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Tables in SAP HANA
Examples of Procedure
SQLScript - A New Avatar of SQL in HANA

In this article we will learn about SQLScript in SAP HANA.

Introduction of SQLScript:

The SAP HANA database has its own scripting language named SQLScript.
    • SQLScript is a collection of extensions to Structured Query Language (SQL).
    • It is used to push down data intensive logic into the database.

The extensions are:

SAP HANA Modeling

Motivation & Goals of SQLScript:

Improve readability and structure of data-intensive logic
    • Pass results of one SQL statement to another
    • Break complex SQL into smaller parts

Bring data-intensive application logic close to database
    • Declarative Logic including SELECT queries, Built-In CalcEngine functions
    • Orchestration Logic including DDL, DML, assignment, imperative logic

Container for special-purpose operator logic
    • R script

Why Do We Need SQLScript?

The main goal of SQLScript is to allow the execution of data intensive calculations inside SAP HANA.
There are two reasons why this is required to achieve the best performance:
    • Moving calculations to the database layer eliminates the need to transfer large amounts of data from the database to the application
    • Calculations need to be executed in the database layer to get the maximum benefit from SAP HANA features such as fast column operations, query optimization and parallel execution.
      If applications fetch data as sets of rows for processing on application level they will not benefit from these features


Advantage of SQLScript:

Compared to plain SQL queries, SQLScript has the following advantages:

SAP HANA Modeling

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5 thoughts on “SAP HANA SQLScript

  1. soumen laru says:

    I am great fan of this HANA tutorial site. I have followed your documentation of creating procedure and attribute view . But I do get some issues with execution
    of the view, I am getting privilege error. As background , I am using HANA Cloud trial instance and logged on with own user account.

    Error: SAP DBTech JDBC: [258]: insufficient privilege: Not authorized sap hana trial instance
    Please could you help me with necessary instructions to resolve the deadlock.


  2. Harish says:

    Although I found this site long back, but recently started practicing on system just following examples given in each chapter, all I can say kudos to the content you people created and continuous updates about new releases helps lot. Hope I’ll contribute in creating/adding new content here.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. Hari Kumar says:

    I really love this HANA tutorials.
    I want to debug my procedure created in HANA Studio. Can you please tell me how to do that?


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