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This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to HANA Lovers.

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Tutorial App on Hadoop
This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to Hadoop Lovers.

It contains
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HANA Admin Basics
Data Provisioning
SAP HANA Cockpit
Availability and Scalability
SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tools

The SAP HANA Lifecycle Management tools are command line and graphical interface tools, which can be used to install, update, or configure an SAP HANA system.
Currently the following tools are the most important components of it.

SAP HANA Administration Course

SAP recommends that you use the SAP HANA lifecycle management tool hdblcm and the SAP HANA lifecycle manager (HLM) as follows:
  • Use the SAP HANA lifecycle management tool hdblcm to install either individual or multiple SAP HANA components during server installation
  • Use the SAP HANA lifecycle manager to customize and update your SAP HANA system. It also provides links to the SAP HANA application lifecycle manager.

SAP HANA hdblcm and hdblcmgui
Both the hdblcm and hdblcmgui SAP HANA lifecycle management tools can be used to install SAP HANA in one of the installer modes, and with a combination of parameter specification methods.
The following Installation methods can be applied:

SAP HANA Administration Course

Interactive scenario with hdblcm / hdblcmgui

SAP HANA Administration Course

Evolution of SAP HANA Installation Tools:
The SAP HANA component installation concept has changed significantly with the fast-paced development of SAP HANA itself. In the early releases, the SAP HANA components had to be installed individually, which proved to be a time-consuming task.

SAP HANA Unified Installer:
Earlier the SAP HANA unified installer was developed to streamline the installation process by installing all required components from one call to the installer.
  • SAP HANA unified installer is declared as deprecated but supported for SPS 07
  • With SPS 08 the SAP HANA unified installer will be unsupported

With SAP HANA SPS 07, the SAP HANA hdblcm tool was introduced to offer the efficiency of installing all components at one time, while providing further flexibility to customize and automate the installation.
As of SAP HANA SPS 08, it is possible to also perform post-installation configurations tasks, such as renaming the system, adding or removing hosts, and reconfiguring the system, using hdblcm(gui).

Advantages of hdblcm (gui)
The introduction of hdblcm (gui) offers several advantages:
 Component-wise installation:  Individual components (SAP HANA: studio, DB, client, HLM, host agent, AFL, LCApps) can be installed or updated in combination with the server from a single interface. Likewise, all components can be installed at one time.

Improved configuration file:  A plain text configuration file template with parameters set to their defaults can be generated and edited to be called during installation or update.

Improved interactive installation:  Both as a graphical interface, by calling hdblcmgui from the command line, or as command line installation, with iteratively requested parameter entry.

Improved batch processing:  Installation and update tasks can be called using command line options or the configuration file, without any additional input required.

Multi-host system installation from the graphical interface: It is now possible to install a multi-host SAP HANA system from the graphical interface. Multi-host storage and grouping options can also be configured.

To know more about SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tools, check online course:
SAP HANA Administration Course - Part 01

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