have 3 yrs of experiance in server administartion working on jboss,apache in linux environments.can i switch over to SAP hana to have a good career ahead ,will there be any challanges faced to learn hana if i dont have previous experiance working on SAP.

    Please suggest me on this .

    Thanks in advance

  23. Nishita says:


    I have 3+yrs of experience in SAP web dynpro but don’t know ABAP…How SAP HANA will be useful for me…which module of HANA I should take up…please suggest

  24. Abhishek says:

    I Have 6 years of Experience in Windows, citrix Xenapp Administration. I am Planning to Learn SAP HANA, Could you please suggest is this is the Right Tool to Switch my career in to this. And kindly Give me some idea about SAP HANA basic concepts before starting Learning.
    And let me know how the Experience will be Calculated , Will the Companies consider my Earlier experience or i have to be a Fresher again.
    Package As of now is 10.50 Lak/per annum, If i change my technology will i get the same package?


  25. Jitender says:

    I am confused where to started. I have 7+ years exp. in BPO industry. I am not in the technology field, can I still move to SAP field. If yes, what would be the best course for me and what would be the expected salary package. I m MBAer (IT) from distance learning.

  26. Sami Shaik says:

    Hi there,

    I am having 7 years of experience as a Software Test Analyst and I would like to upgrade my skills so thought for SAP. I am a newbie in SAP and have basic programming knowledge in C. Please suggest me best SAP module.

    Sami Shaik.

  27. Bablu singh says:


    I have 2 years of experience in BPO. And I am thinking to do HANA. But my doubt is will my previous experience will be counted or not. Plz suggest me.

  28. Madhu says:

    Hello sir, myself madhu graduate in BE(Computer science), am a fresher don’t have any experience. I want to do sap hana so if I do the course as a fresher may I expect job in hana consultant or development?and also completed my basic things in hana as u mentioned in the tutorial

  29. Sai says:

    Hi Team
    I am having 1 yr of experience in Java developing. I heard like SAPHANA is good in future. Please suggest is it good to learn HANA or shall I continue with Java developing.
    Please do needful

  30. karthik sai says:

    i,m karthik a graduate in B.E mechanical.I have relevant exp in my production for 3 years i would like to shift my career towards software sector.
    my friends referred me Bigdata and SAP PP as two choices which i could opt for.Please suggest me the right course (i have knowledge on core java & SQL)

  31. Anil says:

    Hello Admin, Thank you for writing these simple and easy to understand articles on SAP HANA. We need to really appreciate your efforts on this. I’m a SAP SD Consultant with basic understanding of ABAP. As we see the ERP is hitting end of the road with the introduction of S4 HANA. With the introduction of Functional modules in S4 HANA like Simple Finance and Simple Logistics on the S4 HANA platform, is it advisable to learn HANA as a technical components to get early advantage or just stick with the Simple Finance and Logistics functional components as I’m already a SAP Functional consultant?

    Your inputs are highly appreciated. Thank You. Anil.

  32. Shruthi says:


    I have 3 years of experience in ABAP application support. Now I am looking for good technology which will give good shape to my knowledge. Will it be suits for me and after completion of the course shall I get job immediately.

  33. Venkat says:


    I have 2+ yrs experience in Hyperion IR,SQR,HFR, also FDQM EE and what module of SAP HANA will be suitable?

  34. Manikandan says:


    I have 10+ years of experience in IT and ITES (non-technical). I am interested to learn SAP HANA. To be frank i dont know coding or SQL queries. I am totally onto Customer/Client Management, but SAP is somewhat I’m interested.


  35. Arjun says:

    Hi ..,

    I am Having 5 years of experience on SAS DataFlux.. & having good knowledge on Oracle . Can i make my career on SAP HANA.
    May i know what exactly suits me this application. If go apply job on SAP HANA i will be new for that .. will interviewer will consider my resume

  36. Khaja says:


    I am having 9 yrs of exp in Business Objects. Apart from SAP BO, I am aware of data services as well. so, can you please advice shall i go ahead with native hana or sap bw powered by hana.

    Thanks in advance.

  37. Monika K says:

    Hi , I have 1 year experience in insurance domain as business analyst. My designation is application software developer accosiate senior consultant. Iam planing for SAP HANA course. Am I thinking in the right track?? Can it boost my career?? As a fresher is it possible to get job?? Plz guide me


  38. MAHESH says:


  39. Luis Mohanty says:

    Heloo, i am +3 graduate…..Bca..can i start with a sap hana course…Can i get job??

  40. cesar says:

    Hi. Im from Mexico City and Im 48 years old.
    Im currently working in a service desk company.
    I became interested in sap hana because all the potential that has and for the involvement in IOT.
    The issue is that I don`t have any bachelors degree but i want to get involved as Im studying SAP HANA now.
    Is my age and a lack of degree going to be a big issue when the time comes if I ever want to apply for a job regarding SAP HANA ?
    Thank you for all your replies regarding this.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Cesar,

      Degree would not be an issue in my opinion.
      But in Mexico, I don’t have any idea whether age matters or not .
      If it doesn’t, then obviously you can start learning .


  41. Zahid Ahmed says:

    Hi, I would like to understand if SAP HANA is something I can adapt and switch my career aspirations into SAP. I have 12 years of IT ES experience and 7 years out of which is into Client Project Management and IT Service Delivery. I am Prince2 Practitioner certified and would like to know that switching from Service Delivery to SAP HANA is feasible and I good choice for a secure career.

  42. Umesh says:


    I am an SAP SD consultant. Do i have anything in SAP HANA for me?

    • Admin says:

      Hello Umesh,

      SAP HANA is well demanding, there is no doubt and it would flourish , the real question I think is “Are you interested or not? ”
      Now, How would you know if you haven’t started , so you may go through the basic course offered by us, and if you feel interested you can proceed further.


      • Umesh says:

        Hi Admin,

        I think you did not answer me to the point.


        • Admin says:

          Hello Umesh,

          Please, be little specific by what do you mean the by question “Do i have anything in SAP HANA for me?” .
          What we did understand by your question whether you could pursue SAP HANA as a career being SAP SD Consultant.

          If that was your question, then the answer would be same, it depends upon your interest, HANA doesn’t require any pre-requite.
          But. as it’s a database technology, it’s connected to all functional modules, if you are interested more on technical, then you could go for Modelling part, design part or architecture, if you are interested in administration part , go for SAP HANA Admin, that’s why we mentioned you might need to go through on overview before taking decisions, that would help more.

          Now, if that was not your question, please help us to understand what’s your query.


  43. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have 7+ years of experience in Wintel-VM ware and Citrix Technologies but now wanted to move for SAP due to high payout and onsite opportunities.
    Could you please suggest me which SAP course/module should I go for ? BASIS ,HANA or any other
    And also if my current experience will be carry forward or I will be treated as fresher.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Sanjeev,

      If you learn well , We don’t think it would hardly matter. Moreover, if you focus on functional knowledge , it could be very helpful for experienced guy like you.


  44. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am Dinesh Kumar, I am 26+ yrs now. I have 3+ years experience in 3D Maya. Now I am in an idea to switch over to a new technology SAP HANA and I like to take a course. I have few queries below, please clarify me

    1. Is there is any difficulty to enter as a fresher in SAP HANA.
    2. Is I required any prior SAP knowledge in BW or BI.
    3. IS I require any knowledge on backend SW like SQL or Oracle.
    4. After completing SAP course, how will be the openings SAP HANA fresher.
    5. What is the average salary for a fresher.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Dinesh,

      There is no such pre-requisite to learn SAP HANA.

      You may go through the following url where we explained further.

      Being a fresher skilled in SAP HANA is hard to get a job in reputed companies.
      For a SAP HANA Developer , we guess approx 500,000 INR could be the salary.
      Although , it varies and depending upon companies and other factors.


  45. sudeshna deshmukh says:

    hi ,

    I am having experience in marketing of 3 years. & now I am learning hana with BO .How do I get entry into this market as a fresher ?will my previous experience count ?

  46. Imtiaz says:

    My Profile is

    BE Mechanical
    MS Computational Engineering from Germany
    CAPM (Certifies Associate in Project Management)…PMI Pennsylvania USA
    1 Year Experience in Mechanical Production…………… Switzerland
    Certified SAP ERP Consultant…………………………………………………..SAP SE Walldorf Germany
    Certified SAP ABAP Consultant………………………………………………SAP SE Walldorf Germany
    Certified SAP BW/HANA Consultant……………………………………..SAP SE Walldorf Germany
    1 Year Experience in ERP , ABAP and HANA………………………..Germany

    Which skills are needed to improve to bag some good SAP .opportunities

    • Admin says:

      Hello Imtiaz,

      Are you SAP Certified? Which certification/certifications did you do?

      You may work on HANA Cloud, quite promising…..


  47. Sowmiya says:

    I completed HANA certification provided by WFT Cloud, Chennai. As a IT graduate fresher, I dnt knw how to start my career in HANA field. Everywhere I see only experienced candidates are recruited. How do I start my career in this field as a fresher?

  48. Jakeer Syed says:

    Hi Admin,

    This is Jakeer, I have 2 years of work experience on UNIX,ORACLE DATABASE,SQL,PL/SQL. I want o become a programmer which module of SAP HANA will best suite me and what package can I expect to start a career with SAP HANA with 2 years of experience

  49. balakrishna says:

    hi i have sap abap of 3 years experience . i have no knowledge on SAP BI,BW,BO
    hear my query is
    course content is common or differ for HANA Consultant,HANA Developer, HANA Administrator ?
    if course content is differ means can you please share me the course contents for each position?
    and which position i will suet ?
    SAP BI,BW knowledge is required or not? please help me

    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA doesn’t need any prior experience in other SAP Modules.
      As it’s a database technology, generally job roles are Developer, DBA, Architect etc.
      A professional skilled in SAP ERP also can learn aspects of SAP HANA to boost his/her career.
      BI/BW or any other requirement is not needed, in our opinion SAP HANA Developer roles are most perfect for your.
      And, yes Developer and Technology Consultant do differ from DBA and Business Consultants like Product Consultants.



  50. Prangya says:


    I am working on sql/pl sql. Can I go for sap hana course .And I am 2012 passout. On march15 I have got job. If I will prepare for sap hana. Will it be helpful for me as a less experience. And one more thing is other company use sap hana except SAP.

    • Admin says:


      Currently, SAP HANA jobs require 3-5yrs for Developer roles in top companies, mid size companies would require 2yrs min I guess,
      but yes to learn work experience doesn’t matter neither your previous technology,
      So, these facts may help you decide.


  51. Debashree says:

    I am a SAP Security and GRC expert with over 10 years of experience. Can I take up a job in SAP Hana? If yes, what kind of role can I expect?

    • Admin says:


      Generally SAP HANA jobs would have 1. Developer 2.Consultant 3. Architect roles,
      In Product Sales domain, Product Consultant Roles are also offered.

      In our opinion , you may focus on more business specific roles and less on technical, as you already possess 10 yrs of industry experience .


      • Debashree says:

        Thank you for your reply to my query.

        May I request you further to site some examples of Business specific roles? I am a certified PMP as well.

  52. Sidh says:


    I am having 7 + years in SAP ABAP and left my previous organization last Jan-2015 due to some personal family issue now I am planing for SAP HANA training course which is best Course under SAP HANA and how it can help me get job on SAP HANA could you please advice me.

    Sidh Pat

    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA is well demanding, a year gap would not affect your career at big extent.
      Atleast, you could start with small or mid size companies to come back.
      And, yes SAP HANA expertise would boost your profile.


      • sidh says:

        Actually I am in confusion which role will suit for me into SAP ABAP HANA or I would like to go for Analytic HANA (reporting tools). Please suggest me.

  53. prangya says:

    Could anyone suggest which institute will be good for SAP HANA in Bangalore. And is there any institute which really providing placement for this.

  54. Nandhakumar says:

    Hi Team

    I have 7+ years experience in html and domain hosting management(web master), i would like to learn Sap hana course. Please suggest if i learn sap hana , it is possible to get SAP HANA side jobs easily. i know sql and database concepts, i have completed oracle 10g ocp and sql certification in 2 years back. please suggest me..

    Thanks in advance.

  55. Raushan says:

    Dear Sir

    I have an exp of 4 years in SAP ABAP currently working , but I need some other module for career growth so could u suggest me as i go for SAP BI/BW or HANA.

  56. Vijay says:

    Hi Admin,

    Good to see your responses to each individually. I am 12 year experience in testing, I wanted to change so wanted to learn SAP HANNA. What would be your suggestion? which module would you suggest?

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Admin says:

      Hello Vijay,

      Thanks for the appreciation. It has two aspects – 1) Development 2)Administration.
      In our opinion, you may opt for Administration of SAP HANA.
      It is related to less programming stuffs.


  57. Sandeep says:

    Hi I m a basically a BSc Chemistry graduate currently working as a medical representative and doing MBA in HR and Finance.I m 26yrs old.I don’t have an IT exposure so far.
    I would like to work in IT field.
    Below are my queries. Pls revert me.
    Q.No.1 Would it be a right decision as I m 26yrs old its not a time to take chances?
    Q.No.2. Will it be able to get an entry in reputed firms like infy,TCS,UST global etc as they prefer experienced Btech or MCA candidates? Unfortunately I don’t have those degrees.
    Q.No.3 Is there any good institutions in Trivandrum or Kerala offer the HANA course? If so how about the duration and course fee?
    Q.No.4 I come to know that there is a great market for HANA. It seems like a trend. A trend will never stay forever as it fade out in a few years. At that point of view after 2 or 3years will there be a crisis?
    Q.No.5 What about the opportunities abroad especially Dubai?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Sandeep,

      You may go for IT , there is no doubt jobs are more in IT field, as you know the whole IT domain expanding even in healthcare and infrastructure.
      Now, this is not entirely true that only BTech or MCA guys get opportunity in TCS, I used to work in TCS, I know some guys they are from BSc or BCom.
      But, yes they prefer BTech or MCA, but you would have an MBA as you mentioned , that would be advantageous for you.

      Now, It’s just a beginning for SAP HANA, and when you mention a big trend , it exists for atleast 10yrs.
      And, in IT nothing is permanent, today’s technology could be dead tomorrow, but till then you could move on to something.
      We all have to move on to new things, this is IT, everything is a trend over here, but we guess HANA would last atleast 10yrs from now.

      I am not aware about Dubai Jobs, only could say oil companies who are dealing with petroleum are migrating to SAP ERP systems , so obvioulsy they have to choose HANA as database.


  58. Karthik says:

    I am planning to write SAP HANA Application Associate Certification on Feb12th, Will i get any good opportunities as a fresher in Hana at a good company ? I’m a mechanical Engineer and have a year’s experience in Design field.

    • Admin says:

      Generally 2-3 yrs experienced guy is required in big companies.
      But, there are few scenarios where HANA certified freshers get the opportunity, cause experienced HANA guys are expensive and hard to find compared to demand.


  59. Chitta says:


    I worked as Informatica admin for 3+years. I dont want to go for admin side, since admin workload will be more on weekend than weekdays.. I am not working from last one year.In the mean time I have taken training SAP BO. Please suggest me which one to go for SAP HANA developer or SAP Analytic HANA (reporting tools). Since I don’t have much idea.


  60. Vijay says:

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you for your reply, Can you please suggest the video tutorials fot beginners to get hands on before moving to the course.

    Thanks & Regards,

  61. tanu says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have 4+ years of experience in IT as a SQL support analyst. I have gone through your material and found it very useful.

    I recently completed my SAP HANA Development (modeler) course outside and want to start searching for jobs. I don’t find any SAP HANA projects in my company. Should I try for job as a fresher in SAP HANA or put some project name (under SAP HANA) and try outside. Please suggest me.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Admin says:


      You don’t have to search as a fresher, you may pursue for a certification at first, then learn the SAP HANA aspects well.
      There are two different path we could say, 1) Admin 2)Development . Any part you choose , you must learn well, one more thing never fake experience in your resume, it could be caught in a moment, inspite of that mention you learnt the aspects and do a certification.

      Thanks, we hope we could answer your query,

  62. Murali says:


    I am currently working on Mainframe technology having around 9 years of experience on mainframes.
    I would like to learn SAP HANA course. I dont have any SAP background, is it possible to learn SAP HANA and to get SAP HANA side jobs with my experience.
    I am not interested in coding side, which role is suite for non coding side.

    Thanks in in advance!!


  63. Rupsa says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am a B.Tech CSE background.I have 2.2 years experience in SAP BO,SAS, VBA & SQL. So, I want to learn SAP HANA Course and planning to do the certification. You told generally SAP HANA jobs would have 1. Developer 2.Consultant & 3. Architect roles.Now I got a new role Controlling Associate. So whatever you told which role is good for me? Which certification is good for me:-
    1. C_HANAIMP142: SAP Certified Application Associate (Edition 2014) – SAP HANA
    2. P_HANAIMP142: SAP Certified Application Professional – SAP HANA (Edition 2014)
    3. E_HANABW141: SAP Certified Application Specialist (Edition 2014) – SAP BW powered by SAP HANA
    Could you please suggest on this? In future it should be demanding or not? I know SAP BO if I learn SAP Hana so it can be easy to pick up quickly?

  64. Harish says:

    Hello Admin,

    I can really appreciate your each and every responses to the needy people. Grateful to your patience in answering. Let’s come to point,Previously I had an experience of Incident Management possessed with 2+ years of experience. And I’m currently working as a SAP helpdesk consultant which supports all modules which is so new to me and trying to understand all the SAP modules. As being a fresher to the SAP stream, i’m under chaos that in which path i need to get in as seems like SAP is enourmous ocean. Some of them are advising to get into SAP Basis and some of them SAP SCM, SAP APO etc., And now hearing SAP HANA is a great future going forward. Seems like you had a very good experience in SAP environment and i was really elated with your responses and advices to people and clearing their queries.
    Can you please fetch some time and suggest me what could be the perfect profile for me in SAP in order to set my career ?

    Thanks for your anticipation..!!


    • Admin says:


      Yes, that’s true SAP has become so big, so may ERP tools, then has come up with In-Memory Database, now investing in Cloud and IoT.
      What do you do generally in your work? Is it more functional or only indecent management?

      If you like coding and development work, we guess , SAP HANA Development stuffs would be great for you.
      There are lots of areas where actually you could invest time , example IoT( Internet of Things), this is the area where we believe a great revolution of technology is coming, where you really do the work out , as it’s very fresh, you wouldn’t face a competition lot. But, it would be the future.
      We will launch some courses of IoT,Cloud and SAP HANA, our main focus would be on that in the near future.

      Now, if you don;t give a damn about technical stuffs, you may look for Administration suffs.
      Pursue for a certification.

      You may email us back at .
      Our response might be a little delayed , please have patience πŸ™‚ .

      Thanks for being with us. Have a wonderful day !!! πŸ™‚


      • harish says:

        Hello Admin,

        Thanks for your reply. I purely do Incident Management work for SAP project. I also heard that, SAP Solutions Manager is the ITIL is relevant tool from SAP. Could you please guide me on that. Is it would be better if I go with that Solutions Manager tool ? Please help..!!

  65. Rajesh sapbasis says:

    Hi admin,
    I am currently working as sap basis consultant, but workload is too high on sap basis administration side, can you plz advice which cold be the best one on sap hana for me. I see u suggested sap hana data modelling for one of folks chitta on this blog. could u plz advice me one too.

  66. Anurag says:

    Hi ,

    i am a fresher.and want to do SAP HANA course should i try with that or not? is there any chances for fresher to enter in SAP HANA ? i am from 2014 passout and as you earlier before in a comment that never mention fake exp and all ? so what is they way apart form this coz i know SAP HANA is very good apart from other IT jobs.

    • Admin says:


      Min 2-3 yrs of experience is required for HANA Jobs.
      For freshers, we would like to suggest, get a certification, learn well and in startup companies you may get an opportunity.

      Common scenario is atleast 2-3 yrs experience is expected.


  67. Saravanan says:

    I have 12 years of experience in mainframe technology and seriously looking for a technology change. When inquired, I was suggested to do HANA training. Please suggest me the module in HANA(Admin, Developer, Modeler, Consultant) which I need to concentrate upon.

  68. Sreenu says:


    I’m having total 6.5 years of experience. 4.7 Years as developer in travel domain Sector CONCUR its an SAP company (similar to development and manual testing role). I’m having little knowledge on Microsoft SQL Server DBA and Linux Administration.

    Which course will be good for me.

    Please advice.


  69. avinash says:

    I have 5 experience in Manual testing. I am instrested in learning sap Hana, please suggest me which sap Hana module suits me like administration or developer or consultant. Also would like to know how to acquire practical knowledge please suggest if any training is required for practical scenarios. Also please let me know how do my previous experience count in sap Hana or I would be like fresher, will there be job opportunities for freshers in sap Hana.

  70. Prasenjit Bist says:

    Hi Team,

    First of all thanks for the content that is not only free but really great, so who say’s free things are not always better.
    There are some exceptions always though πŸ™‚

    I have 7.9 years of SAP experience in ABAP programming with skills in ABAP, ABAP OO, IDOC, SAP Gateway services, etc but very basic in SAP FIori and i
    don’t like these UI stuffs much. I also have good understanding and working knowledge of SAP ABAP on HANA related developments.
    Could you please advise me how can i move more to the HANA side of things and what could be the areas[except SAPUI5 and Fiori, i am happy with the basic stuffs i don’t like it πŸ™‚ ]. Please help me I am so worried for my future.


  71. Ravikiran says:

    Hi Team,

    I am currently working as Basis consultant in an MNC, I would like to explore my carrier in SAP, So which one would be better for me to get my resume stronger,
    Is it with SAP HANA or SAP BI/BW, I am little bit confused in these two modules. Can you please suggest me with the best one??

    Thanks for your support.

    Ravikiran Reddy.

  72. Rajan says:


    I am a software tester and I want to build my carrer in SAP HANA.

    I am not good at programming part.

    Please guide me how can I move to HANA

  73. Vinod says:


    I have 8 years of prior Java experience and recent 5 years of Project management experience (PMP certified). I want to know which certification would give an idea which would help me to understand HANA projects technically and manage the HANA projects.


  74. Vishal says:


    I am Vishal currently i have 9 month experience in IBM for UNIX & SQL as Production & support.

    I would like to explore my carrier in SAP, So which one would be better for me to get my resume stronger.

    Is it with SAP HANA .I am little bit confused can you please suggest me with the best one??

    • Admin says:


      We could help you with the information, but choice has to be yours.

      SAP HANA is well demanding, it’s a database technology, if you browse our trendz section you would be able to know that SAP HANA is adopted by big companies.

      For information on Jobs , follow the article….

      Still it is evolving and expanding its wings , it comes with Cloud aspects too, and no pre-requisite at all.
      An aspirant has to learn well, that’s all it requires.


  75. santosh says:

    MY name is santosh. I have 5+ years of exp in IT industry.i have been working with support project now want to learn HANA. Is this suitable for me or not please suggest me.

  76. Amar says:

    Hi Iam having 3+ years of experience in sql server DBA,iam intrested in SAP HANA,please suggest how to proceed

  77. Taher says:


    I am Taher, holding 5+ yrs of experience in Dotnet Technology currently working for Tata Consultancy Services. I would like to move on to SAP HANA. Please suggest me.

  78. NAWAZ says:

    I am a student of BE COMPUTER SCIENCE Engg. 3 rd year .I want to start my career in SAP side .Which course of SAP I have to start first. Name of the company which are working on it .what is the starting salary in SAP for fresher.

  79. Ramana says:

    I have 2 years of c++ and c# experience in game programming. I was suggested to do SAP HANA Cloud Platform training. I just want to know is it right decision ? if its not Please suggest me the module in HANA which I need to concentrate upon.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Admin says:


      We can’t conclude whether is a better or not , cause we are not aware about the prospect of game programming and excellence in it.
      But, we could say SAP HANA is promising , it’s worth pursuing, as you know it’s an database technology with in-memory computing and most compatible to SAP ERP system, so it has a great future.

      You may start with basic course offered by us.


  80. VENKAT says:


    I have 10+ experiance in finance department, Is it possible to get Job with good scale If I learn SAP HANA.

    Best Regards,

  81. sravan says:

    I have knowledge in SAP HANA and S/4 HANA,i did basic and advanced courses in HANA,but i dont any have industry experience,iam a master student in germany,is it possible to get as a fresher in the field of sap hana?

  82. Ashok says:


    I am Ashok currently am working as a people soft functional consultant having 2 years experience.Is it possible to change my domain people soft the SAP HANA Admin.

  83. suman says:

    Hi Team,
    i am SAP Bo/BODS Consultant with 6 years of experience. i have good experience in DS admin side as well.i have knowledge in BW.

    Please suggest which area in HANA i can choose for my career.

    Thanks in advance

  84. Rameah says:


    I am working as ABAP consultant from past 7 yrs. I have knowledge on HANA, i am looking for change with HANA.

    When i am looking jobs on HANA in job portals, all are asking BW/BI with HANA.

    Please suggest how can abaper get opportunity..

    • Admin says:


      It’s true that BI/BW on HANA is more promising, but ABAP consultant skilled in HANA is also required.
      All we could say have patience, search more , search in other job portals which is not yet found by you.


  85. Dharmesh Vaghela says:

    Hi Team,

    I am B.Com. I have 18 years of combined Experience in Financial Domain. I have work with almost all business verticals viz. Finance, Retail, Mfg., Trading, Education, wellness, Hospitality,etc. I had leaned FoxPro 2.6,VB 5.0 and VFP 5.0 during my Graduation and immediately Started my Carrier as a Programmer for business applications. Then I jumped into Technical Support for TCS E.X. which gave me basic knowledge of MS Access, SQL 7.0 and Crystal Report 4.5 and gradually I moved on to Training and Implementation part which includes accountancy,business operations and taxation management in the same application which gave me in-depth knowledge in above mentioned verticals. Then I started consulting clients and understanding their requirements and getting their need full-filled by coordinating with technical, functional and programming team. Same thing I did for Payroll, Mfg. & Retail apps and many other business applications like Tally.ERP 9. I had also taken an official Training on TDL for Tally.ERP 9 in 2009 and official Training on MS Dynamics Navision 4.0 in 2008 by official training partner but I couldn’t get any exposure on both the training. Currently I am a business analyst/BDM for business applications. Now I have decided to Boost My Carrier with SAP and attended a SAP seminar where I am guided to choose SAP FICO. After going through your site I came to know many things about SAP HANA, now I am confused whether to go ahead with FICO or HANA. Seeking a friendly help from you people. I have written a very long para but it would help you in helping me, I hope…

    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA is a database , it’s like the base of everything , now each SAP Module is going to run on SAP HANA.
      So, whether you are in FICO, still you could learn aspects of HANA, that won’t divert you from your path.
      Moreover, it would excel and strengthen your profile.


  86. akash says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am having 5 years of experience in SAP BO report development and SQL server database development.
    I am very keen to pursue HANA dev. .
    When I inquired about certification for HANA, I was told that either we should have working knowledge on HANA or we should do HANA training from authorized centers. But the training cost is too high.
    Can you please advise if I can learn HANA from other autonomous training provider or internet and apper for certification?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Admin says:


      If you follow the steps, you actually could learn SAP HANA by your own…..
      1) Take an SAP HANA shared Server as rent ( you may search in google)
      2) Go through online courses offered by us, it’s open to all
      3) Ask your queries at “”

      Now, for SAP HANA Certification for example C_HANAIMP151 , cost is 40K INR approx, that’s the certification cost, no training is mandatory for opting for the certification, neither the work experience, there are different level of SAP HANA Certifications offered by SAP.


  87. Sana says:

    M currently working as MSBI ETL support, please suggest which module to select from SAP HANA

  88. akash says:

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you for valuable inputs, which certification will suit my profile considering I have exp. on SQL and SAP BO webi development .


  89. Rajkumar R says:


    My overall experience is 7 years, from 2011 till 2015 I worked as a business analyst or MIS (5.5 yeas using Excel and internal CRM software for data analysis) and since 2015 working in manufacture company (WABCO) as Performance Analyst (Administrator of SixSigma DB & performing analysis and creating reports based on business needs).

    I would like to upgrade my profile to Business Intelligence (BI). Which module would you prefer to enhance my career and future (SAP HANA or SAP BI). Why would you prefer ??

    Is it possible to do the professional certification alone without training as the training cost is so huge (3 Lakhs)?

    Thank you in advance,

    Rajkumar R

    • Admin says:


      Knowing the basics on SAP HANA is mandatory, without it , so many aspects couldn’t be understood in BI on HANA.

      The above mentioned online course (openly accessible) would serve the purpose of learning SAP HANA basics.

      Now, to do the certification , training is not mandatory, C_HANAIMP151 offered by SAP costs approx 40,000 INR.


  90. satya says:

    I am a btech fresher from computer science stream and i want to learn new upcoming technology like sap hana,sap abap etc.Is it good for me to start with sap hana without having any industry knowledge??But i have a lot of interest to learn those technology which has a lot of demand in future.

  91. Santosh says:

    I am having around 10yrs of exp in Java/J2EE.Currently working as Technical support. But now I am interested to change my Technology.
    One of my cousin who works on SAP suggested to learn SAP HANA.Is it recommended? Please suggest.

  92. Karthik says:

    Hi Team,
    I am having 4 years of experience in ABAP and I Learned the SAP HANA Modeling, but for applying jobs the requirement is like minimum one implementation, so how to get job in HANA

    • Admin says:


      Explore more opportunities in job portals, learn well, opt for a certification if you don’t have any real time experience and not able to crack a job .


  93. gopi krishna setti says:

    Hi Admin,

    really appreciate the effort you are putting here in educating people, i have a query for you.
    i have 4 years of experience in administration i.e physical servers, cisco ucs , unix and virtualisation , and today i had a session on HANA, what suitable part of SAP HANA would suite me,and do i need to have DB Administration experience. can you please help me where i can start and how can i move forward.

    thanks in advance.

    best regards,


    • Admin says:


      HANA Administration would be completely different than the System Administration you mentioned.
      Cause, first of all SAP HANA is a DB, and actually it has gone beyond that, it’s a high performance data processing platform.
      So, here the administration work would be different, so you could choose functional part too, your past experience wouldn’t be the hindrance of choosing anything.


  94. Shekhar narke says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have 3.5 Yrs of experience in networking. Now want to move in SAP but not in basis.Which module should i go? ABAP or HANA.

    • Admin says:


      Moving into SAP ERP modules and SAP HANA is two different aspects, SAP HANA is the in-memory database offered by SAP.
      SAP HANA is not functional module , it’s high performance database to drive SAP solutions faster.

      So, if you would like to start your career with SAP HANA, you may kickstart with the basic online course offered by us.


  95. Nisith says:


    I am a UI developer having 10 yrs exp in javascript, HTML5, JQuery, Angularjs. I want to shift into SAP developement.
    Can you please let me know which course/part in SAP HANA will be more appropriate for me?

    Thanks & Regards,

  96. sree says:


    Can you explain the difference between HANA modeller and HANA consultant.
    Also, I have 5 yr experience in mechanical field and dont have any coding experience. If I learn HANA now will I be recruited by the companies?

    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA Modeler is a sub category you could say where data modeling is one of the major activity the professional needs to perform as a part of his/her job role. SAP HANA Consultant is super set, where Admin tasks including installation,migration, even data modeling , other development stuff , leadership role like SAP HANA project management, all these could be included. In general, SAP HANA Consultant, when mentioned mostly it means the professional is expected to deal with admin stuffs along with data modeling.

      Yes, SAP HANA is well demanding, learning its aspects is required most, an SAP HANA certification would provide an edge to your career.


  97. Savinprakash says:

    I have 3+ years exp in Informatica technology. I am interested to learn SAP HANA. Will Informatica exp help me in understanding the HANA tech? or it is entirely different from that?
    Please clarify me.

    • Admin says:


      ETL part might help you, but it is lot different than Informatica, cause it’s a database technology , just not database, an enterprise platform which goes beyond a database.


  98. Manish Anand says:

    Hi I am Manish Anand.

    I have heared about SAP-HANA.

    I have 4.7 years of experience in support and in Linux operating sysytem.

    I want make my career in this field “SAP-HANA”

    Suggest me please it would be beneficial for me or not ??


    Manish Anand

    • Admin says:


      It doesn’t have any prerequisite, anybody can learn, it’s well demanding too, you might go for it.


  99. T Venkatesh says:

    I want to learn SAP BI, SAP BO and SAP HANA. Can you please tell me the prerequisites for all the 3 individually?

    Note:- I have decent knowledge of SQL queries but no experience in coding.


  100. Elango says:

    Hi Friends,

    I am having 13 years experience in Windows domain(IT Infrastructure & security) Manager.

    Now i want to change my carrier to SAP Basis or SAP HANA.. i want to learn this product and change my domain to SAP.

    Friends, Please suggest me, is it possible to change.


  101. divya says:

    I have nearly 2 years experience in SAP ETL BOds tool and SAP BI Crystal report tool. I have good knowledge in SQL and Oracle. Please suggest me best course which helps in my career growth.

  102. Kishore KVK says:

    Hi There,
    I appreciate your effort and support by creating awareness to the aspirants. My Name is Kishore. Im an MBA grad with pre and post MBA work experience in F&B domain. Due to the huge demand, i found that moving into IT will give good career support. Heard alot about SAP HANA and very much interested to learn it (without having any technical academic background). What would you suggest. How long does it takes to settle down in this domain if i start my career in IT with SAP HANA as a fresher? Kindly suggest. Thank you in advance.

  103. Adeel Khan says:


    i have done MBA (General) and i have been working in business management. I am interested to build my career in SAP , what do you suggest me to i mean which SAP module i can do without any coding knowledge, i know SQL and have some database knowledge.
    please guide me as i am interested in SAP HANA , BI/BW, BO …confusing which one to chose as manay ppl saying that HANA Futer is not certain and its not manay projects in the market.
    please suggest me for UK AND UAE market (jobs)as i live in London and i have plan to move in UAE after 3 years time.

    Many thnaks.

  104. kk says:


    Thank you for this info.
    I have 4 years experience as oracle DBA and 2 years exp as DWH admin (informatica,tws,jobs maanagement)
    I also have shell,pwershell,sql scripting experience to perform the above roles.

    Intrested in moving on to HANA DBA. Is it worth for me to change to this technology.
    Also, every where in the internet I see same curse. How do I identify, which coursce is for hana Administration

  105. pavan says:

    hi i am pavan i have 3+ years of exp in sql server & msbi , i planning to learn sap hana please give me your sugession

  106. renu yadav says:

    Hi,i have done my btech (computer science engineering) in 2010.i have 2.4 year work experience in ericsson pvt limited as IN front office engineer.more like telecom(gsm,linux,sql,tcp ip protocola like tat.left my job in 2013 after tat i m preparing for govt sector exam.then move to mexico city for 1 i want to start my career again that why i m looking for sap hana certification.could you please suggest me which module is good for me and is the training center provide placements.what are charges of certification.and is there any center in mexico city who provide sap asap +sap hana certifaction as well as my time gap create problem to come back in it sector.(i have good knowlege of sql,plsql,html,).thankyou

  107. bhuvan says:

    I am java fresher and im currently looking to change my field into SAP. Is HANA suitable for me? If so which one should i go for? seems like there are two types of course. SAP HANA and SAP BW HANA.

    How easier will it be to get a job after the course? I’m confused if its a smart move. pls guide me through.


    • bhuvan says:

      by the types i mean enterprise HANA and BW HANA.
      Which one is good for me and which one has good scope.

    • Admin says:

      SAP HANA doesn’t have any prerequisite, you may start with the basic course…

      When you start you may find lots of direction to pursue for which you could decide while you have an idea about it.

      SAP HANA is well demanding and expanding, it’s still evolving, lots of new things are coming up as for example IoT , Cloud, HANA processing BigData etc . Learn the basic concepts first then decide yourself which direction seems interesting for you …


  108. Santosh says:

    I am from Java/J2EE background along with Oracle and Unix. I am having experience of 10Years in Technical support (Not in Development).
    I am having interest to learn SAP HANA. Please suggest me, based on my career background shall I go for HANA Development or HANA Admin ?

  109. Raja Pillai says:

    Hi All

    I have 5+ years in IT as Automation Test Engineer no am planning to change my career in SAP HANA Consultant
    Is it Worth ? will i get job after completing SAP HANA Consultant ?
    suppose my package is now 5+L has i need to start with fresher mode or will the experience will be consider
    is there onsite opportunity for SAP HANA

  110. Dinesh says:

    Hi, I have 10 Years experience in After sales service profile and completed course of SAP SD module 3 years ago, How do i getin to SAP Job ? Pl Guide what to do now ??

  111. Satish says:

    Hi Team,

    I have 10+ years of exp in IT Programming & Designing applications.
    Will it be the right choice to choose SAP HANA as my career path


  112. Rajesh says:

    I have 13 years of ABAP experience, Which branch in HANA suitable for me

  113. Vijay says:

    Hello – I’ve Mainframe experience (Around 10 years) and currently interested to shift my carrier in Different technology. As it comes to SAP HANA. Do you prefer to get trained and certified in SAP Native HANA which includes modeling, Data provisioning or move to admin role. Please suggest and guide us. New to SAP Role

  114. shirish says:

    May I know what is SAP Enterprise HANA Mobilization?Is it related to Hana development or modeling?

  115. krishna says:

    Hi iam sap crm technical consultant so if i want to go to sap hana which one is best .pls suggest me.waiting for ur reply.i had 4 yrs exp in sap crm tech

  116. Napoleon Igbanoi says:

    I have basic knowledge on sap hr and I need to switch to sap hana, however I hold a degree on international studies, please can you enlight me more and how best can sap hana fit mine career as an office administration

    • Admin says:


      We are unable understand what do you mean by “Office Administration”, if you could explain us further about your current role and what would you like to pursue, we might be able to help you.


  117. Lakshmi says:

    I worked as an oracle apps DBA for 4yrs.Due to personal reasons I left my job in I want to restart my career in a new technology as I am having 6yrs of career break.plz suggest me whether learning Sap Hana will help me in finding out a job?

  118. firoz ahmad says:

    Hi, I have experiences of 6+ years in Infrastructure Services (Application packaging and virtualization) and now want to make career in HANA. I have no knowledge from where should I start and When should I start applying for HANA jobs. How to get hands-on Experiences and any recommended online trainings who can provide Projects as well. I want to start applying by next March so I have to grasp everything as soon as possible and do extensive practices as well.

  119. Hari says:

    I have Mainframes experience 5yrs on Db2 which include SQl.Is Hana suits to my profile.From which year companies using Hana?

  120. Himanshu Gupta says:

    I have experience of about 6 years of SAP Business Objects client support and BO Administrator. I would like to add profile of SAP HANA modeler in my profile. Do you think it will be a good fir for me to move in to development part of SAP? I have been involved in support activities in past.

    Thanks for your time.

  121. Sayed Mohammed Asif says:


    I’ve 3 Years of extensive experience in SQL(Optimization queries, Database Administration). Now, I am interested in SAP HANA to boost my career.
    It’d be glad if you let me know, is there any prior experience required IN SAP MODULE before switching/learning SAP HANA.

    Sayed Mohammed Asif.

  122. venkata says:


    I am venkat.I’ve 1.5 years of experience as pl/sql developer.I am interested in learning SAP HANA and done some research.There are many jobs on SAP HANA like Cloud Expert,Modeler,Consultant and DB Admin.with my knowledge on sql/plsql which career would be a great fit for me?. I am also interested in doing certification.How does that help.
    Which certification course should I concentrate is it Application Associate or Technical Associate?
    It would be great If you give me some advice and best suitable options.


  123. Ravii says:

    Hai Admin,

    I have 3 year of experience in Mechanical stream as design engineer, and looking forward to change my field into IT field, so planning to do SAP, but problem is that i have consulted many SAP training institutions all are consfusing me some are saying being mechanical engineering i should go SAP MM, and some are saying HANA can be learnt from scartch and assuring me… but m confused wat to do plz help me … and 1 more thing is that my academical performance in BTech mechanical is not good … i have 3 years gaps in the completing of my degree ,,,, but after completing degree some got the job with me talent in mechanical stream … plz help HANA is good platform to do or not with 3 year gap in my academical …

    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA doesn’t have any prerequisite, having database knowledge could boost your learning curve.
      It’s no doubt well demanding and anybody could learn.

      But, with 3yrs gap in academic span, whether you would be accepted by employers or not , that fact depends upon that organization.


  124. Rajesh says:


    I am 40 yrs old, living in chennai and have more than 10+ yrs of experience in Manual Testing. Currently working in an MNC. I wish to learn new technology and thought of starting career in the field as fresh. But i do not know which one i can choose and where i can learn, whether i could get job on the same.Kindly advice

  125. Sas says:

    Hi ,

    I have 5Years of Experience in SAP HANA ADMIN.
    Which is the best course to do SAP BASIS or HADOOP?

  126. Feroz says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am from PeopleSoft having 10.5 years of exp in an MNC. I want to learn SAP HANA, but not interested in coding.
    Do you suggest HANA Admin or HANA DBA kind of roles, will suit my profile ? Less programming stuffs.
    I have no prior knowledge of SAP modules.

    • Admin says:


      Yes, DBA role could sound good for you, DB Admin might require SQL coding, but that is not hard to learn.
      There is no prerequisite for SAP HANA.


  127. Mohit Palewar says:

    I have 4+ years of experience in .NET technology and i want to learn SAP Hanna can i do this and how suitable it for me and related to .NET.
    Please guide me.

    • Admin says:


      It’s not related to .Net, it’s a database, if you start career with HANA, it would be a different path i.e. a new direction.
      But, SAP HANA doesn’t have any prerequisite, and it’s well demanding.

      If you are a fresher in SAP HANA, you may follow the url mentioned below to know about “Where to start ?” , “How to start? “, “Is it well demanding?”, “Can I learn SAP HANA?” and find the courses offered at free of cost.


  128. Anu says:


    I am having 5 years experience in oracle apps as developer and had taken a carrier break. I would like to switch my carrier to SAP HANA. I went through your tutorial HANA Basic course.It was really good. Which course should I proceed with to start carrier in HANA as a developer.

  129. venkata ramesh says:

    hii sir,

    my name is venkata ramesh i have around 1 year of experience in sap abap and i would like to learn sap hana so which one is suitable like hana developer, hana adminstartor, hana consultant and then how many months to be required to learn each courses.

    • Admin says:


      Actually SAP HANA is different, it’s a database, it doesn’t have prerequisite.
      You could go for Data Modeling, but it really doesn’t matter.

      We always recommend to start with the SAP HANA basic course which covers the fundamental concepts and overview.
      The course could be access by browsing the following url. It’s open to all, just browse through it.


  130. Dev says:


    I am having 10 years of total IT experience.Out of these 8 years in Oracle PL/sql and 2 years SAP HANA. What else should I learn along with SAP HANA for better Job prospects .


    • Admin says:

      Hi Dev,
      Considering your experience in Oracle PL/SQL, you should go ahead for HANA Modeler or HANA Developer role.


  131. Satyaprasad says:

    hi i am having 10+ years of experience in accounting.
    please suggest on switching my carrier to SAP HANA


  132. Biju Antony says:

    I am having 5+ years experience in SAP FI, I would like to switch to SAP HANA. Please advice me which role will be suite for me ? Consultant or Developer ?

  133. Shashi sinha says:

    I am working as a sap consultant in Vietnaam.i want to do the SAP- HANA certification courses here.if that will help me to get a job in India.

  134. chaitanya gupta says:

    I have just passed out of college and have completed SAP ABAP certification. Now I am studying for HANA_IMP_11 certification which specializes in HANA modelling. Will this be a decent combination or do I need to get another certification other than the one I am preparing for?

  135. Kumar says:

    Hi,I am having 8 years work experience in application performance testing using different performance testing tools like loadrunner, Jmeter etc.
    As I am seeing everything is moving towards cloud and digital technologies, I would like to see any other technologies to be added to my career.
    Is there any worth learning HANA and jump into this field? Honest answer please,

    Thanks for sharing all information on HANA and educating people.


  136. Srinivas says:

    Hi, I’m having 16 years of ABAP experience and recently completed HA100, HA300, HA350 and HA400 courses. What would be the next step , as I dont see much projects on HANA-ABAP. can you help me in this regard?

    Thank you.

  137. Feroz shaik says:

    Hi sir
    My self feroz I am working as SAP abap certified Consultent with 2 yrs of experience.I started learning s/4 hana from past 3 months most probably I will complete by this month, if I do certification how would be my career in present market and how to search Job , how much growth in my salary it is 4.3 now .


  138. Feroz shaik says:

    Hi sir
    My self feroz I am working as SAP abap certified Consultent with 2 yrs of experience.I started learning s/4 hana from past 3 months most probably I will complete by this month, if I do certification how would be my career in present market and how to search Job , how much growth in my salary it is 4.3pa now .


  139. Vijay says:

    Hi, I m having 4+ years of experience in sql dba, i m planning to learn sap hana admin. is my experience helpful for hana


  140. Srinivas says:

    Hi,I am having 3 years of work experience in JAVA/Spring Application Development and i have knowledge on SQL But i don’t have any prior experience in PL/SQL.Now i am planning to move SAP, could you please suggest me in SAP which module is good for me based on my experience.
    As I am seeing based on current market everything is moving to Automation next 5 years, I would like to see any other technologies to be added to my career like SAP HANA will help full for me,

    Is there any worth of learning SAP HANA and jump into this field? Honest answer please,

  141. Sreedu says:

    Hello Admin,
    First of all thank you for your effort in this Basic HANA course material and answering each one’s query.
    I have 5 yrs of experience in SAP Security module with GRC. Is it a good idea to move to SAP HANA? I hope as per prior experience, HANA Admin role will suit me(correct me if I am wrong). As per my understanding HANA security as such is not a big module. Also currently my company do not have any plan to integrate SAP HANA.
    So I will be a fresher in market in SAP HANA with prior experience in ERP Security module. Whether this will give an opportunity to me outside or doing certifications in my own domain like GRC 10 will be more beneficiary to me?

    Looking forward for your reply.

  142. Prabhakar says:

    Hi sir,
    I finished my in 2009,then after that I worked in small companies and I quit the jobs.from 2012 I prepared for govt jobs,but did not I eager to learn Sap hana.I don’t have any experience. Will I get the job in hana,if I learn the course.please suggest me

  143. Prabhakar says:

    Hi sir,
    I finished my in 2009,then after that I worked in small companies and I quit the jobs.from 2012 I prepared for govt jobs,but did not I eager to learn Sap hana.I don’t have any experience. Will I get the job in hana having these many years of gap,if I learn the course.please suggest me

    • Admin says:

      Hi Prabhakar,
      Its difficult as you do not have much experience and there is also 5 years of gap. But its not very difficult to get job if you follow a correct path. There are good job opportunities in technologies like Java, SAP HANA, Hadoop, SAP etc. You must first decide which one you wanna go ahead. Then learn it, complete some course and also get a certification. Regarding SAP HANA, yes it has good job opportunities. Good luck!

  144. Bharath Raj says:

    You should also check out Jobs Micro. This is a leading job search website in India. which benefits both the employees and the employers. Hope it helps you.

  145. Souvik says:

    Hi i am in manual testing domain having 1.5 yrs of experience. What kind of jobs can i expect if i do certification on SAP HANA? And what might be the package?

  146. KL says:

    I am a non engineering, programmer?.
    May I know, does non I engineer & no knowledge in programming languages are applicable to learn SAP, SAP HANA courses?.

  147. Arindam says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have 18+ years of experience in the IT industry and currently working as project manager in service delivery.

    I am planning to switch career into SAP and thinking of doing SAP HANA Modeling training.

    What is your comment on switching to SAP? What kind of new role can I expect?

    Kindly respond. Thanks.

  148. Kumar says:


    I am working as application developer in IBM AS400 and have 5+ years of experience in IT. I have programming knowledge on RPG, SQL programming and Core JAVA. I would like to switch my carrier into SAP ABAP developer in HANA. Could you please throw some lights on carrier scope of the ABAP developer in HANA platform? Will i get opportunities for my profile (who is switching after 5+ years in some other platform) ? Your guidance is truly appreciated.


  149. narayanan says:


    we are in S4 /1503 and plan to move towards BPC Optimized . We have requirement on doing Planning for Profit Centers with Functional area and other requirement is Plannning SKF (Qty) using Profit Center ( in ECC t.code is FAGLSKF1 ) . After the plans are done, how to move them to ERP/ECC like we have for Cost Center IBP to ERP workbook

  150. srinivas says:

    Hi i have 3 years experience in accounts background. I did MBA Finance which course suits to me for starts career in IT with finance

  151. Kanwal says:


    I have background in Project Management in Business Solutions and want to move towards SAP Hana as it is gaining popularity in the industry. Is it possible for someone with no IT Background or experience to jump into SAP Hana? Where should I start from? Will a combination of Project Management and SAP Hana complement each other?

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thank You

  152. Rahul says:

    Hi Iam having 1 year of hadoop experience and i want to move to SAP HANA .I don’t know the java language well. am i able to get through the course of hana with out any prerequisites .

  153. Bharathi B V says:


    I have 8yrs of experience in account payable and thinking to change my career field into sap hana. Can I do SAP Hana course

  154. Manu Malik says:

    I am working as a Microsoft SQL SERVER Developer with 10 years of experience. I have basic knowledge of SAP BW. I would like to upscale my knowledge on SAP HANA. Is it a good choice?

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