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HANA Jobs Section
SAP HANA Jobs , Why HANA Jobs are demanding ? Can I build my career with SAP HANA?
What is minimum work experience expected for SAP HANA Jobs ?
How's the payscale of an SAP Consultant ? Does HANA boost the career of an SAP consultant ?
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Bangalore
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Chennai
Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Hyderabad
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Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Delhi
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Recent SAP HANA Jobs in Peru
What is minimum work experience expected for SAP HANA Jobs ?
Within the last two years , SAP HANA has evolved a lot, from SPS08 to SPS10 , so many features and so many changes happened in SAP HANA. Most remarkable fact is that companies started to migrate their systems in SAP HANA to process and analyze business data faster.
But, what about the job market, how it is reacting , that's always been a concern. Obviously , when there are more adoption of SAP HANA happened, the job openings are also increased.

Does a fresher stand a chance to get a job in SAP HANA ?

For a fresher , it's very hard to get a job in top level companies, especially in MNC level 5 companies, for SAP HANA job openings. Generally, big companies and their clients prefer some hands on experiences a candidate should have.

So, isn't there a chance at all for a fresher?

A certification could help a fresher to get a job, it's a proof of knowledge in SAP HANA. Now, some small companies and startups would require a fresh candidate, they believe in the fact that a fresher could learn and adapt faster more than anyone, moreover the small companies could use the budget in somewhere else inspite of spending too much on expensive resources. But, obviously it is not a very common scenario.

What is minimum Work Experience expected for a HANA Job ?

At least 3 yrs of work experience is required to get a HANA job in top companies, the job roles offered by the employers are HANA Developer and Database Administrator for that experience. Employers expect a candidate needs to have hands on experiences in SAP HANA projects or there should be some proof of their knowledge in SAP HANA like certifications. That's what MNC level 5 companies are looking in a candidate for job openings in SAP HANA. There are other job requirements where an SAP HANA certified fresher could fit, as we already mentioned above, but that goes for small companies and startups where a fresh candidate is encouraged more.

What are the activities an SAP HANA DBA would perform ?

As an SAP HANA Database Administrator, a professional generally does HANA installation, upgrade, configuration, performance optimization, backup and recovery, replication process.The employers expect the candidate to know and aware about some of these tasks.

What are the activities a Developer skilled in SAP HANA would perform?

For a developer role, there is no such fixed tasks. Cause, it would depend on the nature of development project and in which part the developer is working. It could be a functionality design by ABAP, or some application development by JAVA, could be user experience design that is UI deign by JQuery, HTML5,CSS etc. After the introduction of HANA Cloud, there is a greater chance even a professional with developer role would find work related cloud application deployment.
This is a big area, as SAP HANA itself is expanding, cloud has been introduced, iOT concept came up, apps development for iOT is started. So, there would a variety of works for the developer role.

How to elevate your career with SAP HANA?

Building career with SAP HANA is quite promising, that part we already discussed. Now, the question is how to keep the career on fast-track, how to achieve leadership role faster. The simple solution was do an MBA, stay ahead in the race.
It also won't be different over here, Master's program especially MBA programs are offered with SAP emphasis, which are designed for SAP professionals. The programs help students to be prepared for leadership roles. A fresher with a good academic background also could join the program, but it is always encouraged professionals to have atleast 3yrs of full time experience before pursuing the program. The work experience in ERP would provide an edge and boost their career.
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2 thoughts on “What is minimum work experience expected for SAP HANA Jobs ?

  1. Rahul says:

    First of all thanks for sharing the details.. You have suggested for MBA with SAP. Could you please let me know what all colleges I can opt for and will it be thru CAT exam?
    p.s I have 3 years of experience in SAP BW and HANA with good academic background. I want to pursue MBA with SAP.

    • Admin says:


      Thanks for contacting, MBA in SAP programs are mostly offered in US, but in India we guess ISB offers MBA+SAP.
      Let us browse for you.

      We would reach to you very soon with the information on such programs.


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