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Add HANA System in HANA Studio

In the article Download and Install HANA Studio we explained how to download and install HANA Studio. 
In this article we will explain how to add HANA system into HANA Studio

In order to connect to a SAP HANA system we need to know the Server Host ID and the Instance Number. Also we need a Username & Password combination to connect to the instance. The left side Navigator space shows all the HANA system added to the SAP HANA Studio.

Steps to add new HANA system:
    1. Right click in the Navigator space and click on Add System
  • Enter HANA system details, i.e. the Hostname & Instance Number and click Next.
  • Enter the database username & password to connect to the SAP HANA database. Click on Next and then Finish.
  • The SAP HANA system now appears in the Navigator.

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    25 thoughts on “SAP HANA Studio – Add System

    1. Micha says:

      do you have a tip on how to exportien a HANA system so that you can distribute to 100 clients, after an automatic silent installation?
      A copy of the file secure_storage not enough. When starting the HANA Studio you get the message “Secure storage is locked”


    2. imran says:

      hi i want to open sap hana studio, thanks

    3. harry says:

      Hi can you please provide me the link or procedure to download hana Studio??

    4. Erwin says:

      Hi There I can seem to see the files…are the files still available for download?

    5. vaghani rushi says:

      when i add system in SAP hana studio at that time how to give hostname i have no any idea about that so please help me??

    6. Sathish says:

      I am trying host name as along with my account details but it is returning error as “Not a valid SAP HANA Cloud Platform landscape” while I know it was wokring in past for me so is there any change recently for their trial cloud instance? Please help.

    7. Sri says:

      I have SU01 user id of my Hana system . I have tried connecting using my SU01 user id and it is not connecting. Do we need to ask our administrator to create a different database user to access HANA database from HANA studio ?

    8. Prasenjit Bist says:


      I have a free web HCP a/c, can i use it to add to my eclipse hana developer’s perspective.
      I tried today but it failed.

      Could you please help.

    9. Arun says:

      Hi what is system id?

      • Admin says:


        Send us the screenshot of what the steps were you following at “”.


    10. Anand says:

      Hi Admin,

      i can able to logon my sap system successfully and i am trying to add the same system in HANA studio, but ended with error due to invalid credentials. Could you please help on this..


      • Admin says:

        Please, send us the steps and screenshots at “”, we would look into that.


    11. venkata says:

      I am unable to login through ecllipse.where can I get the username,hostname and password.I entered the details but it is not connecting to the data base.can you look in to this.

    12. srikanth says:

      Hi, i installed eclipse and then installed sap hana tools, sap hana cloud platform tools. After that it says Add HANA System in HANA Studio.

      Where i will find Administration console – SAP Hana Studio.

      When i open eclipse i am not able to find that window.

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