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SAP HANA Overview
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Reporting in HANA
SAP HANA Text analysis

SAP HANA Live Overview

What is SAP HANA Live?

SAP HANA Live (previously known as SHAF – SAP HANA Analytic Foundation) is solution for real-time reporting on HANA.
It is a separate package that comes with predefined SAP HANA content across the SAP Business Suite.

What does SAP HANA Live provides?
SAP HANA Live provides SAP-delivered content (similar in concept like SAP BW content), in form of SAP HANA calculation views for real-time operational reporting.  The calculation views spans across majority of ECC modules (FI, CO, MM, PP, SD, PS, CRM, GTS, AM and GRC).

The content is represented as a VDM - virtual data model, which is based on the transactional and master data tables of the SAP Business Suite.

Currently more than 2000 views are delivered in HANA Live Package.

Architecture of HANA Live:

HANA Live calculation views are designed on top of SAP Business Suite tables. These views are optimized for best performance and analytic purposes. These views form a Virtual Data Model (VDM) that customers and partners can reuse.
Data provided by the virtual data model can be presented through multi-purpose analytical UIs, such as SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite UIs, and domain-specific web applications.


The HANA Live views are divided into 3 categories:

  • Query Views: The views which are exposed for consumption by end user for reporting needs.
  • Reusable views: Customers can build upon reusable views to create their own custom query views.
  • Private Views: Views that are built on top of the tables and not intended to be changed.

Advantages of HANA Live:

SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite provides the following advantages compared to regular reporting solutions:

Any access to the reporting framework is based on standard mechanisms such as SQL or MDX. No BW modeling or ABAP programming will be required.

One approach is chosen for all SAP Business Suite applications, enabling a common reporting across application boundaries.

The virtual data model hides the complexity and Customizing dependencies of our SAP Business Suite data model to make data available without requiring a deep understanding of SAP models.

SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite features SAP HANA as the underlying computing engine, to enable fast analytics on high data volumes.

Since all reporting happens on primary data (or a real-time replication of it), there is no need to wait for data warehousing loading jobs to finish. The cycle time from recording to reporting is dramatically reduced.

How HANA Live helps customers?

If customers wants to create a new custom report or modify/enhance existing reports on native ECC it takes lot of time to find right ABAP resources, coding in ABAP, testing and promoting to various stages and finally release it.

With SAP HANA Live all customers have to do is edit existing Virtual models/Views provided by SAP or create new HANA Models or Views to support new development in less time and all is happening in virtual layer and the development is much efficient, faster and no need to know ABAP.

This reduces development time and there by cost of development and support, increases SAP usability by a faster development time. We can easily create cross functional reporting across various SAP modules.

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8 thoughts on “SAP HANA Live Overview

  1. nancy l says:

    Well this was a good information about SAP HANA these tutorials really very useful for learners

  2. Abraham Zuloaga says:

    Good information

  3. Jitendra says:

    Hi I am working on live reporting , with the help of Hana Studio ,

    I need help , how to connect HANA STUDIO WITH ECC (FIGL)

  4. Bobby says:

    This is good article for hana live begineers.
    I have questions: is BW supports Hana Live? IF YES, hOW?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Bobby,
      HANA Live and BW on HANA are 2 different things. HANA Live is mainly for scenario where customer have connected their ERP/CRM/SRM module to HANA and want to do analytics on top of ERP/CRM/SRM data using HANA.
      In case of BW on HANA, HANA Live does not make much sense. I hope this answers your question. If not, please let us know.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the blog. We installed Hana Live on the Hana 2.0 server with ERP 6.0. I noticed that the Hana Live contents are vastly different from the ones from BW. My client does not currently have a BW installation. In particular, there is little to no Hana Live content on HCM, asset accounting, account payable/receivable, purchase requisition. Is Hana Live supposed to be a complement on BW? I see very conflicting info from SAP on this subject.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Jonathan,
      HANA Live is completely separate from BW. SAP HANA Live is about real-time operational reporting, directly on a (Business) Suite running on SAP HANA. HANA Live is NOT a complement on BW.
      Please have a look into the article SAP BW on HANA

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