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Tables in SAP HANA
Examples of Procedure
SAP HANA Table Types

In this article we will learn about Table Type in SAP HANA.
Introduction to Table Type:

A table type is
    • Similar to a database table but do not have an instance
    • Used to define parameters for a procedure that represent tabular results.
In HANA, with the help of SQLScript, we can create a Table Type.

How to Create a Table Type:

A table type is created using statement CREATE TYPE and can be deleted using statement DROP TYPE.

CREATE TYPE [schema.]name AS TABLE
          (name1 type1 [, name2 type2,...])

DROP TYPE [schema.]name [CASCADE]


    1. Open HANA studio and run the below SQL statement to create a table type.
      Replace SCHEMA_NAME with your schema.

                  SALES_AMOUNT DECIMAL,
                  NET_AMOUNT DECIMAL,
                  PRODUCT_NAME NVARCHAR(20),
                  REGION_NAME NVARCHAR(20),
                  SUB_REGION_NAME NVARCHAR(20)

    2. After executing the statement you can go to THE schema and find the table type under Procedures -> Table Types section.

      SAP HANA Table Type

    3. Double click on the table type to see the definition.

      SAP HANA Table Type

    4. Remember that we cannot add record to table type. If you try to insert record, you will get an error.

      SAP HANA Table Type

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5 thoughts on “SAP HANA Table Types

  1. Bijay Sahoo says:

    Very helpful (y)

  2. Sumit Kumar Lal says:

    For SAP UI5/Fiori Experience(2 yrs) guy,which certification we should go for it.

  3. Vishal says:

    Can you guide me on how to invoke procedure from Java, which accepts a table type input?
    Many thanks in advance,

  4. Viswanath says:


    When we want to change table type, how to change.
    For ex: we want to add one more filed in Table type or change data type for existing field.
    Kindly let me know how to do either Graphical or SQL ways.

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