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HANA Jobs Section
SAP HANA Jobs , Why HANA Jobs are demanding ? Can I build my career with SAP HANA?
What is minimum work experience expected for SAP HANA Jobs ?
How's the payscale of an SAP Consultant ? Does HANA boost the career of an SAP consultant ?
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Bangalore
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Chennai
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It's predicted that there would be 50 Billions of IoT (internet of things) devices which will be hyper-connected through internet. So, as a result, to operate those devices , users would need applications. A very simple example could be using an android app you could control your room temperature by modulating room heater or air conditioner.
So, is it the next big thing in the future? Yes, and the future is not so far. SAP and Intel already started to work together, where Intel would work on IoT gateways and sensors , SAP would focus on analytic tools on cloud and IoT apps.
Not only Intel, Tech Mahindra is also working in a collaboration with SAP to deploy IoT based smart charging stations for electric cars.
So, what would be happened in the job market, the professionals skilled in IoT will be required to serve the new IT services, job applicants experienced in cloud apps design and device driver programmers for IoT devices will be on demand. That would be one of the new job trends.
"Now the question is, ""Is it too early to predict all these ? "". No, already few job openings are posted regarding IoT."
Some of the SAP HANA Cloud jobs are coming up with the exposure in learning IoT concepts.This is just the very beginning. We believe there would be a big tide of job requirements for IoT professionals in the near future.
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4 thoughts on “SAP HANA iOT Jobs

  1. bhaskar says:

    I have been working as a GIS developer since July 2011. Now, I want to change the technology and I am planng to learn SAP HANA. What is the future job market for SAP HANA and what are the chances to get into SAP HANA jobs.


    • Admin says:


      SAP HANA is still evolving, clubbed with cloud and moving towards to IoT.
      It’s pretty good, and the number of openings will be more.


  2. sanjana says:

    I am fresher, completed my Mtech in power electronics & Now I am interested in SAP hana with Iot .So please let me know the job openings & future in case if I do SAP.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Sanjana,

      There are lot of openings, if you just nrowse in job portals, you may find requirements on SAP HANA which are kept open for long .
      But, there are not getting candidates who are adequately skilled in SAP HANA.
      It’s a niche skill.


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